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Writing your manuscript is a massive undertaking requiring passion, skill, and determination.  After successfully navigating such a challenge, no author desires to remain in obscurity. Your book needs to be read.

Books In Sync is now owed by Cold Coffee Press. To begin the process of quality affordable book promotion (with book review) at Cold Coffee Press we ask you to please fill out our “Contact Us” form located in the top menu of Cold Coffee Press.

Services Offered In 2015:

Barbara H. Hodges is designing “Got You Covered” (Cover Designs) with a discount to all Cold Coffee Press Authors.

JD Kaplan is producing “Black Crow Book Trailers” with a discount to all Cold Coffee Press Authors.

Editing provided by “Chauncey’s Premier Editing Service”. Enjoy low cost professional manuscript editing and formatting. Rates start at $1.75 per page (flat rate).

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Cold Coffee Press Owner (Theodocia McLean)