Adolph’s Gold by Donan Berg

Mayhem, murder, and mystery enhance and thwart Detective Second Class Adolph Anderson’s ability to earn a coveted gold shield. An absorbing, fast-paced, satisfying major mystery surrounds a skeleton discovered by Adolph’s supervisor and Bridgetown’s Chief of Police.

Author Donan Berg, creator of multiple five-star novels within his Skeleton Series Mystery, spins an addictive tale of secrets, heroic acts, gullibility, and cruelty with an elaborate web of unsuspected turns sprung with gusto. Adolph is joined by an array of memorable characters including Luann, a partner forced on him by The Chief and Adolph’s competition for the one gold shield available; “Ant” Carpenter, bar owner and local underground poker kingpin; and Silas, a riverboat pilot who harbors intense bitterness after losing his son to a barge safety mishap and his pension when the local barge company goes bankrupt.

All join Donan Berg’s showcase of winning characters. As a prior national reviewer has written, Donan Berg offers a style of mystery and suspense where the “clues eventually fit together in clever and significant ways.” Adolph’s Gold continues Author Berg’s tradition of portraying the complexity of everyday relationships that include heroic acts, gullibility, sinister designs, and cruelty hidden within and between characters and flavored with warmth and humor.


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