Harrington Manor by Ronald M. James

harrington-manor-by-ronald-m-jamesHarrington Manor is set in circa 1923, Orange County, CA.

It’s about the very rich, and their now grown siblings who want to control a very lucrative orange grove.

Some will revert to murder to get control, sell it and move to Manhattan to live the life of then debunk English aristocracy.

Many places, events, clothes styles and people who were alive at the time are part of the story. So is the budding Hollywood movie crowd.

Everything is in place for the killer(s) until the mail doesn’t arrive on time. Panic takes place, the matriarch murdered, however a LAPD homicide detective, Sidney Snipes, ruffles the gathered clan so much that the truth is revealed; all to a stupid unconscious mistake.

All of the words used in Harrington Manor were in vogue during and before the 1920’s.


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