Pavlov’s House: A Russian Soldier’s Tale Of Love And War by D. L. Clark

Germany ruthlessly invades Russia during WW II, killing and capturing millions of soldiers in a matter of days.

During this brutal invasion, countless untold stories of heroics unfold across Mother Russia.

Follow the lives of three Russian war heroes as Russia struggles to repel the Nazis. In the battle for Stalingrad, a common Russian soldier leads his platoon of men in the defense of an apartment building, withstanding daily attacks over the course of several weeks.

A nurse on the battlefield repeatedly risks her own life as she strives to save scores of wounded soldiers, her inner strength and personal sacrifices inspirational to those around her.

Despite overwhelming odds, a young tank commander continues to counter the assaults of pursuing German forces while retreating across the Russian homeland.

He eventually masterminds a brilliant ambush that destroys a large contingent of enemy tanks. And throughout Pavlov’s House is woven the reminder of the personal sacrifices people make during times of war.


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