S-A-G-E ABLE GEM$LIKE EPIC by Robin Carretti

The edge of her customized Sage spoon tickled as Blade wrote a secret message how she was the desert a banquet of carnal gem pleasure but much more. How his lips worked on her coffee sparkle flavor stirred up crazy his wicked lies came to the corner of her able and willing eyes she was blowing and blowing seeing his tip of the iceberg of the world. He was steaming mad as his mood red devil came full force like a gem-hiking exploration tears of her epic story so able and ready life full of love confetti strings and strings started to play.

Someone from the Phantom opera said seize the gems. He’s the performer crystal’s so exposed wicked concert. She could not have pushed him away she was gem-like for all those topaz tiger eye necklaces in the world. She took another slow sip the exquisite tug and tingle went beyond her private oasis it was like anything she had never imagined. His lips went nice and slow his smiley white teeth and his finger’s dried her blushed sunset. Carry on please! with her body waves crystal blue water’s deep love persuasions cheek’s lifted so radiate. There was no point looking at the Café European painting on the angelic ceiling when Blade was taking her to his own overflowing paradise.

New gem seeker or the best Jeweler snatcher you decide?


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