Sage Spilled Crystals: Certainly Not by Robin Carretti

They needed more excitement.Her stare widened like the mad hatter stirred she sipped in his courageous so miraculous power suit.How it suited her taste she loved her crystal flower buds.One night sword fights became a promotion at the desperate housewife’s bus stop mouths with no secrets spilling out their best diamonds these ladies were spiteful what stand’s.? The newspapers needed more headlines flying the cockpit there were too many leftover crystal one night stands.The colleges were majoring in powerful crystal fighting.Poor Sage had those big gem eyes everyone wanted to be her. They were studying high life gems Campus Goth of coffee drugs and ladies went wild and nude. He went for his camera what a college smart ass dude. She was the grind delicate and smooth he had his private eye on her. He was in charge of this magazine his name was Jake styled his mind like a hot gun how the sexy ladies would magnetize him with their crystal guns. Something was found near her book bad blow she was framed but she donated it she cleaned up her act.

The campus had a reputation so many mysteries to solve.Sherlock tipped his hat special brew how she spilled the beans. Sage coffee consumer month species, like a creature please no fake gems and dinosaurs just virgin crystals, spices? Hold that bookmark, fresh handful let’s trade or swap some erotic love crystals.How she bowed and arrow him she loved the smell creams and lotions, She’s the woman, sparrow smells of erotic love necklaces. Her fragrance, Sapphire she was a Virgo but red hot spicy down, to his spicy shades, got more envious greens, sweet strawberries in her buy me field.Those fine crystals were being planted. She was drinking her coffee with her gem cup and telling him it’s too late baby.Never make love to someone with cupid demon clock.


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