Gypsy Trilogy Gift Set: Gypsy’s Quest, Gypsy’s Return, Gypsy’s Secret by Nikki Broadwell

Kindle Gypsy Trilogy Gift Set- Gypsy's Quest, Gypsy's Return, Gypsy's Secret by Nikki BroadwellIn ‘Gypsy’s Quest’ Gertrude finds herself in a land called Far Isle that seems steeped in the past. When she discovers she’s pregnant with no memory of how this came to be she tries to find her way home, but there are no trains, no planes or ships to carry her back to Milltown, Massachusetts. Her fear mounts when she runs into an evil sorceress who tries to kill her and her baby before he’s even born. But it is when her baby is kidnapped that things really heat up. With the aid of a man from her distant past Gertrude searches for her seven-month-old son in Norse worlds she’s only read about in books. And along the way she learns a thing or two about what it means to love.

Book 2, ‘Gypsy’s Return’ finds Gertrude trying to remedy what she’s experienced in the future of Far Isle by writing a book in her own time–she has decided that this is the only way she can retrieve her child from Loki, the Norse god who holds him hostage. But things turn ugly when she returns in order to hold Loki to his promise. Her son’s father is not who he appears to be and when she discovers his alignment with a very powerful sorceress called Ella, Gertrude realizes her own powerlessness. Loki demands that another book be written to bring this future into some sort of balance.

In Book 3, ‘Gypsy’s Secret’, Gertrude is once again placed in a precarious position trying to right the wrongs she’s caused by her previous books. Far Isle is in chaos with shifts in time that frustrate all her attempts to find her son and the man she loves. And thwarting her at every turn is Ella, the witch and sorceress who was once married to the same man Gertrude holds dear. Ella wants to erase all memory of Gertrude and Gertrude’s son in her frenzied race to control Far Isle. And this time Ella has a son of her own who is more powerful than anyone could have predicted.

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

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