The Wolfmoon Trilogy Gift Set: The Moonstone, Saille, the Willow, The Wolf Moon by Nikki Broadwell

Kindle-The-Wolfmoon-Trilogy-Gift-Set-The-Moonstone-Saille-the-Willow-The-Wolf-Moon-by-Nikki-BroadwellThe first book of Wolfmoon Trilogy, The Moonstone, begins in the highlands of Scotland in 1984 but we soon find ourselves in a parallel reality known as the Otherworld. We travel the paths of this mystical land along with Finna and her mother, Catriona, led by a magical moonstone. But an ancient evil follows in the shadows as Finna heads to the castle of the moon goddess to have her unborn child blessed.

In Saille, the Willow, we are twenty years in the future when Maeve unpacks paintings that have arrived at her New England gallery. Her reaction to these mysterious and shadowy works brings up questions that she cannot answer. Why do they draw her in like a moth to a flame? The answers to these questions will set her on a path that she never expected.

The Wolf Moon, book 3, finds Maeve on her way to Scotland to discover her long lost mother. But what she doesn’t understand is that she is being summoned there by forces outside of herself. She has been named in an ancient prophecy as the one who will bring balance back to a dark world.

Genre: Romance, Paranormal

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