LITTLUNS and the book of darkness (Mom’s Choice Awards Recipient) by Mark Glamack

Imagine innocence of Light, the meek and good among us being unexpectedly consumed into a void of darkness. Imagine a world gone wrong as darkness overwhelms the Light – offering little hope in a world gone wrong.

Imagine circumstances beyond your control from which your life will inexplicably never ever be the same. Imagine anyone being stripped of their identity with no past, present, or future while wandering misplaced with a tortured disability and terrifying existence, within an empty space of nothingness.

What could you do – where would you go – how might you survive?

Can there be any hope in hopelessness?

Imagine being in such a dark place and how you might find ANY truth, peace, love, hope, joy, enlightenment, and your heart’s desire in the face of such adversity?

First and foremost, Never, Ever Give Up… Beyond that can only be found in Littluns. Secret to the rest of the world is the protected, self contained, pure and peaceful valley of Hollow Hills.

The outside world below holds little interest to Littluns. It’s not that they don’t know about such things and what goes on out there; they know very well about the chaos and discord and the importance of remaining removed from such things. However, once every year or two, the Town Council selects five of its citizens to journey down Powder Mountain into the outside world. It’s a scavenger hunt. The only rules are that anything they bring back must not belong to anyone.

No one ever worries about the rules because every Littlun is taught, from a very young age, that stealing is wrong and no Littlun would ever consider such an act – it just wouldn t be Littlun.

Now, it should be noted that this is not just any outing. It is very dangerous and requires much skill and knowledge. The journey down the mountain is treacherous. No one looks forward to being selected, but each accepts the responsibility in the knowledge that they are fulfilling a community obligation. This is one of those days for a scavenger hunt. …and nothing will ever be the same.

LITTLUNS: and the book of darkness is an epic animated, fantasy, mythological adventure, and journey into a volatile unknown that will stir the reader’s every emotion while presenting real-life examples that everyone can relate to.

It is a story of extreme good and innocence in a world of chaos from the resulting seductive effects of evil. It clearly defines the differences and becomes the family friendly alternative.

If readers are looking for a different reading experience that will keep them on the edge of their seat, and then touch their heart, they’ll find it in LITTLUNS: and the book of darkness.


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