Little Worlds of Magic by Mary T Kincaid

Little Worlds of Magic by Mary T Kincaid

Little Worlds Of Magic helps children understand the struggles of moving and leaving their friends behind.

Main character Mason lives in a loving military family where travel is part of life. His parents are wise to encourage him to make new friends in hopes that his imaginary friends will no longer be needed.

As a grandparent who moved around a lot as a child, this book not only brought back memories but will make a great Christmas gift for my 7 year grand-daughter who reading well above her age.

Author Mary T. Kincaid has a wonderful imagination and her love for children shines through.

This is the second book that I have read by Mary T Kincaid. I give this book five stars. I believe that a child as young as seven (who can read) and perhaps as old as twelve will enjoy this easy to read book. One hundred and fourth six easy to read pages with beautiful black and white illustrations by Doriano Strologo.

Theodocia McLean endorses Little Worlds of Magic by Mary T Kincaid. I purchase and reviewed this book from a print book. This review was completed on November 11, 2016.

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