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My Life For Her: Enhanced Edition by Robert J Saniscalchi

 My Life, For Her is a story about a Vietnam veteran who becomes a cop, and a cop who becomes a hero as he struggles to save his family. The reader is taken on an action-packed journey from hometown America to the jungles of Colombia, as Rob and his comrade Tex struggle against the forces of darkness. This book is not only an adventurous thriller, it is also a story about love, undying faith, and humanity. Suspense, action, and drama are carefully crafted together in this book for a memorable tale.

2019 Book Reviews:
Reviewed by Grady Harp
4.0 out of 5 Stars
‘Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.’ General George S. Patton
February 11, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition: Verified Purchase

New Jersey born author Robert Saniscalchi returns to his 2010 debut novel with editorial enhancement by Autumn Conley and portions of the book embellished for the progress of the story. He subsequently published BULLETS AND BANDAGES (inspired by his older brother who was a field medic Vietnam 68-69) and FREEDOM’S LIGHT (addressing the wars in Afghanistan). Now MY LIFE FOR HER is placed before readers as a more polished novel that reflects the impact of the Vietnam War and the interaction of a veteran as a policeman fighting the drug cartels. Robert lives in both Pennsylvania and Florida.

Robert opens this story of Vietnam War veteran medic who has returned home to Pikeville and has become a police officer. The mood Robert establishes is sensitive and reflective: ‘Rob Marrino had sensed something odd yet familiar, that same old feeling that his life had circled back to the same time and place he had been before. The day was bright, the air fresh and invigorating. He had hoped that was a sign of a new beginning. Now, he had to wonder about that. It was Rob’s day off after his first week back to work in three months. A chain of events started in May; one he was struggling to forget. Thankfully, he was doing much better now, with the help of his doctor, his loving family, and the medication….

Now he sat admiring the mirror finish on this freshly waxed and detailed Mustang. Over the years, he had enjoyed working on the car, keeping it clean and tuned up. The car was a gift he bought for himself after making it through the bullets and bandages of the hell in Vietnam. The 1969 Mach 1, metallic red with flat black trim, was Rob’s pride and joy, so he stored it safely in the garage and drove his old but reliable Chevy pickup most of the time. On summer weekends, whenever they had the chance, Rob and Beth Anne, his better half, dropped the kids off at Grandma’s house, then cruised on down to the shore…’ The setting is well-established Americana, and then the story takes flight.

Many aspects of the story seem tied to fact – Pikeville is in New Jersey, Rob is a veteran medic like Robert’s brother – and that is one reason the theme feels true. But the quiet opening soon changes – Rob is involved in the arrest of drug runners from a Colombian cartel that subsequently kidnapping Beth Anne to Colombia and Rob and his fellow veteran friend Tex travel to the jungles of Colombia to rescue her. There is considerable violence – torture, murder, explosions, etc. that at times mirror the bad memories of the Vietnam experience.

Not having read the original book, which apparently cried for a rewrite, this reader found the story intense and involving and a fine speedy read. Will we ever reach a period when previous wars do not permanently impact both veterans and their families as in PTSD et al? Likely not until wars go away. We go on. Grady Harp, February 19


Reviewed by V.E.
4.0 out of 5 Stars
Thrill Ride
February 12, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition: Verified Purchase

My Life for Her by Robert J. Saniscalchi is a heartwarming story about a Vietnam veteran. Rob Marino is a veteran turned small town cop in this book that starts off slowly, but builds in excitement and tension as the story moves forward.

Rob could never possibly envision how his life evolves as the unexpected happens, and his chance involvement with the Colombian cartel takes a dangerous turn, as Rob’s wife is kidnapped in retaliation.

This is a well-rounded story that pulls you in pretty much right from the start, and what may appear to be a bland story in the beginning builds into a solid plot with plenty of action and intrigue. Overall, an interesting book with good characters, a fast pace and a story that keeps you interested until the end. A must read not only for its compelling story but for the focus on Vietnam veterans and the bond they share. Solid recommendation.

From The Author: How far would you go for love?

Could you venture into the darkness, not knowing?

Find out for yourself in this Rob Marrino, and Tex Larson thriller.

Product Details:
Print Length: 197 Pages
Genre: War & Military Action Fiction, Military Thrillers, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Fiction

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Freedom’s Light by Robert J Saniscalchi

Once again into the fray we must go to stand firm in the goodness of the light-Freedom’s Light- against those that hide in the dark shadows of evil.

From the streets of NYC, to the remote badlands of Iraq, the world finds itself against an enemy as evil and ruthless as ever before.

Follow Rob and Tex as you are pulled into an action-packed story of love, loss, faith, and enduring friendship

Editorial Reviews:  Author Robert Saniscalchi has penned down a masterful fictitious narrative based on the bitter past of U.S. by reconstructing the tragic event of 9/11.

Featuring a snappy relationship of three brothers (Paul, Roy & Rob) engaged in hearty leisure time of a hunting expedition, author skillfully highlights and brings out the character of 28-year-old Rob, a U.S. army veteran and a team member of ‘Special Operations Delta Force’ where during a casual chitchat Rob updates his brother about his livelihood and hardship at the military and a silent war being waged against terrorism.

Poignant, yet brilliantly told ‘Freedom’s Light’ unfolds itself delivering a wild ride of thrilling quest and dangerous assignment tasked to Rob against the evil of terrorism. Vividly detailed settings entwined with intricately developed evocative prose is explicit and author manages to evoke the emotional attachment for those who have suffered brutally at the hands of terrorism and its ugliness around the world.

Action oriented, tense and dramatic, author Robert Saniscalchi’s fictional thriller is a captivating modern-day parable that is relate-able and entertaining. Those looking for a powerful reality-based page turner are sure to be intrigued by ‘Freedom’s Light’.
Reviewed by Enas Reviews:, December 16, 2016


Author Robert J Saniscalchi brings us fictional tale, Freedom’s Light, in a very real, honest exploration of good and evil as related to the harrowing events of 9/11–and the aftermath left in its wake.

Saniscalchi’s story introduces us to his protagonist, Rob, embarking on a family hunting expedition within the quiet wilderness of New York State. The peaceful outing filled with brotherly bonding and banter is short-lived, however, as the characters are soon thrown into the horror of the 9/11 attacks and a subsequent military operation. This is all unfortunately foreshadowed by Rob’s warnings, who understands the fragility of freedom and how it must be protected (or the light will be extinguished). A soldier and patriot, Rob becomes deeply entrenched within an elite team called Light Force. The object of the military operation: To identify the source (a terrorist base in Afghanistan) of another possible attack on US soil, and stop it in its tracks.

The characters are portrayed in a realistic and relatable manner, and the action is well depicted as the reader is soon caught up in the emotion and intensity. Although I don’t usually follow war books, shows, and movies, I particularly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone who does enjoy the genre. Saniscalchi clearly demonstrates a thorough knowledge of his subject matter, and his story does not disappoint. Everyone I know was in some way impacted by the events of 9/11, and I can still recall the exact moments in which I came to learn about what had happened. This is a story of bravery and pays tribute to the men and women who selflessly fought to protect the United States from terrorism–and continue to do so today.
Reviewed by Rachael Hannah.


This an amazing book, it caught my attention from the very first page. It’s about 9 11 and the terrorist that attacked the twin towers and the army that went to battle against them. While I was reading this book a song popped into my head and it is where were you when the world stopped turning by Allen Jackson. That song describes parts of this book. It is well written and I loved the main character. I never knew exactly what happens that day but mow I have more knowledge of what happened. I will recommend this book to my friends and family.
Reviewed by Brittany Dalton Author’s Den10/2/2018

Product Details:
Paperback: 290 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First Printed Edition (January 2, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1542329558
ISBN-13: 978-1542329552
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.7 x 8 inches
Genre: War & Military Action Fiction, Military Thrillers, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Fiction

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Bullets and Bandages by Robert James Saniscalchi

Bullets and Bandages was inspired from the stories of the author’s brother who was a US Army Field Medic with an elite Rescue and Recon Platoon, Vietnam 68-69. Through those stories, the author found the inspiration and was given the unique insight into the Bullets and Bandages of war. Parts of this book are also about the author’s own experiences, and that special time in our history.

The trails and victories of Rob and his comrades pull you into a world of survival through willpower, tenacity, and wit. This story is not only an adventurous thriller, but is also a story of love, humanity, and overcoming. CHAPTER 1- EXCERPT- BULLETS AND BANDAGES Some memories exist because they are etched into one’s mind with fire and anguish of true experience, not by choice. From my tour of duty in Vietnam, I am filled with the experiences that cannot be wiped away. I can recall the events, the names and the faces as if they had been in front of me only a short time ago. To this day, I thank the Lord in my prayers for helping me survive.

Sometimes, I dream of the tranquil rice fields or of the hot steamy jungles—– very quiet and peaceful. Occasionally, the dreams are of the men that I could not save, and of the ghastly shadows of my enemies. These images are a contradictory and discordant collage of the real horror of war. I have no misgivings about what was done; I was a soldier doing my duty for my country, in a war far away from my home. It was a war where our forces could not fully engage the enemy. The Army could not move on a strategic offensive and take the ground war into Hanoi or Cambodia. I had to learn a new type of warfare or would not have survived.

After some time, I began to know the enemy and anticipate his movements. My unit traveled the jungles in platoons of heavy infantry in search of Charlie. Our nerves were constantly on edge. It was a guerrilla war, and I learned to adapt. With a little time, my platoon began to work together. We learned to think like the enemy and use our instincts to fight together as a team. When the enemy would stand and fight, we fought back until they ran.

Unfortunately, I knew before long those same troops would try to sneak up on us again. Copyright Robert Saniscalchi 2007.

Genre: War & Military Action Fiction, Military Thrillers, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Fiction

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About The Author: Robert J Saniscalchi is the Author of Bullets and Bandages, now in 2nd Edition from Amazon/Kindle/Create-Space.

His first book has received endorsements from the Vietnam Veterans of America and The Military Writer’s Society of America.

Robert also is the Author of the 2nd Edition of- My Life For Her, also from Amazon/Kindle Create-Space. Full reviews on his work can be found on

Robert’s third work, his new story -Freedom’s Light- is complete, and with a 5-star review on Amazon Kindle.

Robert is a member of various writing and reading communities. Robert is a retired Electrician, Author/ Writer and reader of the known/unknown. Robert became interested in writing after he attended English and writing classes at college. He is married and he has a home in Berks County Pa and Winter Springs Fl.

Robert loves the great outdoors, reading, writing and working on his cars.

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