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Fire In The Mountain by Karen Hickman

A True story of the life and death of my Brother and Mother and life with and without them.

Karen Hickman’s brother Steve was killed in Vietnam.  She has since learned so much from others that were in Vietnam when her brother was killed concerning the circumstances surrounding his death.

It is very easy to become bitter when you are faced with a heartache and writing this book helped to ease her broken heart and melt the coldness she had felt for so long. She found herself continually asking the question, “Why my brother?”  She has learned over the years, it wasn’t just her brother that day of 8/26/1970, there were many others who lost brothers, husbands and Fathers. Karen found comfort in knowing Steve was not alone. He was among other heroes that day.

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Paperback: 154 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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About The Author: Author Karen Hickman is a first-time writer, but wanted to write for many years.

She was born and raised in a small SW town in Indiana. She has two Daughters and five grandchildren.

Karen has a small home where she spends much of her time. She says that she got out enough in her early years.



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