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The Miracle of Green: A Nova Garrett Novel (Book 1 In Series) by A. E. Hanaway

“The Miracle of Green” tells a story of a woman trying to forget her past, by running from the dangers that haunt her dreams, and threatens the lives of her sons.

Mandy wakes every night screaming, with fear of the past. If it wasn’t for her sons, life would not be worth living. Her mother’s death, brings her sister home, but she keeps her distance from Mandy. Connie does not understand why she feels threatened by Mandy and her sons.

Her brother provides the protection that she needs to feel safe. As much as Mandy tries not to dwell on the memory that robs her of sleep and sanity, she is terrified of what will happen when they find her.

But danger seems to follow Mandy, and she has to be rescued again. This time by a stranger, a handsome, wide shouldered, deep blue-eyed hunk of a man. A man that seems to call to her cat, and she wants the man and what his hides inside. Could love blossom with this stranger, but how her sons would cope with this man, or is she fated to live her life alone.

There is adventure, love, mystery that throws her into turmoil. And what of all the secrets that she holds? Could Jason’s love be strong enough to save her from her dreams, and can he love her sons?

Customer Book Review: The Miracle of Green by A. E. Hanaway is a story about life, love, mystery, and escaping the past. It follows the journey of a young mother trying to protect herself and her sons from a secret that could destroy their lives. Through sleepless nights, nightmares, hardship, and bad luck, she is determined to find a safe place to raise her boys and start a new life.

Mandy Brown is a young widow and mother of two boys. A secret haunts Mandy and, despite the protection of her brother, Mandy feels that once the truth is known, she will lose her sons forever and she fears for her own safety. Making the decision to leave town following the death of her mother, Mandy heads off to her sister’s house with her boys but due to wrong turns and car trouble, she ends up in a small town…a town hiding its own secrets. There she meets a handsome and mysterious stranger, Jason Carmon. Unbeknownst to her, she will cross paths with Jason again and it will change her life forever.

But just as Mandy begins to feel somewhat comfortable in her new surroundings, her past catches up to her and her new family demonstrates just how much they care for her and her boys as they stand alongside Mandy’s brother to protect them.

There’s an unexpected twist to this story, and it’s this turn of events that brings the     mystery and intrigue into play and explains why Mandy is haunted by restless nights. And why the green eyes are a telltale sign of who Mandy and her boys really are and why they attract the attention of others.

Throughout the story, the author describes in great detail the characters and the raw emotions they feel. She paints a picture that is easily imagined, bringing life into the pages of the book. And she has you cheering for Mandy, her boys, and Jason, hoping they get the happy ending they deserve.

Product Details:
Series: The Nova Garrett Series (Book 1)
Paperback: 316 Pages
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction

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Mountain Moon: A Nova Garrett Novel (Book 2 In Series) by A. E. Hanaway

THE MEADOW: There is an old saying that comes from the Cherokee Indians, a proud and spiritual people: In the mountains there is a magical meadow. Perfectly circular. Filled with a variety of flowers, which share only one trait. Cinnabar. So, named by the old ones; they are abundant and extremely rare. They draw you in with a haunting fragrance that floats on the wind. Then it seeps into your mind, and wraps tightly around your heart to capture your soul.

Cinnabar. A beautiful name for a mystical flower. Cinnabar. The Redbud trees surround the meadow, protecting it as a knight protects the castle of his sire. The beautifully blooming, ancient guardians intertwined with the majestic and proud cedar. Together they form an almost impenetrable barrier as they kept a vigil over the rare flowers of the meadow.

Every year, on the seventh hour of the fourth day, if you happen to be in the meadow and truly believe with all your heart, the Mountain Moon will shine down on you. If so, you will surely see your true love. If legend is true, then I will search for that meadow someday.

My name is Novangelia Leeann Garrett, they call me… Nova, or at work it is simply, Runt. I live in the small tourist town of Tellico Plains, Tennessee. The town is set at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. In the early morning during the spring, summer, and fall, a smoke-colored haze rolls slowly down the slope. It reminds me of an avalanche of snow that silently descends, and then consumes everything in its path, hiding it from the outside world.

This beautiful, yet small and picturesque town, which I have come to love, I now call my home. In fact, it is the only home I have ever known. Whenever I gaze at the mountains, there is a longing that takes hold of my heart. It feels more like home, safe and secure. The feeling is stronger than the town itself. There is a feeling of danger there, and the need to escape from the pain that waits for me.

The last two years have not been easy for me. I fight the turmoil that reels inside me every day while I try to retrieve the memories of my past. I do this to try to bring order to my life, clear my mind, and put love back into my soul.

You would think that being gifted in so many ways would make my plight a little easier, but it has become so much more difficult. My story continues!

Product Details:
Series: The Nova Garrett Series (Book 2)
Paperback: 350 Pages
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction

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About The Author: A. E. Hanaway is a retired Jail Officer now working part-time as a Wal-Mart as a truck unloader/stocker and at Jennings County Sheriff’s Department.

She studied correspondence courses in both bookkeeping and restaurant/hotel management.

She lives in North Vernon, Indiana.


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