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Satire/Parodies, Adult by Jay Dubya

Hawthorne: Hacked, Shakespeare: Sacked & Thurber:
Thwacked by Jay Dubya

Hawthorne Hacked, Shakespeare Sacked & Thurber Thwacked is a cleverly-organized book that effectively satirizes some of the main works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, of William Shakespeare and of American humorist James Thurber, and the creative compilation is author Jay Dubya’s 52nd published hardcover/paperback publication. In the Nathaniel Hawthorne section, Jay Dubya aggressively attacks the early 19th Century writer’s famous short stories “The Great Stone Face,” “The Minister’s Black Veil,” “Rappaccini’s Daughter,” “Feathertop,” “The Three Golden Apples” and finally, “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment.” In the William Shakespeare segment, the renowned English bard’s classic plays “The Tempest,” “Macbeth,” “Hamlet” and “The Merchant of Venice” are rather hilariously clobbered and quite thoroughly corrupted. And finally, in the concluding James Thurber portion, the U.S. author’s notorious short stories “The Catbird Seat,” “A Couple of Hamburgers,” “The Night the Bed Fell,” “Tales with a Twist,” “The Dog That Bit People” and “The Secret Life of Walter Witty” are imaginatively rewritten and given entirely new adult-style, bawdy spins.

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Print Length: 380 Pages
Genre: Satire, Adult Humor

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The Wholly Book of Doo-Doo-Rot-on-Me by Jay Dubya

The Wholly Book of Doo-Doo-Rot-on-Me (Deuteronomy), featuring adult language and content, is a satire/parody of the fifth book of the Old Testament.

Deuteronomy describes the establishment of the laws of ancient Israel, the many conflicts with already existing civilizations Moses and the Israelites had encountered on their flight from Egypt in quest of the “Promised Land”, and the eventual transfer of power and authority from Moses to Joshua prior to the aged prophet’s death. The Wholly Book of Doo-Doo-Rot-on-Me completes the Biblical trilogy that includes The Wholly Book of Genesis and The Wholly Book of Exodus.

A young Arab terrorist named Mohammed Kareem Jihad had made a great discovery of ancient papyrus writings inside a secluded limestone cave. The violent lad brought the scrolls into Jericho where he traded the documents to Professor Phil Collins (an expert on Genesis) and Dr. Allen Qaeda (an authority on Exodus) for an old AK-47, two slightly used hand grenades and some cheap American cigarettes.

For over a full decade after 2002, I had believed that only The Wholly Book of Genesis and The Wholly Book of Exodus had existed in the treasured computer e-mail file I had received from Uncle Phil, since a long blank void had appeared thereafter. But last month out of sheer boredom I ran the file to its end and remarkably discovered the fifth book of the Old Testament Pentateuch, The Wholly Book of Doo-Doo-Rot-on-Me. Apparently, book three titled The Wholly Book of Numbers along with book #four The Wholly Book of Leviticus had somehow been accidentally erased in the e-mailed computer file.

Now that the essential background of The Wholly Book of Genesis, The Wholly Book of Exodus (along with the tampered-with computer file containing The Wholly Book of Doo-Doo-Rot-on-Me) is fully known, only the astute readers can be the best judges of the merits of Mohammed Kareem Jihad’s remarkable discovery and of now-deceased Uncle Phil Collins’ exceptional Biblical claims.

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Print Length: 226 Pages
Genre: Satire, Adult Humor

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Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces by Jay Dubja

Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces is adult literature that satirizes classic children’s folk tales, fables and fairy tales into more mature presentations featuring adult language, content and humor.

Author Jay Dubya goes right to work retelling Aesop’s Fables into “A Sap’s Fables.” Adult renditions of “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,” “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” “The Wind and the Sun,” “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” “The Lion and the Mouse,” “The Crow and the Pitcher,” and “The Rabbit and the Turtle” are all cleverly portrayed. Other famous fables rewritten into adult accounts are “The Fox and the Crow,” “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg,” “The Grasshopper and the Ants,” “The Lark and Its Offspring,” The Miller, His Son and the Jackass, “Belling the Cat” and finally “The Dog, the Fox and the Stream.”

Folk and Fairy Tales from England, France, Germany and Russia are also imaginatively assaulted and converted into adult-oriented stories. Jay Dubya thoroughly corrupts “The Three Little Piglet Brothers,” “The Flashing Elves,” “The Golden Goose’s Goosing Curse,” “The Notorious Sleeping Beauty” and “Petite Red Riding Hood.” Other classic stories that are not saved from degeneration are “Jack’s Magnificent Beanstalk,” “Hansel and Gretel Dumkoff,” “Little Ebony Sambo,” “Rapunzel’s Draping Hair” and “Tom Thumb’s History.” Finally, the author completely corrupts into adult parody rewrites “Peter W. and the Wolf,” “The Rumpelstiltskin No-Spin Zone,” “Beauty and the Beastly Beast,” “Cinderella’s Fella” and the classic folktale “Flaky Snow White and the Seven Midgdwarfs.”

Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces is Jay Dubya’s twenty-first e-book. This book is definitely not written for or to be read by children.

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Print Length: 176 Pages
Genre: Satire/Parodies, Adult

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Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces, Part II by Jay Dubja

Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces, Part II is adult literature satirizing classic children’s stories and the work is written in the spirit of its predecessor Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces. The new work FFFF&FF Part II features adult language, adult content and adult satirical humor.

Author Jay Dubya goes right to work corrupting familiar children’s stories The Three Scruffy Gruffy Billy Goats, The Gay Tailor Who Became King, Petey Rabbit, Thumbilisa Thumbilina, The Emperor’s Invisible Clothes and Goldie Lox and the Three Ursas. Several British legends are re-invented with hilarious adult renditions of St. George Slays the Dragon and Arthur Becomes King of England. Greek myths are imaginatively sabotaged with comical presentations of Daphne’s Daft Daffiness, Bellerophon’s Marathon Adventure, Baucis and Philemon, Psyche and Stupid Cupid and Atalantas’s Last Race.

Other popular children’s stories that are put into adult parodies are Pinocchio’s Personality Problem, The Wolf and the Seven Lame Lambs, The Sorcerer’s Un-resourceful Apprentice and Peter Pansy Does Kensington Gardens. Finally Author Jay Dubya presents very amusing renditions of the classic tales Alice Visits Wonderland and Aladdin’s Little Lamp. Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces, Part II is definitely not written for or to be read by children.

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Print Length: 176 Pages
Genre: Satire/Parodies, Adult

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Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered,
Part I by Jay Dubya

Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered is adult literature featuring adult language and content. Jay Dubya converts eight of William Shakespeare s most famous plays into crazy risqu and bawdy satire/parodies.

A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream and As You Like It are creatively assaulted along with The Tempest and All’s Well That Ends Well. Jay Dubya also humorously broadsides Othello and the classic The Comedy of Errors. Finally, the serious plays The Merchant of Venice and King Lear are hilariously clobbered and thoroughly corrupted.

Shakespeare: S, S, S and S represents William Shakespeare as you’ve never before read the bard’s historic works. Each play has been imaginatively rewritten and converted from dialogue into adult-oriented narrative/dialogue form. Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered is the companion book to Shakespeare: S, S, S and S, Part II.

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Print Length:500 Pages
Genre: Satire/Parodies, Adult

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Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered,
Part II by Jay Dubya

Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part II is adult literature featuring adult language and content. Jay Dubya converts ten of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays into crazy risqué and bawdy satire/parodies. Much Ado about Nothing and “The Merry Wives of Windsor” are creatively assaulted along with “Henry IV, Part I” and Henry IV, Part II. “Twelfth Night” and “The Taming of the Shrew” are also degenerated and pulverized.

Jay Dubya also humorously broadsides “Julius Caesar” and “Romeo and Juliet.”

Finally, the serious tragic plays “Macbeth” and “Hamlet” are hilariously clobbered and thoroughly corrupted. Shakespeare: S, S, S and S, Part II represents William Shakespeare as you’ve never before read the bard’s historic work. Each play has been imaginatively rewritten and converted from dialogue into adult-oriented narrative/dialogue form. Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part II is the companion book to Shakespeare: S, S, S and S.

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Print Length:500 Pages
Genre: Satire/Parodies, Adult

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Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part V by Jay Dubya

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part V is humorous adult literature featuring adult content and language.

The work satirizes and spoofs thirteen classic tales from U.S. and British literature, along with popular stories from Greek mythology, the Bible and also well-known fairy tales.

Jay Dubya goes right to work retelling and side-swiping tales from American literature. Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle,” Edgar Allan Poe’s Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether, Jack London’s “To Build a Fire,” O. Henry’s “The Green Door,” Mark Twain’s “Punch, Brothers, Punch” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment” are thoroughly degenerated. British literature is also corrupted with imaginative adult renditions of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Mark of the Beast,” D.H. Lawrence’s “The Rocking Horse Winner and William Shakespeare’s famous play “All’s Well That Ends Well” all being wickedly attacked and parodied.

Finally, ancient Greek and Biblical stories along with several popular fairy tales are brutally assaulted with satirical rewrites of “An Excerpt from the Book of Exodus,” “King Midas,” “The Gay Tailor Who Became King” and “The Notorious Sleeping Beauty” each being wildly clobbered and slickly degraded.

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Print Length:240 Pages
Genre: Satire/Parodies, Adult

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Short Stories/Science Fiction by Jay Dubya

One Baker’s Dozen by Jay Dubya

Jay Dubya has written other adult fiction besides One Baker’s Dozen and its sister book Two Baker’s Dozen. Black Leather and Blue Denim, A ’50s Novel and its sequel The Great Teen Fruit War, A 1960 Novel along with Frat’ Brats, A ’60s Novel are adult-oriented literary works constituting a trilogy. Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV are’ short story/novella collections featuring science fiction and paranormal plots and themes.

Nine New Novellas is the companion book to Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV. All ten of Jay Dubya’s sci-fi/paranormal book collections are written in a spirit that emphasizes suspense and surprise endings, literary techniques that the author enjoys implementing.

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Paperback: 183 Pages
Genre: Short Stories/Science Fiction

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Two Baker’s Dozen by Jay Dubya

Two Baker’s Dozen is a collection of twenty-six original short stories having mostly science fiction, paranormal and mystery themes. Several of the stories are amusing anecdotal sketches. Most of the tales in the work feature suspense and surprise endings, writing techniques that the author enjoys utilizing.

Two Baker’s Dozen contains original works of science fiction, paranormal and mystery tales. Many of the stories feature suspense and surprise-endings, writing techniques that the author enjoys utilizing. All of the stories represented in Two Baker’s Dozen are of the fiction variety with the exception of “Life on the Bluerberry Farm,” which chronicles author Jay Dubya’s eighteen-year summer tenure as a field manager on the world’s largest cultivated blueberry plantation.

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Print Length: 268 Pages
Genre: Short Stories/Science Fiction

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Nine New Novellas, Part II by Jay Dubya

Nine New Novellas, Part II is author Jay Dubya’s sixth story collection written in the spirit of Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV and Nine New Novellas, bringing the writer’s novella total up to fifty.

“The Yard Sale Mirror” is a unique tale that mixes suspense with an unusual revenge plot, “Immoral Immortality” is a sci-fi time travel adventure with a creative surprise ending and “Here and There” describes contemporary dramatic conflict between Israeli and Palestinian factions. The Vassal Vessel tale is an imaginative science fiction thriller that provides a rational explanation of earth’s miniscule place in the universe, “Insane Karma” shows a special relationship between ESP and communication with “other dimension entities” and the story “The Sole Collector” depicts and explains the outcome of a greedy man’s diabolical pact with the Devil. Finally, “The Heroic Belt” has an interesting Greek mythology theme, “Spectrum Man” is a thrilling breakthrough story that involves an ordinary man’s accidental acquisition of supernatural powers, and “Excavations” presents the dangers and adventures experienced by a world-famous anthropologist/archeologist.

Nine New Novellas, Part II is Jay Dubya’s twentieth book. The author’s books are in five genres: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi/Paranormal, Children’s Books, Adult Satire, Non-Fiction.

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Print Length:168 Pages
Genre: Short Stories/Science Fiction

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Nine New Novellas, Part IV by Jay Dubya

Nine New Novellas, Part IV is author Jay Dubya’s eighth story collection written in the spirit of Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV, Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II and Nine New Novellas, Part III bringing the writer’s novella total up to sixty-eight.

“The Bounty Hunter” is a unique tale that mixes suspense with a well conceived revenge plot, “Batsto Village” is a sci-fi time travel adventure with a clever surprise ending and “Dreamland” describes dramatic conflict in the life of a man whose dreams suddenly become reality.

“Colliding Galaxies” is a science fiction offering that provides a rational explanation for man’s petty place in the Universe, “Greek Statutory Law” describes how an American immigrant becomes wealthy and then is affected by the power of mythology, and “Specters” depicts a man who develops the ability to have the ghosts of famous people become his modern day servants.

Finally, A Small World is a chilling story that shows how a computer genius uses miniaturization to get even with past enemies, “The Music Disk” tells how two friends have lyrical adventure that ends in disaster, and The Amazon Sorority is an imaginative tale about two astronauts discovering a civilization dominated by ancient women warriors in the Constellation Virgo.

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Hardcover: 186 Pages
Genre: Novellas, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Short Story

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Snake Eyes and Boxcars by Jay Dubya

Snake Eyes and Boxcars: The rolls of dice in any Atlantic City or Las Vegas casino meaning the numbers two and twelve.

In this unique collection of fourteen short story/novellas, the first tale The Second Civil War and the last one The Music Portal are written in the first person where the narrator describes the action using the pronouns I, me, my, and mine, which is in stark contrast to the other twelve sci-fi/paranormal tales sandwiched in between, the dozen other stories being written in the more common third person expository style of literary presentation.

Snake Eyes and Boxcars is author Jay Dubya s eleventh sci-fi/paranormal story collection and his twelfth story collection overall. Other works by this prolific author are Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV. Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV are written in the Pieces of Eight spirit along with recent works One Baker s Dozen and Two Baker s Dozen. RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts is a collection of 38 mostly non-fiction writings.

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Print Length:200 Pages
Genre: Short Stories/Science Fiction

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Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II by Jay Dubya

Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II: The rolls of dice in any Atlantic City or Las Vegas casino meaning the numbers two and twelve.

In this unique collection of fourteen short story/novellas, the first tale Like Clockwork and the last one “A Second Chance” are written in the first person where the narrator describes the action using the pronouns I, me, my, and mine, which is in stark contrast to the other twelve sci-fi/paranormal tales sandwiched in between, the dozen other stories being written in the more common third person expository style of literary presentation.

Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II is author Jay Dubya’s twelfth sci-fi/paranormal story collection and his thirteenth story collection overall. Other works by this prolific author are Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV. Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV are written in the “Pieces of Eight” spirit along with recent works One Baker’s Dozen and Two Baker’s Dozen.

RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts is a collection of 38 mostly non-fiction writings.

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Hardcover: 200 Pages
Genre:  Short Stories, Science Fiction/Paranormal

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Pieces of Eight, Part IV by Jay Dubya

Pieces of Eight, Part IV is a collection of eight short stories/novellas that complement the eight appearing in Pieces of Eight, the eight in Pieces of Eight, Part II and the eight novellas represented in Pieces of Eight, Part III. Freeze Frames and “The Rings of Saturn” are paranormal tales; whereas, “Expedition Earth” and “Stairway to Heaven” lean more toward the science fiction side of popular literature. “The Seven Statues” and “Salientia” mix elements of science fiction and paranormal experience. “The Price of Bigotry” is a surprise ending hate-crime murder story, and “The Love Tree” incorporates science fiction, romantic and paranormal elements in its presentation.

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Print Length:178 Pages
Genre: Short Stories/Science Fiction



Non-Fiction Books by Jay Dubya

First Person Stories by Jay Dubya

First Person Stories is a collection of forty writings, twenty-four being fictional tales and sixteen being of the non-fiction variety, and the effort is Jay Dubya’s 49th published book.

Some of the works included in First Person Stories are writings taken from other already published Jay Dubya fiction and non-fiction books. The first-person writing technique is particularly difficult in literary expression, especially when writing fiction, because the author must continually use the pronouns “I, me, my and mine” over and over, and there’s always a danger of communicating a sense of monotony and boredom to the reader. This is why most fiction is written in the third person, the author utilizing the more functional pronouns “he, she, you, they and we.”

Three types of non-fiction writing represented in First Person Stories are autobiography, humor and the essay point of view structure, which is often used in newspaper journalism and always found on the publication’s editorial page.

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Print Length:552 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts by Jay Dubya

RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts is a collection of forty-one writings and essays that reflect author Jay Dubya’s personality and philosophy.

Articles range from biographical sketches to the author’s humorous adventures, and the manuscript section is dedicated to the writer’s observations about matters that run the modern-day social spectrum from the Iraq War to inherent problems associated with American society.

Some of the articles in this work originally appeared in the Hammonton (New Jersey) Gazette and in the Hammonton News. In the “Articles” section of the book, accounts recalling the writer’s personal memories of certain people are represented in the stories “A Young James Bertino,” “Mr. Charles B. Sipley” and “Little League Baseball.” Humorous experiences are recounted in “A Tale of Two Counties,” “Misadventures in Furnitureland” and “Catty Cat Catching.” The author’s youth is recollected in the renditions “Growing-up in Hammonton” and Dogwood Hollow: 1954-’55. And incidents from Jay Dubya’s thirty-four-year teaching career are described in “School Assemblies,” “Williamsburg School Trips” and “The High School Faculty.” In the “Manuscripts” section, such essay subjects as “Rap Music Is Not Music,” “Why Jimmy Brown Doesn’t Write” and “Multicultural Education” are skillfully presented.

Other thoughtful essays are also included with “Freedom Isn’t Free,” American Education Is Wasteful and “The Trouble with American Democracy. The creative work “Gerunds, Verbals and Participial Adjectives” is a zany effort that pokes fun at the complexity and diversity of the English language and its complicated grammar usage.

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Print Length:344 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Themes by Jay Dubya

THEMES is a collection of fifty-two short manuscripts: nineteen of which are articles and stories along with thirty-three of which are essays that reflect the author’s personality and philosophy. Articles range from biographical sketches to some of the author’s humorous adventures, and then the manuscript section is dedicated to the writer’s observations about matters running the modern social spectrum from the Iraq War to inherent problems associated with American democracy.

THEMES is author Jay Dubya’s 56th published hardcover/paperback book. Other story collections by this prolific author are: The Psychic Dimension, The Psychic Dimension Part II, The FBI Inspector, First Person Stories, Modern Mythology, Prime-Time Crime Time, UFO: Utterly Fantastic Occurrences, Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Snake Eyes and Boxcars Part II, Time Travel Tales, Suite 16, One Baker’s Dozen, Two Baker’s Dozen, RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight Part II, Pieces of Eight Part III, Pieces of Eight Part IV, Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas Part II, Nine New Novellas Part III and Nine New Novellas Part IV.

Jay Dubya is author John Wiessner’s pen name, and it is also a corruption of his initials J.W. John is married to wife Joanne and the couple has three grown sons. Jay Dubya’s books exist in hardcover, in paperback and in Kindle, Nook and Smashwords ebook formats. The author is a retired New Jersey public school English teacher of 34 years experience, and John and Joanne live in Hammonton, NJ, USA.

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Print Length:344 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Short Stories/Parodies, Adult by Jay Dubya

Twain: Tattered, Trounced, Tortured and Traumatized by Jay Dubya

Twain: Tattered, Trounced, Tortured and Traumatized is a unique collection of twenty classic Mark Twain short stories and anecdotal sketches that have been creatively rewritten and satirized into adult parody form featuring adult content and language.

When author Jay Dubya was a New Jersey public school English teacher, he often enjoyed teaching and reading Mark Twain’s “influential literature” to his sometimes-enlightened middle and high school academic students. Remarkably, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835-1910) was both born and died the same years that Halley’s Comet had made its seventy-five-year revolution around the solar system.

Clemens acquired his pen name “Mark Twain” from Mississippi River steamboat terminology of “twain” being a water depth of two fathoms (twelve feet), the allowable safe level for a riverboat to navigate over a reef or shoal, and the depth was measured by a leadsman who threw a heavy lead weight overboard and then after lifting it out of the river, would mark the twain. Clemens became a successful riverboat pilot under the direction of a captain named Horace Bixby, but after the Civil War broke out, the Mississippi River was closed down to commercial traffic. Being unemployed, Sam Clemens journeyed out west to try his hand at gold prospecting in Nevada and then at newspaper journalism in California. The writer gained international recognition with the publication of his classic humorous short story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” first published in 1865.

Mark Twain is generally regarded as a humorist but he is also understood by literary critics as being a serious philosopher and an astute analyzer of the antebellum and post Civil War American society of his time. Twain’s most famous novels are The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Prince and the Pauper and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Other important Mark Twain works are the books: Roughing It, Life on the Mississippi and Innocents Abroad, and some short literary sketches from the last mentioned three books have been used in organizing this outrageous satire/parody.

Twain: Tattered, Trounced, Tortured and Traumatized is author Jay Dubya’s thirty-sixth published book.

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Print Length:214 Pages
Genre: Short Stories/Parodies, Adult

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Poe: Pelted, Pounded, Pummeled and Pulverized by Jay Dubya

Poe: Pelted, Pounded, Pummeled and Pulverized is a unique collection of eighteen classic Edgar Allan Poe short stories that have been creatively rewritten and satirized into adult parody form featuring adult content and language, and the work is the thirty-fifth book of author Jay Dubya (John Weissner).

When Jay Dubya was a New Jersey public school English teacher, during his thirty-four-year classroom career, he often enjoyed teaching and reading the influential literature of Edgar Allen Poe to his sometimes-enlightened middle and high school students.

Even though Poe (1809-1849) had died at a very young age, he still managed, remarkably, to write and publish more than nine-hundred pages of imaginative short stories and awe-inspiring poems. In addition to being a superb writer, Poe was also an excellent editor and literary critic, and is widely regarded as one of the most important authors in American literature. The now-esteemed writer is often referred to as “the father of the American short story” and as “the inventor of the detective story.” Edgar married his thirteen-year-old cousin Virginia Clemm and made a very modest living as a writer and as a newspaper journalist. Poe had a nasty temper, took drugs as painkillers, and because of his mercurial disposition was unable to keep a job for any length of time. In 1847 Virginia died of tuberculosis and Poe, underfed, pale and gaunt-looking, passed away two years later. Poe’s detective stories “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and “The Purloined Letter” made him famous in addition to his classic horror tales The Pit and the Pendulum, “The Masque of the Red Death,” The Cask of Amontillado, and the popular but eerie epic “The Tell Tale Heart.”

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Print Length:216 Pages
Genre: Short Stories/Parodies, Adult

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O. Henry: Obscenely and Outrageously Obliterated by Jay Dubya

O. Henry: Obscenely and Outrageously Obliterated is a collection of eighteen classic William Sidney Porter “surprise ending” short stories/novellas that have been imaginatively rewritten and satirized into adult parody form featuring adult content and language.

This extremely humorous book is author’ Jay Dubya’s 34th published work. When the writer was a New Jersey public school English teacher for thirty-four years, he often enjoyed teaching and reading O. Henry’s “influential literature” with his sometimes-enlightened middle and high school students. Even though O. Henry (1862-1910) had died at a very young age, he still managed to remarkably write over five hundred short stories and anecdotal sketches.

W.S. Porter’s fiction often occurs in familiar U.S. environments and settings that he had known well during his short tenure on this planet, particularly New York City, Southern Texas, the mountains of Tennessee, Central America and the post Civil War American South. Most interestingly, many of O. Henry’s terrific short stories were authored while he was in jail. In 1892 Porter moved to Texas and soon became a teller at an Austin bank where the institution’s officials accused him of illegally manipulating funds into his own account. Porter fled to Central America but upon returning to the states after his wife became very ill, the on-the-lam short story author was captured and then convicted.

Thus, one of O. Henry’s most famous stories “A Retrieved Reformation” involves safecracker Jimmy Valentine getting out of prison and in a geographical sense, the writer’s humorous stories “Shoes” and Shoes and Ships both take place in Coralio, an imaginary seacoast village in Central America. It is widely believed that the unique writing name O. Henry had been conceived in honor of a certain security guard named Orrin Henry, who had been employed at the federal penitentiary where the literary genius William Sidney Porter had been serving his bank felony sentence.

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Print Length:220 Pages
Genre: Short Stories/Parodies, Adult

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London: Lashed, Lacerated, Lampooned and Lambasted by Jay Dubya

London: Lashed, Lacerated, Lampooned and Lambasted is a unique collection of eighteen classic Jack London short stories that have been creatively rewritten and satirized into adult parody form featuring adult content and language.

When author Jay Dubya was a New Jersey public school English teacher, he often enjoyed teaching and reading Jack London’s “influential literature” to his sometimes-enlightened academic students. Jack London (1876-1916) died at the early age of forty but the author left behind a rich collection of literature still read and admired today.

London was a master at the literary writing technique known as Realism where he skillfully describes struggles and life-or-death situations pitting man against man, man against hostile environments and often man against himself. Jack London was born in San Francisco and helped to support his family at age fourteen, dropping out of school to do so. Spending plenty of time in city libraries, London was a voracious reader who studied hard and eventually passed the entrance examination into the University of California. He stayed as a student for one semester but then went to work as a sailor and a laborer. During the Gold Rush of 1897 London spent a year in the Klondike and Yukon territories where he gathered material and information about interesting characters that later would appear in his novels and short stories.

Very fascinated by the Darwinian theory of “survival of the fittest,” many of Jack London’s works focused on the endurance of strong men driven by atavistic instincts and primitive emotions. The settings of most Jack London stories are in California, the Klondike/Yukon regions of Canada and the South Sea Pacific islands in and around Tahiti. London graphically described the great San Francisco Earthquake of April 18th, 1906 in his newspaper account The Story of An Eyewitness, and two other stories in this collection take place in California. Twelve of the eighteen satirized tales in this London: Lashed, Lacerated, Lampooned and Lambasted work occur in the Yukon/Klondike territories, and the remaining three stories are set in the South Pacific islands in and around Tahiti. London: Lashed, Lampooned, Lacerated and Lambasted is author Jay Dubya’s thirty-seventh published book.

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Print Length:216 Pages
Genre: Short Stories/Parodies, Adult

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Mythology/ Short Story Fiction by Jay Dubya

Modern Mythology by Jay Dubya

Modern Mythology is a collection of fifteen imaginative stories having mythological themes and also possessing interesting mythological allusions and characters.

Humor is represented in “Olympus Lives” and in “Olympus Lives, Part II.” Anachronism is depicted in the stories “Immoral Immortality,” “The Seven Statues,” “The Heroic Belt,” Greek Statutory Law and in the very intriguing exploit Mythology Economics.

Conflict and action/adventure situations dominate the tales “The Amazon Sorority,” “Perseus, II” and also “Twelve Modern Labors.” The presentations “Excavations” and “Ice Ages” involve rather amazing archeological discoveries from ancient times.

Finally, mystery and suspense can be found in “The Oracle,” in “Marvelous Modern Mythology” and in the creative rendition “Accidental Coincidence.”

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Print Length:298 Pages
Genre: Modern Mythology

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Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythology by Jay Dubya

Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythology is adult literature that satirizes twenty-one classic mythology stories into more mature presentations featuring adult language, content and humor.

Author Jay Dubya goes right to work retelling adult renditions of female myths Pandora, Ceres Goes Against the Grain and Echo’s Cursing Curse. Other famous adventure myths that are thoroughly pulverized and clobbered are Bellerophon’s Marathon Adventure, Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa, Osysseus and the Cyclops and Jason and the Golden Fleecers.

Male hero and vanity/punishment myths are also imaginatively assaulted and mercilessly converted into adult versions as in the cases of Prometheus and Fire, The Three Golden Apples, Oedipus, King Midas and Orpheus.

Other stories that are not saved from degeneration are the author’s humorous original tales Olympus Lives and also Colliding Myths, where Jay Dubya combines the popular stories of Phaethon and the classic Daedalus and Icarus. Love myths are also hammered with novel presentations of Baucis and Philemon, Psyche and Stupid Cupid along with Atalanta’s Last Race.

Finally, Norse mythology is not spared from total degeneration with a very amusing retelling of Beowulf and Arabian literature is also assaulted with a creative presentation of The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad. Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythologyis exclusively adult satirical literature that is definitely not written for or to be read by children.

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Print Length:268 Pages
Genre: Modern Mythology

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Science Fiction, Time Travel and Utterly Fantastic
Occurrences by Jay Dubya

Time Travel Tales by Jay Dubya

Time Travel Tales is a collection of twenty-one sci-fi/paranormal novellas having similar anachronism-style plots and themes, and the work is author Jay Dubya’s thirty-ninth published book.

Other story collections by this prolific author are Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II, One Baker’s Dozen, Two Baker’s Dozen, RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV, Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III, and Nine New Novellas, Part IV.

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Print Length: 394 Pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Short Stories

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Suite 16 by Jay Dubya

Suite 16 is a collection of sixteen sci-fi/paranormal (and humorous) novellas and the work is author Jay Dubya’s thirty-eighth published book along with being the writer’s fourteenth story collection overall.

Other story collections by this prolific author are Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II, One Baker’s Dozen, Two Baker’s Dozen, RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV, Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV.

Jay Dubya is author John Wiessner’s pen name and it is also a corruption of his initials J.W. John is married to wife Joanne and the couple has three grown sons. The author is a retired New Jersey public school English teacher of 34 years experience and he and Joanne live in Hammonton, NJ USA.

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Hardcover: 216 Pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Short Stories

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UFO: Utterly Fantastic Occurrences by Jay Dubya

UFO: Utterly Fantastic Occurrences is a collection of twenty sci-fi/paranormal novellas having creative plots and themes, and the work is author Jay Dubya’s fortieth published book.

Other story collections produced by this prolific author are Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II, One Baker’s Dozen, Two Baker’s Dozen, RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts, Suite 16, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV, Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV.

Product Details
Hardcover: 320 Pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Short Stories

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Adult Satire by Jay Dubya

PLOTS by Jay Dubya

Plots is a Jay Dubya acronym that represents a compilation of certain famous works by authors Edgar Allan Poe, Jack London, O. Henry, Mark Twain and William Shakespeare. Every good story indeed has a plot, or an essential problem (or problems) that must be solved. The problem can either be a direct physical threat or an imagined mental/emotional crisis existing within the main character’s mind, or perhaps the problem is represented by various combinations of those separate elements. In any case, the main problem must be addressed and/or especially solved during the story.

The particular stories selected by the author have been uniquely corrupted and then creatively rewritten into adult satirical style where Jay Dubya effectively uses adult language and situations, thus adroitly modifying the general integrity of the original works.

Product Details
Hardcover: 528 Pages
Genre: Adult Satir

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Ron Coyote, Man of La Mangia by Jay Dubya

Ron Coyote, Man of La Mangia is a funny and irreverent satire/parody on Miguel Cervantes/ Don Quixote, published in 1605.

Jay Dubya assumes the writing role of Sir Vantes. In the novel Jay Dubya uses over two dozen parallels between the Coyote and Quixote’ sagas. Ron Coyote is a wealthy peach and apple farmer. His trusty main foreman is Pancho Sanza. Coyote is the ideal dreamer out to change the world and Sanza is the practical hedonistic rascal quite happy with the way the world is dysfunctioning.

Ron Coyote comes under the influence of Calvin Mather, a televangelist who preaches that America should return to the moral values of its Puritan’ Founding Fathers. As a joke, Pancho buys Ron Coyote a Pilgrim suit, and soon the Man of La Mangia believes that he is a contemporary Pilgrim assigned by Heaven to save America from sin, crime and decadence.

Ron Coyote has a black ’38 Plymouth appropriately named Roachinante, a WWI vintage biplane Roachinante II, a stubborn mule called Clinton and a pig named Madonna. Ron Coyote dedicates his great quest to Della Cinnea, an obese school-crossing guard. As incentive for Pancho to accompany him, Ron Coyote promises Sanza a new shack with a flush toilet, and Pancho goes along with his employer because Sanza’s wife threatens him with castration if she doesn’t soon get indoor plumbing and modern sanitary facilities.

Ron Coyote and Pancho Sanza have many extraordinary adventures with the IRS, rowdy teenagers, tramps, Arab terrorists, the U.S. Army, cannibals, gays, the Mafia, motorcycle gangs, Della Cinnea, convicts, Russians and with Calvin Mather. Ron Coyote, Man of La Mangia is an adult novel that features adult language and situations. It is philosophical, risque, humorous and satirical.

Ron Coyote is adult entertainment, and it is not a book for the moral majority, for the politically correct or for children.

Product Details
Hardcover: 460 Pages
Genre: Adult Satire

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Hawthorne: Hazed Hooked Hammered & Hijacked by Jay Dubya

Hawthorne: Hazed Hooked Hammered and Hijacked is a collection of twelve Nathaniel Hawthorne classic novellas that have been creatively rewritten and satirized into adult parody form featuring adult content and language.

When author Jay Dubya had been a New Jersey public school English teacher, he often enjoyed reading and discussing Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “influential literature” with his sometimes enlightened middle and high school academic students.

For many years Nathaniel Hawthorne had attempted to become an established popular fiction writer. After a decent New England college education, Hawthorne soon returned to familiar Salem, Massachusetts where the aspiring author lived with his mother and sisters for twelve years, staying secluded in a lonely room writing short stories and novel manuscripts.

In 1837, his first work titled Twice-Told Tales was successfully published. Hawthorne was chummy with some of the more famous New England literary writers of his time including Herman Melville, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Two of Hawthorne’s better known works are novels The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven Gables. “Young Goodman Brown,” The Great Stone Face and “Rappaccini’s Daughter” are three of the author’s best known short stories.

Most of Hawthorne’s retelling of classic stories from mythology had been published in his work Tanglewood Tales. Another famous Nathaniel Hawthorne short story collection is Twice Told Tales, which includes the selections “The Minister’s Black Veil,” “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment” and The Great Carbuncle.

Hawthorne: Hazed, Hooked, Hammered & Hijacked is Jay Dubya’s forty-eighth published hardcover/paperback book. The author’s works also exist in Kindle, Nook and Smashwords e-book formats. The pseudonym Jay Dubya is a corruption of John Wiessner’s initials “J.W.” John is married to wife Joanne and the couple has three grown sons. John and Joanne currently live in Hammonton, NJ, USA.

Product Details
Hardcover: 266 Pages
Genre: Adult Satire

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Trilogy 1: (Young Adult Fantasy Novels) Enchanta, Pot of Gold,
Space Bugs, Earth Invasion

Enchanta (YA Fantasy Novel Book One In Trilogy) by Jay Dubya

Enchanta is a fantasy adventure novel for children eight to twelve years of age.

Barbara and David Morgan are flown away from their New Jersey town by a magnificent flying horse.

Wings flies them to Enchanta, where they have been taken to help an old wizard, King Wisher. Wisher had lost his wishing powers when an earthquake struck his kingdom. A new barbaric civilization, the Beneathians had come from the center of the earth and had taken over Wisher’s land. Since Wisher’s wife Queen Hope was captured by the Beneathians, without

Hope, Wisher has no confidence in his wishing ability. Barbara and David locate Wisher’s three magical sons, Changer, Pretender and Inventor. The brother and sister reunite Wisher with his sons. Then the six conduct a daring raid into Beneathia and rescue Queen Hope. The three brothers fool the Beneathians in many amusing situations.

In the end, the Beneathians are defeated, Wisher regains his kingdom, and Barbara and David are magically transported back to New Jersey.

Product Details
Age Range: 9 – 12 Years
Grade Level: 4 – 7
Print Length: 168 Pages
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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Pot Of Gold (YA Fantasy Novel Book Two In Trilogy) by Jay Dubya

Pot of Gold is an imaginative fantasy adventure story for children ages eight through twelve.

Janet and Larry Garrison, twelve-year-old fraternal twins, are touring Limerick Caverns with their parents on St. Patrick’s Day.

They spot an impish elfrechaun in the caverns and chase him into a strange new land. Four elves have had their gold stolen from their large black kettle, and Janet and Larry must help Rhymer, Prep, Stretch and Nate retrieve their missing fortune. Evilla is a wicked witch who terrorizes the elfrechauns.

Larry and Janet must defeat her, and along the way they also have adventures with the Letter People, Puppet, the Protector, the Two-Facers and Chiron the Centaur from Greek mythology.

Larry and Janet learn the secrets of the Great Cornucopia, take a wild roller coaster ride over a rainbow, figure out the mystery of the Rifle Tower and take an adventurous ride on the strange Merry-Go-Straight. In the end, Evillas changes her evil ways and falls in love with the Protector.

Larry and Janet are magically transported back to Limerick Caverns where they are reunited with their parents.

Product Details
Age Range: 9 – 12 Years
Grade Level: 4 – 7
Hardcover: 182 Pages
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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Space Bugs – Earth Invasion
(YA Fantasy Novel Book Three In Trilogy) by Jay Dubya

Space Bugs, Earth Invasion completes the young adult fantasy trilogy that was begun by Pot of Gold and Enchanta. Space Bugs, Earth Invasion is written for children eight to thirteen years of age.

In Space Bugs, David and Barbara Morgan from the Enchanta novel join up with their cousins Larry and Janet Garrison from the Pot of Gold fantasy story to combat the evil forces of wicked Queen Termita from planet Insectia.

The Insectians are human-size insects that invade Earth with their superior technology. The four young teens go to Hammonds Grove, New Jersey’s most famous landmark, Superstitious Rock where they wish for Rhymer the elfrechaun from the Pot of Gold story and Changer, Pretender and Inventor from Enchanta to assist them.

The four magical beings appear and then help the Morgan and Garrison kids go to battle against Queen Termita’s forces. The Insectians use weapons such as the Identatron, the Evilsizer and the Micro-Minimizer against the Earth’s armies, but the children counter with the Trojan Spider, the Medusa Medallions and the Termita Touch.

The kids even have to battle in a spaceship’ arena Queen Termita’s fiercest monster, the Insectaclops. Rhymer, Changer, Inventor and Pretender play many hilarious pranks that frustrate and eventually defeat the Insectian army.

In the end, the Insectians sign a Peace Treaty drawn up by the children, and then they return to their home planet. Rhymer, Changer, Pretender and Inventor go back to their worlds, and everything on Earth returns to normal.

Product Details
Age Range: 9 – 12 Years
Grade Level: 4 – 07
Hardcover: 218 Pages
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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Trilogy 2: (Adult Action, Adventure Novels)
Black Leather and Blue Denim (’50s Novel),
The Great Teen Fruit War (1960 Novel), Frat Brats (A ’60s Novel).

Black Leather and Blue Denim (A 50s Adult Action Adventure Novel Book One In Trilogy) by Jay Dubya

Black Leather and Blue Denim is a ’50s novel about greaser gang conflict in Levittown, Pennsylvania. J.W. narrates the story.

J.W. (age twelve) and his family move into the Dogwood Hollow section of Levittown in the spring of ’54.

He soon makes friends with Carnie, the neurotic son of a carnival barker, and Tinker, a mechanically inclined, vindictive kid with destructive tendencies. The three boys are picked on and harassed by older greasers from Kenwood, another section of Levittown.

In April of ’54, the Fairless Hills Steel Mill opens, and the Caracas, a Venezuelan ship is carrying the first iron ore from South America up the Delaware River. Students from area schools are invited to wave linen American flags on sticks at the vessel.

Four people in the front row accidentally fall into the Delaware River as the Caracas is passing by. Two of them are Angie Palermo and Bubbles Messina. The two girls and their families blame J.W. and Carnie for pushing them over the bulkhead into the river.

The event causes future conflict between the girls and J.W.

Product Details
Print Length: 468 Pages
Genre: Adult Action, Adventure Novel Trilogy

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The Great Teen Fruit War (A 1960 Adult Action Adventure Novel Book Two In Trilogy) by Jay Dubya

“The Great Teen Fruit War, A 1960′ Novel” is author Jay Dubya’s eighth e-book. The story takes place in Hammonton, New Jersey, an agricultural community midway between Philadelphia and Atlantic City. The Blues wear blue denim button-down waist-length jackets and are the sons of wealthy blueberry growers. The Reds wear James Dean’ red zip-up jackets and are the sons of peach farmers. Bellevue Avenue in the center of town is the dividing line that separates blueberry country to the east and peach territory to the west.

“The Great Teen Fruit War” is a story for anyone who loves ’50s and ’60s teen culture. Romance, racial discrimination and conflict between the Reds and the Blues mix into a “coming of age” story that blends humor with drama, suspense and surprise into an action-packed adventure. Throw the town’ greasers The Ramrodders into the conflict and events heat up in a hurry as the three highly volatile gangs interact.

When Goose Restuccio, the son of a Mafia kingpin joins the Reds he challenges Gabe Gillette, the leader of the rich-kid Blues. Goose’s father’s hit men get involved in some clever pranks played on the Blues, and the blueberry kids retaliate with deceptive tricks of their own. Soon strife escalates into violence. Goose is captured by Blues and then forced to rape a black girl, and after Crystal Davis becomes pregnant, her black friends ally with the Reds against a coalition of Blues and Ramrodders. The “Great Teen Fruit War” is the exciting sequel to “Black Leather and Blue Denim, A ’50s Novel.” Paperback Print-On-Demand’ copies of “The Great Teen Fruit War” will be available in mid-February, 2002.

Book Review by Penelope
5.0 out of 5 stars
A must read!!
August 16, 2005
Format: Hardcover
This book is excellent.

It’s about teen gangs in 1960 – the Blues (kids from blueberry farmers) and the Reds (kids from peach farmers) and what they experience in their youth.

The Blues’s symbol is a blue denim jacket, the Reds’s symbol a red James-Dean jacket. Every gang has 24 members and those teens are involved in “The Great Teen Fruit War”.

It starts with pranks and tricks they play on each other – but every time one gang wants to get even with the other gang and so the pranks not only get more creative but also more dangerous – until it just has to end in a big fight (that’s not the ending of the story) 😉

But this story is not only about two gangs who fight each other – it is also about moral, romance, racism, the influence people have over each other and so much more.

Product Details
Hardcover: 464 Pages
Genre: Adult Action, Adventure Novel In Trilogy

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Frat Brats (A 1960 Adult Action Adventure Novel
Book Three In Trilogy) by Jay Dubya

Frat’ Brats is the third novel of a coming of age trilogy started by Black Leather and Blue Denim, A ’50s Novel and The Great Teen Fruit War, A 1960 Novel.

In Frat’ Brats J. W. attends a South Jersey teachers college and prepares for a professional life in the real economic world.

Soon he and his friends join an off-campus non-sanctioned fraternity Lambda Phi Sigma, and that’s when the freshman’s life suddenly becomes very interesting and conflict-oriented. The Lambda Phi’s must respond to dangerous incidents and harassment perpetuated by two established rival male fraternities, the Delta Alpha Omegas and the Tau Kappa Epsilons, which have the endorsement and support of the college deans.

Conflict soon escalates into life-threatening hazing. J.W. obtains the assistance of an old high school friend Goose Restuccio, the son of a New Jersey Mafia kingpin who aids the Lambdas in their struggles against the school administration and against the two competing favored fraternities.

Frat Brats combines action adventure with romance and many surprising developments among very interesting characters in the culturally dynamic and historically explosive time setting of 1961-’65.

J.W. and his fellow Lambdas manage to survive several kidnappings, unique hostage situations, snakes, manure pits, diving horses, Brahma bulls, bucking broncos, an exciting boat chase, moving train caboose initiation boardings’, a daring panty raid, a nudist colony and a fantastic Florida spring break along with a series of other imaginative ordeals to finally graduate and then help the Lambda Phi’s fight the Second Battle of Salamis against the formidable rich-kid Delta Alpha Omegas to bring closure to the ongoing fraternity war.

Frat’ Brats is definitely adult literature featuring adult language and content and has been exclusively written for a mature reading audience.

Product Details
Hardcover: 468 Pages
Genre: Adult Action, Adventure Novel In Trilogy

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Stand Alone Books


Prime-Time Crime Time by Jay Dubya

The thirty-five novellas presented in Prime-Time Crime Time are works of pure fiction. The stories’ themes deal with various types of crime and criminal motivation. Any character resemblance to anyone living on Planet Earth is positively coincidental. In addition, any fictional setting scenario is also coincidental.

Prime-Time Crime Time is author Jay Dubya’s 42nd published hardcover/paperback book. Other story collections by this prolific author are Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II, Suite 16, One Baker’s Dozen, Two Baker’s Dozen, RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV, Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV.

Product Details
Hardcover: 600 Pages
Genre: Detective, Crime Thriller, Short Stories

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The Eighteen Story Gingerbread House by Jay Dubya

The Eighteen Story Gingerbread House’ book is an eclectic collection of eighteen unique stories that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Four of the stories involve magic. They are “The Green Genie,” “The Magic Seeds,” “Merlin’s Ring” and “The Time Door.”

Other stories in the work utilize the literary personification’ technique where animals are given human qualities. These tales are “The Tadpole and the Caterpillar,” “Percy Helps Sparky,” “The Story of Bruin,” “The Wise Old Owl,” “From Fang to Claw,” The Ants and the Bees, “The Shrimp and the Lizard,” The Ram, the Goat and the Deer and “The Lucky Birds.”

Three of the tales in the Eighteen Story Gingerbread’ House have animals interacting with humans. These stories are “Pedro’s Wonderful Donkey,” “Mrs. Purdy’s Parrot,” and a new Christmastime’ presentation titled Santa’s Little Buck.

Finally, two stories have humans as the principal characters. “Lu Vang” is a biography on a Laotian-American immigrant becoming a crewleader on a New Jersey’ blueberry farm, and “Kandu’s Great Discovery” shows the daily life and hazards experienced by a ten-year-old prehistoric Cro-Magnon’ boy.

Product Details
Hardcover: 164 Pages
Genre: Children’s Literature

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The FBI Inspector by Jay Dubya

The FBI Inspector is a collection of 25 short fiction crime novellas involving the law enforcement services of FBI Inspector Joe Giralo along with his three government agents, Sal Velardi, Arthur Orsi and Dan Blachford.

Review by Jennifer L. Morganti

5.0 out of 5 Stars
Challenging and enjoyable!!!
September 10, 2018
Format: Hardcover

A must read! Challenging cases with a splash of humor that kept you wanting more!

The authors entertaining use of his imagination to solve these cases is enjoyable!

Product Details
Print Length: 390 Pages
Genre: General Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Crime Fiction

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So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher by Jay Dubya

So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher tells the whole amazing true story of what really goes on in the typical American public school. The author was an English teacher for thirty-four years in amiddle, junior-high and high school and knows all about the problem student, problem classes, crazy’ problem parents, student fighting, cheating, the Educational Aristocracy, nutty field trips, administrivia and bizarre assembly programs. The teacher in his career had taught over four thousand students, broken up over two-hundred and fifty fist fights, participated in over seven hundred fire drills and listened to loud school bells ring over a hundred and fifty thousand times.

epub Review: So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher! Gets High Review from epub readers

So Ya ‘Wanna’ Be A Teacher! (English Edition) was written by someone (Jay Dubya) who is known as an author and has written many interesting books with great narration. So Ya ‘Wanna’ Be A Teacher! (English Edition) is one of his popular books. This book very surprisingly received its maximum score and got the best reviews from users.

So, after reading this title, I advise readers not to underestimate this great book. So Ya ‘Wanna’ Be A Teacher! (English Edition) is a must for your reading list. Download So Ya ‘Wanna’ Be A Teacher! (English Edition) – ePub, PDF, TXT, PDB, RTF, FB2 & Audio

Product Details
Paperback: 508 Page
Genre:Education, Non-Fiction

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The Psychic Dimension, Part II by Jay Dubya

The thirty-six novellas presented in The Psychic Dimension, Part II are works of pure fiction.

The stories’ themes deal with various types of psychic and paranormal experiences. Any character resemblance to anyone living on Planet Earth is positively coincidental. In addition, any fictional setting scenario is also coincidental.

The Psychic Dimension, Part II is author Jay Dubya’s 45th published hardcover/paperback book. Other story collections by this prolific author are The Psychic Dimension; The FBI Inspector; First Person Stories; Modern Mythology; Prime-Time Crime Time; UFO: Utterly Fantastic Occurrences; Snake Eyes and Boxcars; Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II; Time Travel Tales; Suite 16; One Baker’s Dozen; Two Baker’s Dozen; RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts; Pieces of Eight; Pieces of Eight, Part II; Pieces of Eight, Part III; Pieces of Eight, Part IV; Nine New Novellas; Nine New Novellas, Part II; Nine New Novellas, Part III; and Nine New Novellas, Part IV.

Product Details:
Print Length: 538 Pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban

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About The Author: Jay Dubya is author’ John Wiessner’s pen name. John is a retired New Jersey public school English teacher, having diligently taught the subject for thirty-four years. John lives in Hammonton, New Jersey with wife Joanne and the couple has three grown sons.

Counting London: Lashed, Lacerated, Lampooned and Lambasted, along with its companion books Twain: Tattered, Trounced, Tortured and Traumatized, Poe: Pelted, Pounded, Pummeled and Pulverized and O. Henry: Obscenely and Outrageously Obliterated, John has written and published thirty-seven total books. Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV all contain short stories and novellas that feature science fiction and paranormal plots and themes. Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III, Nine New Novellas, Part IV, One Baker’s Dozen, Two Baker’s Dozen, Snake Eyes and Boxcars and Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II are short story collections all written in the spirit of the Pieces of Eight series.

Other Jay Dubya adult-oriented fiction are the works Black Leather and Blue Denim, A ’50s Novel, and its exciting sequel, The Great Teen Fruit War, A 1960′ Novel. Frat Brats, A ’60s Novel completes the action/adventure trilogy. Jay Dubya also has produced two irreverent Biblical satires, The Wholly Book of Genesis and The Wholly Book of Exodus. A third satire Ron Coyote, Man of La Mangia is a parody on Miguel Cervantes’ classic novel, Don Quixote published in 1605. Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, TSTC, Part II, TSTC, Part III and TSTC, Part IV are satirical works that each corrupt thirteen classic stories from American and British literature and from Greek mythology. Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces and FFFF & FF, Part II satirize and corrupt famous children’s literature stories. Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythology is an adult-oriented satirical/parody work that pokes fun at twenty-one famous classical myths. Finally, Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered and Shakespeare: S, S, S and S. Part II lampoon the famous works of the great playwright.

The author has also penned a young adult fantasy trilogy: Pot of Gold, Enchanta and Space Bugs, Earth Invasion. The Eighteen Story Gingerbread House is a collection of eighteen new children’s stories. And last but not least, two Jay Dubya non-fiction works are So Ya’ Wanna’ Be A Teacher and Random Articles and Manuscripts.

Jay Dubya’s books are available in hardcover and paperback formats at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and Booksamillion.com. Kindle versions are available at Amazon.com. Jay Dubya’s e-books are available at Amazon Kindle and at Barnes and Noble Nook.

Jay Dubya (John Wiessner), author of 56 books, gives a biography of his life.

Born in Hammonton, NJ in 1942, John had attended St. Joseph School up to and including Grade 5. After his family moved from Hammonton to Levittown, Pa in 1954, John attended St. Mark School in Bristol, Pa. for Grade 6, St. Michael the Archangel School for Grades 7 and 8 and Immaculate Conception School, Levittown, Pa. for grade 9. Bishop Egan High School, Levittown Pa was John’s educational base for Grades 10 and 11, and later in 1960 he graduated from Edgewood Regional High, Tansboro, NJ. John then next attended Glassboro State College, where he was an announcer for the school’s baseball games and also read the news and sports over WGLS, GSC’s radio station.

John had been primarily an English teacher in the Hammonton Public School System for 34 years, specializing in the instruction of middle school language arts. Mr. Wiessner was quite active in the Hammonton Education Association, serving in the capacities of Vice-President, building representative and finally, teachers’ head negotiator for 7 years. During his lengthy teaching career, John had been nominated into “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” three times. He also was quite active giving professional workshops at schools around South Jersey on the subjects of creative writing and the use of movie videos to motivate students to organize their classroom theme compositions.

John Wiessner was very active in community service, being a past President of the Hammonton Lions Club, where he also functioned for many years as the club’s Tail-Twister, Vice-President and Liontamer. He had been named Hammonton Lion of the Year in 1979 and in 2009 received the prestigious Melvin Jones Fellow Award, the highest honor a Lion can receive from Lions International.

John also was a successful businessman, starting with being a Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper delivery boy for two years in the late 1950s in Levittown, Pennsylvania. After his family moved back to New Jersey in 1959, John worked at his grandparents and his parents’ farm markets, Square Deal Farm (now Ron’s Gardens in Hammonton) and Pete’s Farm Market in Elm, respectively. He later managed his wife’s parents’ farm market, White Horse Farms (Elm) for three summers.

Also, in a business capacity, for 16 summers starting in 1967 John Wiessner had co-owned Dealers Choice Amusement Arcade on the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk and also co-owned the New Horizon Tee-Shirt Store for eight summers (1973-’81) on the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware boardwalk. In addition, he was a co-owner of Wheel and Deal Amusement Arcade, Missouri Avenue and Boardwalk, Atlantic City. And then, for 18 summers beginning in 1986, John had been the Field Manager in charge of crew-leaders for Atlantic Blueberry Company (the world’s largest cultivated blueberry company), both the Weymouth and Mays Landing Divisions.

After retiring from teaching in 1999, writing under the pen name Jay Dubya (his initials), John Wiessner became an author of 56 books in the genre Action/Adventure Novels, Sci-Fi/Paranormal Story Collections, Adult Satire, Young Adult Fantasy Novels and Non-Fiction Books. His books exist in hardcover, in paperback and in popular Kindle and Nook e-book formats.

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Constance Vincent’s Books

Not Going Gently: A Psychologist Fights Back against Alzheimer’s for Her Mother. . .
and Perhaps Herself by Constance Vincent PhD

A poignant mother-daughter memoir, Not Going Gently fuses story and science together into a unique book. Constance L. Vincent, PhD, shares her mother’s personal experience living with Alzheimer’s, intertwined with her own professional research into the disease.

Product Details
Print Length: 169 Pages
Genre: Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia

Customer Reviews

Amazon Paperback


Spanish Edition


Karma In Action: Finding Meaning, Making Choices
by Constance Vincent

The Western world has a mistaken notion of karma’s true nature. Karma is generally thought of as a religious term, signifying reward or judgment for a person’s deeds. But this isn’t the case.

As author Constance L. Vincent, PhD, explains, karma is a tool we can all use to create positive change in our lives—because life reflects our thoughts and energy.

Using examples from personal experiences, Vincent clearly explains the twelve laws of karma and the different ways karma manifests in our lives. You’ll learn how karma can help you overcome obstacles, anticipate the future, and link unlikely but serendipitous events together for your own benefit. You’ll discover how individual responsibility relates to karmic outcomes. Life doesn’t happen to you—you make life happen.

In addition, you’ll learn about Vincent; her husband, Ed; and how their use of karma underlies their marriage. From the recurring motif of glass that paralleled events in Vincent’s early life to how Ed used the law of responsibility to overcome lung cancer, you’ll find practical, relatable examples of karma as a tool for action.

Learn how to use your karma. Your life will never be the same.

Reviews: Told through a fascinating series of life-experience anecdotes by psychologist Constance L Vincent Ph. D., Karma In Action (Finding Meaning, Making Choices) is an expertly researched and masterfully explained book detailing the twelve laws of Karma. The concept of Karma – the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences – comes to us from Buddhist teachings, but the overriding principle is paraphrased in many of today’s religions (e.g. Christianity’s golden rule).

In Dr. Vincent’s words: “Karma is not only about unraveling the past to find clues that explain the present or future. No one has to wait until old age to become enlightened.” And it is on this basis that she takes us through many of the life lessons she has learned over time and relayed them back to one of the corresponding twelve laws. There is something to be learned by every reader in Dr. Vincent’s teachings – whether religious or agnostic – as she cleverly links together the spiritual aspects of karma with a solid basis in psychological theory, thereby helping us to fully understand the cause and effect of one’s decision making.

A cynic may conclude that it would take an extremely brave – or foolhardy – reviewer to rate a book on karma anything less than five stars, though I would be the exception to that rule. I fall squarely on the agnostic side of the ledger when it comes to matters of spirituality, and have been called far worse than foolhardy. That being said, I found Dr. Vincent’s Karma In Action a fascinating read and well worthy of a five star rating.  Reviewed by Neil A White for Readers’ Favorite

Dr. Constance Vincent has done a spectacular job applying the twelve laws of karma to a wide range of personal experiences and fascinating stories. Her book is short, well-written and profound. In my teaching as a university professor l’ve often brought up the subject of karma without knowing much about it. At the outset, Professor Vincent defines karma very clearly and differentiates it from matters of luck and coincidence. She then presents the twelve laws of karma rooted in philosophical thought, current scientific research, and universal religious truths.

Dr. Vincent’s approach is truly unique. Instead of staying on an abstract academic level, she continually provides pearls of wisdom from monks, farmers, poets, artists and gurus. Her book is loaded with brilliant quotations and passages. Her reference to pertinent books and authors is a treasure. I read Karma in Action on a sunny afternoon. I couldn’t put it down. Treat yourself. This book is a winner! Reviewed by Michael Rustigan

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Print Length: 113 Pages
Genre: Religion, Spirituality, New Age, New Thought, Nonfiction, Self-Help, Motivational

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About The Author: Developmental psychologist Constance L. Vincent, PhD, earned her doctorate from the University of California, Irvine, after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Ohio University. She taught developmental psychology as an associate professor at Chapman University and at Santa Clara University.

Vincent is the author of Not Going Gently, a medical memoir chronicling her mother’s fight with Alzheimer’s. The memoir was one of the few indie books honored by Kirkus Reviews and has been translated into Spanish. Vincent is also the editor of the English edition of Dr. Tom Wu’s Different Approach in Natural Healing.

Vincent and her husband, Ed, live in Menlo Park, California, where she volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Speaker Bureau and is a member of Peninsula Volunteers, a seniors’ support group. She and her husband enjoy travel, the opera, and their blended family of four daughters and twelve grandchildren. Their son died in 2015.

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Russell F. Moran’s Books

Leonardo Murphy by Rusell Moran

A Coming-of-Age Thriller

You just launched a satellite into space without a rocket.

You took a $1,000 gift from your father and turned it into $1,600,000 in two years after you read a book on stock trading.

You invented a computer algorithm that writes novels.

You’ve just entered Harvard University on a full scholarship after completing high school in two years.

Not bad for a 12-year-old kid.

Leonardo Murphy, age 12, changed his name from William to Leonardo to honor his hero, Leonardo da Vinci. Young Leonardo, with the second highest IQ ever recorded, just launched a satellite into orbit using a helium balloon and a small jet engine he bought on eBay.

Among his many projects, he read books on stock trading. At age 10, he took a $1,000 gift from his father and turned it into $1,600,000 in two years.

Realizing that he could easily become an insufferable obnoxious brat, he heeded the words of his beloved great-grandfather, Ezekiel Murphy, who was also a genius. “Don’t be an a…hole,” grandpa Ezekiel told him. Leonardo always recalled those words—and tried to obey them.

At the urging of his father, a high-level FBI Agent, Leonardo is hired as a consultant to the FBI. Using his software design skills, Leonardo wrote an algorithm that tracked down the world’s most dangerous gang, MS-13, enabling the FBI and local law enforcement to end the gang’s activities.

Leonardo is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence. While a freshman at Harvard University, at age 12, he designed a computer program called Jane Austen, that could write 10 novels a month.

At age 20, Leonardo received a PhD in physics from Harvard. Shortly after that, he entered the Navy to follow in his parents’ footsteps as a naval officer.

After he left the Navy, Leonardo, now 25 years old, met a beautiful young woman named Janice Reynolds, and fell madly in love. They married a year later. By that time, Leonardo had become a fabulously wealthy multi-billionaire from his stock trading and patent royalties. Janice loves to teach at a nearby private college. When the college hits financial problems and is about to close, Leonardo buys the school.

Janice loved to say, “My husband used to be a cute little nerd. Now he’s a tall, handsome, rich nerd.” Janice and Leonardo, who she calls “Lee,” collaborate on various secret projects with the CIA and FBI.

But their activities with law enforcement and intelligence put a target on their backs. They narrowly escape four assassination attempts, including one on their honeymoon cruise. It was then that Leonardo discovers that his sweet, pretty wife knows how to use a gun.

Leonardo and Janice, despite the dangers, love to help law enforcement. They admit to themselves that they enjoy being spies, or spooks. They even bought a Golden Retriever and named her “Spook,” Whenever he’s hired as a consultant, Leonardo insists that Janice be included. “We’re a package deal, a twofer,” he would say to any official who objected to Janice working on top secret matters.

After one of their adventures, Leonardo looks forward to getting back to a normal life. But then he realizes that they don’t lead a normal life, so why bother.

Leonardo Murphy is a breathtakingly fast coming-of-age thriller about one of the most fascinating characters you will ever meet in literature. Instantly you are shoulder to shoulder with the world’s most amazing genius.

Grab your copy of this thriller now.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Move over Doogie Howser. Twelve-year-old Leonardo Murphy’s IQ is 295, which makes him the second highest ever recorded. With an inquisitive mind, discipline of body and mind, life is about to carve out an extraordinary journey for this young man.

It is Leonardo’s grandfather’s final words to him, that creates a solid base for future thoughts, actions and outcomes.

With an early stock investment that leaves him financially set, after he read two books on stock trading. Leonardo uses sound judgement and doesn’t squander his money, knowledge or time. It is not long before the United States Government takes an interest in some of Leonardo’s math, language, computer and research skills, particularly his new algorithm design.

The government is quick to use Leonardo’s skills in many ways, directing his future education even while he is enrolled in Harvard at age twelve. Following this young man life is really cool. One quote I like: “When you’re 12 years old you can flirt with an adult woman and get away with it because grownups think it’s cute”.

Is it possible that young Leonardo Murphy’s life is in so much danger, because he is working with the United States Government, he might have to go into the Witness Protection Program?

As Leonardo grows to maturity and gets a PhD from Harvard at age 20, he decides to follow his parents’ footsteps and becomes a naval officer, where he receives a Silver Star for gallantry. After the Navy, he meets and marries a beautiful young woman. They embark on a series of adventures, all created by the amazing brain of Leonardo Murphy.

Those of you following the Harry and Meg Time Travel series and the Patterns Series might know what Bill Carlini is talking about.  “Buster, don’t you remember those weird terrorist attacks a few years ago,” Bill Carlini said. “What did we call it? Oh, yeah, The Scent of Revenge. A group of jihadis went around spraying a substance into people’s faces giving them symptoms just like Alzheimer’s.” Buster was sitting in Director Carlini’s office, telling him about Leonardo’s strange behavior. “I’m going to call that psychiatrist from New York, the guy who’s also a detective with the NYPD. Weinberg. Yeah, Dr. Benjamin Weinberg. He helped crack that Scent of Revenge case.”

This book is an exciting read. Leonardo is a unique character who brings an unusual prospective to the adult situations he encounters. The dangers are real for Leonardo and for the United States. The question has to cross the readers mind, can someone so young, so brilliant, so sought after, find balance and a chance for a normal life. Is there a chance for Leonardo to find true companionship? After all he has a solid understanding of family values afforded him through the grounding and upbringing that his two great parents gave him from the start.

Youth and a High IQ has its advantages.I am looking forward to even more encounters with Leonardo Murphy as the book series continues. I purchased this book from Kindle on March 17, 2019

Genre: Coming Of Age Fiction, Action Thriller Fiction



Time Travel-Science Fiction Thriller Series: (The Harry and Meg Series)


The Violent Sea: A Novel of Time Travel
(Book Two of the Harry and Meg Series) by Russell Moran

Rear Admiral Harry Fenton has done it again. He’s traveled through time. He finds himself, with a serious head injury from a fall, at Pearl Harbor Base Hospital on May 16, 1942, three weeks before the Battle of Midway.

His wife and aide, Lieutenant Meg Fenton, is frantic, and waits for him—in 2018.

Admiral Harry is the commanding officer of Carrier Strike Group 14 in 2018, but the people in 1942 think he’s a busted up, hallucinating sailor who imagines himself an admiral. Admiral Raymond Spruance is commanding officer of Carrier Task Force 16. After hearing about Harry’s wild claims, Spruance orders him brought to his flagship, the USS Enterprise. After Harry tells him about time travel, Spruance is convinced the man is insane. But after speaking to him at length, Spruance is amazed at Harry’s knowledge of naval tactics and strategy. He calls Harry’s bluff and orders him to stay aboard the Enterprise for her upcoming engagement at the Battle of Midway. By the end of the battle, Spruance thinks of Harry Fenton as a friend, and even calls him “admiral.”

Now Harry needs to figure out how to travel back to 2018, to his carrier command, but most importantly, to the love of his life, Lieutenant Meg.

Chapter 1 Excerpt “Here, drink this,” the nurse said. “You’re not taking in enough liquids.” Good idea, I thought. I was thirsty as hell. I downed the glass of water in two gulps. But where am I? I wondered. Well, in a hospital obviously, but why? “Excuse me,” I said, speaking loudly because the nurse was about to leave the room.

The act of raising my voice caused a lightning bolt of pain to zing through my head. My eyes went blurry and I felt nauseous. She turned around and walked back to my bed. She held up a mirror. Holy shit, I looked like I collided head-on with a train. My forehead was swollen and my face was discolored, a pretty mix of purple, red, yellow, and could that be green? “Where am I? I know it’s a hospital, but where?” “You’re at the base hospital at Pearl Harbor.” Pearl Harbor?

Sounds familiar, I thought. “Please explain what happened to me.” “You were in Building 19, God knows why, and you apparently tripped and slammed your head against an engine block. Pretty stupid of them to put an engine block in the middle of the floor if you ask me. The place has no electricity and the windows are boarded up. From what the shore patrol guy said, it seems that you walked off a step to a lower level and fell forward, resulting in what you just saw in the mirror.” “You’ve been here exactly one week. I’m glad to see that you’re talking. This is the first sign of consciousness you’ve shown. You had one nasty concussion.”

“Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?” “Of course. Could I please have some more water?” “You can have as much water as you want. So, let me ask you a couple of questions. Who are you, and what’s your name?” Oh, my God. My head started throbbing again. I could not believe I couldn’t answer her simple question—and it was a good question. Who am I? “I’m sorry. I don’t recall a name. But things are starting to come back to me.” “Well, sailor, you’re doing great, my friend. We’ll just keep talking, and your memory will come back to you.” “Nancy, please hand me that newspaper.” “Sure thing. Let’s see how your reading skills are doing.”

The date on the first page read May 16, 1942. Shit, I must be hallucinating. “Hey, sailor, you look pale. Do you want to rest a bit?” I dozed off. When I woke up, Nurse Nancy was there “So, sailor, do you recall being in the Navy?” “Yes, I’m in the Navy.” My memory was starting to come back “Are you stationed on a ship?” “Yes, definitely yes. The USS Gerald R. Ford, an aircraft carrier. It’s my flagship.” “Your flagship?” “Yes, I’m Rear Admiral Harry Fenton, the Commanding Officer of Carrier Strike Group 14.” “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Admiral. My name is Florence Nightingale. Now get some more sleep, sailor.”

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Imagine you could actually time travel. Now imagine waking up from a serious concussion in a strange hospital in 1942. When the fog in your head starts to clear, you realize if you tell the hospital staff that you are from the year 2018, they will most certainly commit you to an insane asylum. This is the precarious situation that Rear Admiral Harry Fenton finds himself in. Meanwhile in 2018, Harry’s wife and chief of staff, Lieutenant Meg Fenton and others close to the admiral, are frantic when Harry goes for a run and doesn’t return.

When he’s released from the hospital, Admiral Harry goes to sea with Admiral Raymond Spruance and engages in the Battle of Midway. He makes a time travel believer out of Spruance, who is amazed at Harry’s command of naval tactics. When he returns to Pearl Harbor, Meg awaits him.

In this well-written, well-balanced military suspense, time travel thriller, Author Russell Moran skillfully takes the readers from one time period to the next, keeping the reader engaged with his true-to-life characters, balancing personal life, with their sworn duty to protect American interests. It’s also a sweet romance between Harry and is wife, Meg.

Admiral Harry revisits the time portal and returns to the present. It is Friday, November 2, 2018 when the US Carrier Strike Group 14 rendezvoused with Japanese and South Korean ships in Tokyo Bay.

The country is faced with a crisis when Iran suddenly becomes a nuclear power. Admiral Harry, happy to be back in command of his strike group, comes up with the idea of a naval and air blockade.

“President Blake, besides being a gutsy leader, is a gifted diplomat. Secretary of Defense Jamison told him about my idea of a blockade and he realized it made sense, but only with the full cooperation of our allies. No way would he want the United States to go it alone with a risky operation like a blockade.”

When dealing with a nuclear power like Iran, powerful countries like Russia and China suddenly take notice. The burning question remains, who can we trust? The strategic objective of the blockade is simple; turn back any ship or plane leaving Iran and prevent any from arriving. “But the tactical operations could get dicey as hell,” Admiral Harry says.

I have enjoyed reading many of Russell Moran’s fourteen novels. As a lawyer and veteran in the United States Navy, Russell brings authenticity to his stories. The Violent Sea lives up to my expectations of his story telling and riveting plots. Each of his books are stand-alone, but if you are not familiar with his characters, I invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of character’s (with their titles) at the end of the book. The Violent Sea (book two of the Harry and Meg Series), is the sequel to The Maltese Incident, published June, 2018. Russell promises his readers a new title “Leonardo Murphy” to be published by the end of this year. I purchased this book through Kindle and this review posted November 6, 2018.

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative History, Time Travel

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The Maltese Incident: Harry and Meg Series Book One by Russell Moran

A corporate cruise ship, The Maltese, sets sail from Manhattan for the beautiful Azores on a charity fundraising cruise. The ship encounters a strange event in the ocean, and, after two minutes of turbulence, finds itself in a different time. The ship is surrounded by gigantic sharks. They’ve traveled back in time two million years.

The captain, Harry Fenton, a highly decorated naval war hero, falls in love with a beautiful passenger, Meg Johnson, a vice president of the Malta Investments, the company that owns the ship. After a whirlwind romance, they marry—in the ship’s ballroom. Captain Fenton convinces the passengers and crew that they must move ashore to a tropical island because the ship is running out of fuel and supplies.

An ancient forest inhabited by dinosaurs awaits them.

Captain Harry organizes a group to go ashore and inspect the island. Meg wants to go with them. Harry, fearing for her safety, tries to convince her to stay on the ship. Meg demonstrates that she is proficient with a gun by taking apart a rifle and reassembling it—in 15 seconds. Harry marvels that he’s never seen such an expert gun handler— or accurate shooter. So, AR-15 in hand, Meg joins the inspection party. Attacking dinosaurs are no match for Meg Fenton’s firepower.

Will the 1,000 souls ever make it back to the time they came from, or will they remain stranded in the distant past?

A scientist aboard theorizes that, to return to their present time, they need to go back to the time portal, or wormhole, that brought them to the past. But the ship doesn’t have enough fuel for the journey.

Realizing that their lives have hit the reset button, the crew and passengers construct a community in the forest—Malta Town. Under Harry and Meg’s leadership, they create a court system, a legislature, and all the elements of a small budding democracy. Meg figures out a way to harness hydroelectric power from a nearby waterfall. Everybody thinks of Harry and Meg as the heart and soul of Malta Town. They begin their new lives—among the dinosaurs.

The Maltese Incident is a tale of time travel, love, courage, and horror.

The Violent Sea, Book Two of the Harry and Meg Series, is the sequel to The Maltese Incident. Like The Maltese Incident, The Violent Sea is the further adventures of Harry and Meg Fenton, now two career naval officers. It is also a novel of time travel and alternate history. The Violent Sea will be published in the Summer of 2018.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review:  As a reader who has enjoyed several of this author’s books; I am delighted that Author Russell Moran has written a new action adventure, romance, science fiction, alternative history series.

While reading The Maltese Incident my mind thought of all those ships, planes and people who have disappeared over the years in the Bermuda Triangle. Remember, that mystery has not yet been solved or any remains found.

Author Russell Moran uses his imagination and storytelling to put his readers on board the Maltese Corporate Cruise Ship, gliding its way from the Manhattan to the Azores. I dare say more rich people take cruises like this one, than simple retired folk like myself. It doesn’t take long into the story for me to appreciate not being on the Maltese in reality. With a bump and flash of light the Maltese passengers find themselves in alternate reality. The 1,000 souls on board must use their combined skills and what materials they have to survive with prehistoric creatures in the sea and on the land that they find and inhabit.

Just when you think nothing could be worse, other ships go missing. While the experts work on trying to figure out what has happened, Captain Harry Fenton and his wife Meg, the crew and passengers of the Maltese struggle to survive in an ancient time, avoid being eaten by prehistoric creatures, keep structure and civility among themselves while seeking a way to return through whatever portal, wormhole or time wrap they came through.

While military, scientists, academia, intelligence agencies and people around the world are still coming to grips with what is happening in the ocean, Wolf Blitzer reports from CNN. “The Celebrity Line cruise ship, Ocean Magic, disappeared last night. This incident didn’t happen in the Azores as did the other two events, but 50 miles off the coast of New Jersey. Just as with the previous two incidents, the ship simply disappeared.”

Theories abound and questions emerge about whether our own technology could be used against us. I invite you to read The Maltese Incident for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

You will find his detailed list of characters helpful. I personally enjoy Author Russell Moran’s fictional story telling and I am looking forward to his next book in this series titled “The Violent Sea”.  I purchase this book from Kindle. This review was completed on July 28, 2018.

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative History

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A Climate Of Doubt by Russell Moran

On a hot summer day, Homeland Security Secretary, Rick Bellamy, and his wife Ellen, a famous TV talk show host, walked along the ocean front trying to escape the heat. Suddenly the temperature dropped from the high 90s to below freezing in a matter of minutes. It began to snow—on July 16.

The temperatures across the country and the world plummeted, creating winter in summer.

Bellamy and the rest of the government struggled to cope with the suddenly new climate, but to cope, they first had to find out what happened.

Scientists from academia blamed the weather on a sudden acceleration of climate change, but they were unable to explain a 60-degree temperature drop in a matter of minutes.

Two astronauts in an American space station realized that the sudden weather calamity coincided with a test of the 20 satellites that the space station controlled.

Attention focused on a huge American corporation that owned the space station and the satellites. Could there be a connection between the satellite tests and the radical drop in temperature?

As the deaths piled up and the world economy tilted toward disaster because of gigantic summer blizzards, Rick Bellamy and his team struggled to find answers before it was too late. Was it a sudden shift in climate change or did it have something to do with the satellites? The biggest question remained—was the catastrophe an accident, or was somebody controlling the weather?

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Author Russell Moran has given us another thought-provoking action-adventure, science-fiction, fantasy-thriller and there is no better time to read A Climate of Doubt.

What will you do while vacationing with your spouse at your favorite summer resort and the outside temperature suddenly drops from 98 degrees down to 35 degrees within five minutes?

“Wolf Blitzer here for CNN, Well, the heat wave broke today, in a way nobody could have predicted. The current temperature in Central Park is 27 degrees. Across the nation, thermometers dropped over 60 degrees in less than an hour. The numbers are similar, not only across the country but across the world.

Get to know this long list of well-developed characters which include Rick Bellamy (Secretary if Homeland Security), Bartholomew Martin (46th President of the United States), along with VIPs from FBI, CIA, Meteorologists, Engineer, News Reporters, Astronauts and everyday world citizens thrown into chaos as this abrupt change in climate causes natural disasters and dire circumstances that the World Climate activists and Climate Change Deniers never could have predicted or even imagined.

When the climate suddenly free falls, fingers of speculation are quickly pointed at possible changes in our atmosphere (with all its many layers) —rogue governments like Iran and North Korea and a group who call themselves “Reformers”. With so many possibilities and so much fear; pressure is applied on the Rosetta Corporation because they own the American space station named Stargazer. What, if anything, could go wrong so far up in space?

You will keep turning the page as consequences to this sudden climate change are documented and you will need to know if this disaster is man-made or beyond human control. In any case, you will not want this fiction to become your reality.

I encourage you to read A Climate Of Doubt and all Author Russ Moran’s fourteen thrilling novels as we wait for his next science fiction mayhem to be released on an un-expecting global community. I purchased this book from Kindle. This review was written on July 1, 2018.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy

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Robot Depot by Russell F. Moran

Mike Bateman is a visionary businessman, the creator and CEO of the fabulously successful chain of stores, Robot Depot, a company dedicated to selling robots and Artificial Intelligence machines for a variety of uses.

The company is a darling of Wall Street and is the most popular destination for consumers and businesses looking for labor saving devices.

But the company caught the eye of ISIS, the terrorist Islamic State. They discover a great way to deliver bombs – using the products of Robot Depot to kill people.

Robot Depot changed from being a popular company to an object of fear because of the tampered products it sells. The terrorists use the company for “terror spectaculars,” including the destruction of a skyscraper, a drone attack on Yankee Stadium, and the bombing of a children’s sailing regatta.

Mike Bateman and the FBI are in a race to stop his products from becoming weapons, a race to stop the wanton killings. His wife and partner, Jenny, discovers the true meaning of terror one horrible summer day.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys crisp writing, thought-provoking topics and colorful characters. Well-done Mr. Moran.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Robot Depot brings technology to a whole new level. If you are up on current world news you should have heard the media talking about how terrorists are experimenting with drones to terrorize people with biological chemical among just a few uses. You might also be wonder if a robot will replace your job in the near future. Author Russell F. Moran has taken robots one step further.

If you have read any of Russell F. Moran’s books, you don’t need me to tell you what a great story teller he is, and Robot Depot will not disappoint you.

Mike Bateman is founder and CEO of a wildly successful chain of 30 stores, in the US, called Robot Depot. As a 38-year-old war veteran, he has tapped into technology that will bring him greater success than Google, Microsoft, Uber, Roomba and others ever imagined. If you can imagine the chore, Mike has a robot to fit your needs.

Well-developed characters (some of whom you have come to know in Moran’s other books) take on the story line that the author weaves so well in a society that is fast adapting to and becoming reliant on robots.

If you worry about how secure your WiFi in your home is, imagine a world where you never know if you are speaking to a robot or a human. What could possibly go wrong?

I invite you to read this futuristic story where the bad guys seem to stay ahead of the good guys and it falls on inventor Mike Bateman to stop the terror. Heart pounding, page turning drama that will cause you pause when you enter into the electronics’ department for your next techno fix.

I endorse Robot Depot by Russell F. Moran. The author dedicates this book to the inventors of the world. I reviewed this book from a Kindle and the reviewed was completed on November 14, 2017.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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A Reunion In Time: A Rick Bellamy Book by Russell F. Moran

What if a 37-year-old adult travels back 20 years in time and finds himself in high school, followed by his 36-year-old wife? They’re now teenagers, 17 and 16.

Adults in teenage bodies, they struggle to convince the people from their past that they are real, not apparitions. With the benefit of hindsight, they know the history of the past 20 years, and it isn’t pretty.

Rick and Ellen are married, and now have to adjust to married life as teenagers in 2001. Rick is a senior FBI official and Ellen is a famous architect.

But everybody sees them as kids. Nobody believes that they’re married, and nobody believes their stories—until Rick and Ellen predict 9/11.

How do they find their way back to the year they came from? How do they warn the authorities of the cataclysm that will occur in the future?

The answer is to find the time portal—the wormhole—that brought them to 2001. But the site has changed. It’s no longer the place where they crossed the wormhole. Will they live out the balance of their lives beginning as teenagers?

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Science, Time Travel, Historical, Thriller

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Matt Blake Legal Thrillers by Russell F. Moran


Sideswiped: A Matt Blake Legal Thriller Series
Book One by Russell F. Moran

Matt Blake is a Chicago trial lawyer and highly decorated Marine combat veteran. After losing his beloved fiancée in a tragic car accident, he finds that he has more battles to fight: alcohol and drugs. He gradually realizes that his life is spiraling downward, and that he needs help with the battle. He seeks the help of Dr. Benjamin Weinberg. a psychiatrist who’s also a family friend and consultant to his law firm.

Matt, with Dr. Weinberg’s help, tames the monsters that sought to devour him. After rehab, he turns his attention to one of the most serious personal injury cases his firm has handled. It involved a sideswipe car accident in which his client’s husband, a famous political journalist, was killed. The case looked almost routine from a liability point of view. Numerous eyewitnesses gave sworn statements that they saw the defendant motorist talking on his cellphone just before his car slammed into the plaintiff’s husband. The eyewitness evidence pointed toward negligence. At first it looked like an open-and-shut personal injury case.

But evidence began to mount quickly that the ‘accident” may have been intentional—that it may have been murder. But Matt and his team struggle with a big question: Why would James Spellman have been murdered?

Matt finally meets the firm’s client, Diana Spellman, James Spellman’s widow. She’s a strikingly beautiful university professor and well-known writer. Matt, having licked his alcohol and drug problem, as well as the loss of his fiancée, finds himself swept off his feet by the lovely Diana Spellman. He shares his past difficulties with her, and she shares hers with him. Besides having lost lovers in similar type car accidents, Diana and Matt discover that their lives have a lot in common.

But Diana has a problem—she’s a murder target. As James Spellman’s informal editor, she knew every story that her husband was working on before his death, stories that contained secrets—secrets that threaten the highest levels of government, secrets that someone or some group does not want out in the open, secrets for which they’re willing to murder in order to keep quiet.

Matt’s attraction to Diana is mirrored by her attraction to him. They fall in love. But their love is soon complicated by attempted assassination attempts on both Diana and Matt.

What began as a routine personal injury case suddenly evolved into a vast terrorist conspiracy—and Diana was at the center of it all.

Sideswiped is a crime drama, a legal thriller, a tale of terrorism, and finally a compelling love story of two people who dedicated their lives to each other. It’s a story of enduring love, kept alive in the face of crippling fear. The book will grab you by the gut, as well as by the heart.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Sideswiped will send a chill up your spine the next time you drive on the freeway!

Russell F. Moran’s well-developed characters and distinct voice brings reality to the situation from sentence one and draws the reader into the story line with immediate empathy.

Main Character Matt Blake (x-Marine) is an Attorney, Blake & Randolph. Matt’s life changed (quote) “I’d never thought of the Chicago River as a romantic spot, especially during the day. It’s a beautiful waterway that meanders through some of the greatest architectural treasures in the country. It’s just not romantic. Until my lunch with Maggie Pierce.”

Get to know the professional and personal side of Matt Blake (quote) “It was Jimmy Escobedo, an old friend from college. Jimmy was nuts, in a good way. He was the funniest person I ever knew, and just seeing him made me laugh. He walked over to me, more like ran, and gave me a bear hug as I downed my next Scotch, almost spilling it. Jimmy was a character, the kind of guy who was a typical class clown. He was also bright as hell and had his choice of job offers after Northwestern. He looked good, except he was a lot skinnier than I remembered.”

With flawless writing skills the author creates the stage that brings the reader into the life of Matt Blake and into the ins and outs of personal injury litigation. Do you think that all personal injury lawyers are ambulance chasers?

I invite you to come see for yourself how personal injury law plays out in the courtroom. Follow multiple cases and the drama that will take your mind to places where it has never gone. Sideswiped is a face paced, realistic, suspenseful thriller and romantically touching. Your mind will envision every aspect like you are watching it unfold in a dark movie theater and your impressions of somethings will change forever.

Sideswiped is book one in Matt Blake Legal Thrillers (The Reformers-book two is coming soon). Also available The Gray Ship, The Thanksgiving Gang, A Time of Fear, and The Skies of Time (all four books in the Time Magnet series). The Shadows of Terror, The Scent of Revenge (books one and two in the Patterns Series).

I endorse Sideswiped: A Matt Blake Novel by Russell F. Moran. The author dedicates this book to the State and Government law enforcement community who dedicate their lives to keep us safe. I reviewed this book from a Kindle and the reviewed was completed on October 2, 2015.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thrillers, Legal, Spies & Politics, Terrorism

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The Reformers: Matt Blake Legal Thriller Series
Book Two by Russell F. Moran

The Matt Blake Legal Thriller Series Book 2

The forces of radical Islam are on the run.

Their leadership has been decimated, their ranks thinned, their power disappearing by the week.

Their recruiting efforts have been cut off, the radical websites shut down, and the attraction of jihad is losing its appeal among the young.

With targeted assassinations, military strikes, as well as the loss of oil fields and gold mines, radical Islam is fast losing power.

But who is responsible?

It isn’t the United States Government. It’s a new force the world has never seen before.

Lawyer Matt Blake and his wife Diana find themselves in the middle of the most gigantic plot the world has ever seen, a conspiracy that’s only begun to grow.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review:  The Reformers might make you stand up and applaud or on second thought it might cause you to rethink history and even take our political climate seriously.

The Reformers follows Sideswiped in The Matt Blake Legal Thriller series but stands on its own with story-line and conclusions.

Matt Blake (ex-Marine) and Attorney at Blake & Randolph who is no stranger to pro bono clients first impression of his new client is “just met a lying scumbag. Not only is he a lying scumbag, but he’s a mass murderer, a lowlife piece of garbage.”

After an interview “He didn’t deny that the evidence exists. He didn’t try to shuck and jive away from it. He simply insists that he did not detonate the bomb, nor did he know anything about it. But here’s the weird part. Weird? Hell, it’s almost spooky. When I asked him why someone or some group would try to frame him, he clammed up. He actually told me that he wouldn’t talk about it. He simply told me not to go there. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to address the question of why somebody would want to frame him.”

“But what about the 12-foot gorilla in the room in the room?” Diana (Matt’s wife) said, “The gorilla that wears a big bandanna that says ‘evidence’? So, the guy is a straight-shooting truth teller. Great. What about his prints, his DNA, and not to mention the video showing him next to the bomb?”

From here things go uphill, downhill and sideways and it seems the whole world goes to “H” in a hand basket. Never a dull moment in this thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and questioning who is in charge, how does radical Islam, the moderates and the United States Government play into the pro bono case.

Another quote from the book. “What I’m about to tell you hasn’t been made public yet. I got this information from my inside people. Bartholomew and his NFL group have set up political organizations in all 50 states, including large paid operations in the big electoral states like California and Florida. For some reason, the press hasn’t caught on to this yet, or maybe they don’t think it’s important. These political organizations are not Democrat or Republican. It’s a third-party operation, called The Freedom from Terror Party.”

I dare you to read this thriller and not question what might be on the horizon. Author Russell F. Moran writes with a style and concepts a few steps ahead of our time.

I endorse The Reformers (The Matt Blake Legal Thriller Series Book 2) by Russell F. Moran because the fictional drama might not be fiction at all. Purchase and read all Russell’s books from Amazon. I reviewed this book from a Kindle and review was completed on January 16, 2016.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thrillers, Legal, Spies & Politics, Terrorism

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The President Is Missing: Matt Blake Legal Thriller Series
Book Three by Russell Moran

Matt Blake Series Book 3

“What the hell just happened?” I asked Barbara Hightower, my assistant.

We were watching a TV first, a live broadcast by the President of the United States from a nuclear submarine deep under the waters of the South Atlantic. The President, Matt Blake, also happens to be my husband. Matt, dressed in naval officer’s fatigues, faced the camera holding a microphone. He looked great, but then he always does. Matt’s so natural in front of a camera, it’s as if the technology was invented for him. But the screen suddenly went blank.

“Beats me, ma’am,” Barbara said. “If we can’t maintain communications with a nuclear submarine, what the hell can we communicate with?”

President Matt Blake was addressing the nation from the USS Louisiana, a nuclear submarine submerged in the South Atlantic. His message is suddenly cut off. Nearby ships reported hearing an explosion. Aircraft reported floating debris five minutes later in the vicinity of the sub’s last known position.

The nation went into mourning for the loss of the popular president

First Lady Dee Blake has doubts, which she shares with naval high command and the new president. Her husband, a lawyer, always told her to distrust the evidence. She did more than distrust the evidence—she uncovered a massive conspiracy to hijack the submarine and kidnap the president. She thinks the explosion and the debris were a ruse to make people think the sub was destroyed, and her husband with it.

Could the sub have been hijacked and the president kidnapped?

But who would commit such an act? What is its purpose?

Was it Russia, China, Iran, or a shadowy group of freelance terrorists? One thing was certain: the plot had to include mutineers.

The new president, Roland Benton, agrees with Dee Blake’s suspicions, and sees himself as only an interim president. He appoints Dee as his Chief of Staff, with explicit instructions to find the missing submarine—and President Blake.

Dee finds the workings of a secretive group right in the United States, a group everyone had thought was destroyed.

Her life, and the life of the nation, suddenly take a horrifying turn.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thrillers, Legal, Spies & Politics, Terrorism

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The Time Magnet Series by Russell F. Moran


The Gray Ship: Book One In The Time Magnet Series
by Russell F. Moran

Description – From Kirkus Reviews

In this stellar time-travel novel, a modern-American nuclear-powered cruiser sails through a time portal and goes back 152 years to the days just before the beginning of the Civil War.

The USS California, under the command of Capt. Ashley Patterson, an African-American woman, is headed toward Charleston, S.C., to participate in a ceremony commemorating the first battle of the Civil War: the bombardment of Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. But before her ship reaches its destination, the massive cruiser—and its 630 crew members—travel through some sort of temporal wormhole and end up near the Charleston Harbor in 1861, just hours before the Confederate assault is about to begin.

After eventually wrapping her head around the fact that her entire crew has traveled back in time, Patterson realizes that she has some difficult decisions to make: Does she let history repeat itself and focus on trying to find a way back home, or does she use the military superiority of the California—“outfitted with enough fire power to unleash Biblical hell on an enemy”—to help end the war quickly and thus save the approximately 620,000 soldiers who would otherwise die in the next four years?

Powered by a cast of well-developed characters—Lincoln and Lee are among the prominently featured historical figures—consistently brisk pacing and a pulse-pounding (albeit slightly predictable) conclusion, the humanist themes of this novel are momentous and just as timely today as they were back in the 1860s.

This provocative, intensely powerful novel is a must-read for sci-fi fans and Civil War aficionados, though mainstream fiction readers will find it heart-rending and inspiring as well. A rare read that’s not only wildly entertaining, but also profoundly moving. From Kirkus Reviews

A Kirkus Best Indie Book of 2013

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: On the morning of April 10, 2013 the nuclear guided missile cruiser USS California left Norfork, Virginia heading toward Charleston, South Carolina. Once there the ship would anchor at Fort Sumter for a ceremony commemorating where the first battle of the Civil War took place on April 12, 1861. After the ceremony Captain Ashley Patterson would deploy her ship to the Persian Gulf, but as it turns out, time can be unpredictable.

Author Russell F. Moran like so many authors before him wrestles with science fiction and time travel to the extent of what would happen if we could go back into history and change just one event. He thanks his friends Bill Holland, Nick Wartella and his wife for their fresh perspective, input and editorial analyses. He also gives appreciation for invaluable technical input from his friend Lloyd (Hoss) Miller, Rear Admiral, Retired, United States Navy. Admiral Miller was the first commanding officer of the USS California, the ship that plays the pivotal role in the story. Admiral Miller makes a cameo appearance in the book as the strong leader, likeable person and gentleman that he is in real life.

The author is quick to point out that this is a work of fiction and with all fiction imagination plays a pivoting role. At the very start the reader is introduced by name to 55 major characters who bring the story of ‘The Gray Ship’ from the blue-green swells of the Atlantic Ocean through a port-hole (worm hole) that will not only change history, but tens of thousands of lives. His characters are realistic as with Captain Ashley Patterson while in her astute position wrestles with her own inner demons.

Who right now or in our future might want to go back in time to abolish war or the worse acts of humankind? When faced with the dilemma of being forced back through time into a dark period of American history, Captain Ashley Patterson and her crew had to risk mutiny or at the very least commit treason. If and when they could make it back to their own time, how would they be judged by friends, family, the military and the world? Who would believe their story?

One of my favorite quotes from the book reads, “Dr. Weinberg,” said Admiral Miller, “Do you believe these stories?” “It isn’t my job to believe stories or not to believe them, Admiral,” said Weinberg. “It’s my job to assess whether the witness believes his own story. But I will say this. I don’t know much about this time travel stuff, but ever since I worked on that book with Jack Thurber, I’ve noticed that I’ve developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder. I never step on a crack…it may be a wormhole.”

Reading ‘The Gray Ship’ has left me wanting to read this author’s other three books; A Time Of Fear, The Skies Of Time, and The Thanksgiving Gang.

I endorse The Gray Ship by Russell F. Moran as a science fiction, time travel story that will cause the thoughtful reader to ask what he or she might change if the opportunity presented itself? I reviewed this book in Kindle and the review which was completed on February 21, 2015.

Genre: Science fiction/time travel/alternative history

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The Thanksgiving Gang: Book Two In The Time Magnet
Series by Russell F. Moran

Jack Thurber has traveled through time – again. This was his fourth journey through time, earning him a nickname The Time Magnet. But this time he’s traveled into the future.

He discovers that he and his wife Ashley were killed in a terrorist nuclear attack on Ashley’s ship on Thanksgiving Day, 2015, in what became known as the Thanksgiving Attacks.

Jack’s got to find a way back to the past, the past when he and Ashley were still alive. To do that he forms a group of people to help him. They call themselves The Thanksgiving Gang.

Dare he change history?

Dare he not?

Rip-roaring, gut-wrenching suspense wrapped in a story of friendship and courage.

Genre: Science fiction/time travel

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A Time of Fear: Book Three In The Time Magnet
Series by Russell F. Moran

In a month, five American cities will be devastated by suitcase nuclear bombs. The time travelers take on their old name, The Thanksgiving Gang.

  • They know what will happen, because they travelled to the future.
  • They know what the result will be. They’ve seen the devastation.
  • They know the details. Five American Cities targeted by nuclear suitcase bombs.
  • BUT they don’t know where the bombs are – and they don’t know how to find them.

The clock is ticking and millions will soon lose their lives – unless they find the bombs.

“A riveting, pulse-pounding nail-biter in the spirit of The Gray Ship and The Thanksgiving Gang. A Time of Fear will grip you and not let go, even after you finish the book.”

Genre: Science fiction/time travel

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The Skies of Time: Book Four In The Time Magnet
Series by Russell F. Moran

The Skies of Time is a book about time travel, love, and commitment.

Newly promoted Admiral Ashley Patterson is on a public relations flight with her husband, author and Naval Reserve Lieutenant. The idea was dreamed up by the Pentagon to celebrate Ashley’s promotion as the youngest Navy admiral in American History. As happened before, they encounter a wormhole or time portal. Ashley calls Jack her “time magnet,” because he seems to have a talent for finding wormholes.

They’ve time travelled before, but this time it’s different – they encountered a time portal, or wormhole – in the sky.

They have a duty – to warn the authorities of the coming war.

They also have a duty to themselves. They want to return to their home, their home in 2016. But Franklin Roosevelt has different plans for them.

Their plane, an F-18, had a cockpit data recorder, a Black Box, which would give them the coordinates to find the wormhole and return home.

But, to their horror, they realize that 1940 technology cannot read the data on the Black Box. They’re stranded – 76 years in the past.

Will they have to restart their lives from 1940 and never return home?

Or will they find a way to read the secrets of the box?

All they know is that they have an unfailing love for each other.

A nail biter of a tale in the spirit of the other books in The Time Magnet Series, The Gray Ship, The Thanksgiving Gang, and A Time of Fear.

Genre: Science fiction/time travel/ alternative history

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The Keepers of Time: Book Five In The Time Magnet
Series by Russell F. Moran

Admiral Ashley Patterson and her husband Jack have done it again. They’ve traveled through time, 200 years into the future—aboard a nuclear aircraft carrier, Ashley’s flagship.

They discover a new world, a strange new world—a post-nuclear war world—one that is both a beacon of hope, and a cry of despair.

They meet a group of people who call themselves The Keepers of Time, an organization dedicated to preserving history and culture.

But the world around them has harkened back to a primitive and savage past, one that includes human sacrifice.

Ashley knows they have to have to get back to the present to warn the government of the unspeakable horrors that await.

But finding the way back to the present is their greatest challenge, an almost insurmountable one.

“A wild time travel yarn that starts fast and doesn’t slow down until the end.”

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Book five in the Time Magnet series is finally here with another great saga. The adventure begins on June 1, 2017, the day after Memorial Day. Carrier Strike Group 2311 departs the New York Harbor at 8:45 a.m. to begin a long deployment. Things are as they should be until “everything turned dark”.

Whether you have read book one through four in this series first or you are considering this book as your introduction to the series, let me say that each book has its own plot with a conclusion. I suggest you read The Gray Ship, The Thanksgiving Gang, A Time of Fear, and The Skies of Time at some point very soon. However, please feel free to jump in and read The Keepers of Time because you won’t be disappointed.

The author’s superb writing skills will quickly draw you into the story. Forty-two fast paced chapters will keep turning the pages of this novel until the end. Well-developed cast of realistic characters that you will relate to one will keep you engaged. One of my favorite things about Moran’s books is his entire cast of characters detailed in the back of the book. I admit to reading about the cast first in order to firmly get everyone in my mind. As a follower of his, I know each character is important to the plot and I don’t want to miss anything or overlook anyone.

Throughout history authors have taken us back in time and forward into the future. Those that take us into the future like Author Russell F. Moran are rare individuals who meticulously look at world history and real time world events to weave a story of unimaginable happenings. History shows that many of these fictional authors are correct in their assessments of the future. So we must pay due vigilance to these authors so that their fiction does not become the world’s reality in the future.

I invite you to read The Keepers of Time: Book Five In The Time Magnet Series by Russell F. Moran and spend 15 days in an alternate universe. Meet the Keepers of Time and don’t forget to mark your calendar on April 12, 2018 as the day the world ended. One of my favorite quotes from the book is “Time flies when you’re scared out of your mind.”

I endorse The Keepers of Time: Book Five In The Time Magnet Series by Russell F. Moran as a science fiction, time travel story that will cause the thoughtful reader to look at the importance of current world events in a different perspective. I reviewed this book from a Kindle and this review which was completed on March 30, 2016.

Genre: Time Travel

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The Time Magnet Series (4 Book Box Set)
Kindle Edition by Russell F. Moran

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Patterns Series by Russell F. Moran


The Shadows of Terror: Patterns Series Book One by Russell F. Moran

The Shadows of Terror – A novel that explodes off the front page of your newspaper. Terrorism now has a new face, a face that’s obscured in the shadows. The radical forces of destruction have learned to make themselves invisible to the West and preventing a terrorist attack has become almost impossible.

A new war has begun, World War III. Rick Bellamy, an FBI agent who specializes in counter-terrorism, is engaged in his own war, a war with no end. Bellamy’s wife, Ellen, a prominent architect, discovers that she’s in the middle of the greatest terror plot to date. To defeat the enemy, Bellamy first has to uncover the clues, to shine a light on the shadows. He has to find patterns – before it’s too late.

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The Scent of Revenge: Patterns Series Book Two by Russell F. Moran

The world is at war – World War III. FBI Agent Rick Bellamy and his wife, Ellen, find themselves in the middle of a sinister terror plot. Someone is attacking young prominent women, inflicting a horrible disease. Nobody knows its origin, nobody knows how to stop it, nobody knows how to cure it.

Rick Bellamy and a team of scientists want to go on offense. But how?

Will the lives of the women be changed forever?

When will the attacks stop?

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Although Science Fiction, The Scent of Revenge might be at America’s doorstep!

The main character Rick Bellamy is a FBI agent, head of counter-terrorism unit. The love of his life is 38-year-old Ellen Bellamy, Architect by day, lover and writer by night. Ellen’s beauty is more than skin deep as she radiates warmth and cares deeply about everyone who crosses her path.

With an impressive cast of characters that include William Reynolds who is President of the United States with his First Lady Amanda Reynolds standing by his side, he has just addresses the American People announcing that that World War III has begun.

A serious disease with symptoms of severe dementia, mimicking Alzheimer’s disease is attacking America’s Women. With research still seeking a cure for Alzheimer’s, the race is on and the questions commence. Why these particular women, why and how, and is the male population at risk?

Will President Reynolds be forced to suspend the right of habeas corpus? Do you know what this even means?

Heart pounding, can’t put down thriller that will force you to look at terrorism in different light. Life in America will never be the same.

Author Russell F. Moran is an exceptional story teller. As with all science fiction we hope it is not possible at least not within our lifetime. Moran’s futuristic thrillers (each book part of a series but stands alone) must be examined by each reader intelligently as they will lurk in the shadows of your mind well after the book is closed.

The Scent of Revenge “is dedicated to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and especially to their families who suffer along with them.”

I endorse The Scent of Revenge (book two in The Patterns Series) by Russell F. Moran The Shadows of Terror is book one. Also available The Gray Ship, The Thanksgiving Gang, A Time of Fear, and The Skies of Time (all four books in the Time Magnet Series). Another great read is Sideswiped which book one in Matt Blake Legal Thrillers with The Reformers coming soon. I reviewed this book from a Kindle and the review was completed on October 3, 2015.

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Justice In America: How It Works – How It Fails by Russell Moran

From Kirkus Review: The goddess of justice is blind—and deaf and very often dumb—according to this savvy critique of the American legal system.

Moran, a lawyer, journalist and founding editor of The New York Jury Verdict Reporter, knows firsthand the problems that plague American jurisprudence, and isn’t afraid to point fingers. Topping his rogue’s gallery are “incompetent idiots” on the bench, including justices of the peace who don’t even need a high-school diploma to throw people in jail and trial judges who fall asleep during testimony. (And no, that won’t get your conviction overturned, Moran notes, unless you can prove the judge slept through something important.)

Then there are the personal injury lawyers who cast about for deep pockets to sue no matter how dubious the liability, the attorneys who rake in millions from class-action suits that net their “clients” a few dollars each, the jurors—like Moran’s uncle—who base verdicts on off-the-wall theories instead of the evidence, the legislators who craft stupid laws and Supreme Court justices who uphold them based on tortured readings of the Interstate Commerce Clause. (Not always in contempt of court, Moran does allow that, often enough, judges are underpaid and conscientious, lawyers careful and upright, and malpractice suits well-founded.) The author sets his indictment against a lucid outline of basic legal concepts and court procedures and nuanced discussions of everything from the propriety of electing judges to the mortgage-foreclosure robo-signing scandals.

Moran writes in an entertaining, wised-up style, his punchy prose laced with black humor and an inexhaustible supply of anecdotes. His free-wheeling arguments shade from law into politics and beyond, as he enters a sweeping condemnation of a litigious society bound up in red tape because of liability fears, takes swipes at the New Deal regulatory state and even throws soup at snooty French waiters. It’s a bit over-stuffed, but Moran’s street-cred, irreverent wit and gift for translating legal arcana into laymen’s terms make for a persuasive brief.

A lively, brash, illuminating insider’s look at the law, by a compelling expert witness.

Genre: Nonfiction, Politics, Social Sciences, Government, United States, Legal System, Judicial Branch, Law

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Your Business Plan – That You Carry In Your Head:
The APT Principle by Russell F. Moran

To start or run a business without a business plan is like taking a ship to sea without plotting a course: either one can end in disaster. The APT Principle: The Business Plan That You Carry in Your Head plots your course for a safe and successful voyage. It is a diagnostic toolbox that enables you to conceive, write, and most important, to stick to a business plan. Too many business owners put off writing a plan because they think the process is too complicated. Even those who have written a plan often file it, never to be seen again. This is the phenomenon of business plan avoidance and it leads to the sorry spectacle of an organization that lurches from one crisis to another.

The APT Principle tackles this problem – lack of a plan or ignoring a plan – and inserts into the process the most important missing element: a paperless set of guidelines that you always carry with you – in your head. It is a set of tools that breathes life into your business plan.

Conversational in tone and laced with humor, The APT Principle is written by a businessman and lawyer, who has started and sold successful businesses. APT stands for Attitudes, Practices, and Technology. According to Moran, everything – EVERYTHING – that happens to a business, both good and bad, is a function of one of these three things.

Genre: Business, Money, Management, Leadership, Nonfiction

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About The Author:  Russ Moran is the author of 15 novels. The Gray Ship, Book One of The Time Magnet series, is a story of time travel, alternate history, romance, and a nuclear warship that finds itself in the Civil War. The Thanksgiving Gang is the sequel, A Time of Fear is Book Three, The Skies of Time is Book Four, and The Keepers of Time is book five.

  • The Shadows of Terror is Book One of The Patterns series, followed by The Scent of Revenge.
  • A Reunion in Time is a time travel novel, but not in the Time Magnet series.
  • The President is Missing, a suspense thriller, was published in May 2017.
  • Robot Depot, a novel about our automated present and future, was published in October 2017.
  • A Climate of Doubt, a novel about climate as a tool of terrorism, was published in May 2018.
  • The Maltese Incident, a novel of time travel, book 1 of the Harry and Meg series, was published in June 2018.
  • The Violent Sea, a novel of time travel, book 2 of the Harry and Meg Series, was published in October 2018.
  • Leonardo Murphy, about a 12-year-old boy with a staggeringly high IQ was published in March 2019.

Moran also published six nonfiction books: Justice in America: How it Works–How it Fails; The APT Principle: The Business Plan That You Carry in Your Head; Boating Basics: The Boattalk Book of Boating Tips; If You’re Injured: A Consumer Guide to Personal Injury Law; How to Create More Time; The Novel – A Writer’s Guide. He’s a lawyer and a veteran of the United States Navy. He lives on Long Island, New York, with his wife, Lynda.

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Timothy Reinhardt’s Books

Jesus’s Brother James by Timothy Reinhardt

Life can be challenging and overwhelming.

After finding his wife in bed with another man, Mike meets the mysterious Father Coady, who promptly shoots him in the head (accidentally). When Mike wakes up in the hospital, he’s introduced to Jesus’s little-known brother, James, who is a poor stand-in for the Divine.

Meanwhile, Amber, a work-obsessed businesswoman, also encounters the mysterious Father Coady and begins to fall in love with him, to the chagrin of her ever-urbane boyfriend, Paul.

Fate seems to pull these four people together through their hilarious struggles to find meaning in a chaotic world.

Product Details
Paperback: 288 Pages
Genre: Friendship Fiction (Books), Dark Humor, Fiction Satire

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Afaq: I’m Trapped In India by Timothy Reinhardt

Sid Lund just woke up from a convoluted nightmare to discover his waking life is even more complicated. For one thing, the young American pharmaceutical executive has no memory of how he wound up in a remote Indian hospital. No one knows him, except for fellow patient Afaq, who seems to be insane. On the plus side, his nurse, Pretti Dey, can only be described as gorgeous.

When an anonymous phone call warns Sid to get out of the country, he discovers the police are after him. Without any idea of how he became a fugitive, Sid has no choice but to go along with Afaq’s nutty plan to secure him a passport and plane tickets—a plan that leads Sid and Afaq on a comically crazed trip to Mumbai, with Pretti in tow.

Sid’s not sure what he did or even if he did it. He’s only certain of three things. He doesn’t want to get arrested, he wants to spend more time with Pretti, and Afaq is the craziest man he’s ever met.

A lighthearted comedy about one man’s search to find himself—or at least regain his memory—Afaq: I’m Trapped in India is Timothy Reinhardt’s madcap debut novel.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Book Review: Here it is: Only readers with a sense of humor should read this theatrical comedy.

Allow yourself to get wrapped up in character Sid Lund’s nightmare when the rickshaw taxi ride through the crazy crowded streets of India starts an adventure this American businessman was not prepared for.

“The sound of sirens echoing against the side of the building woke Sid from his deep slumber. As Sid gingerly raised his head from his pillow, he heard the loud buzz of vibration from his cell phone rattling against the thin, cheap metal bedside table. He looked about the room. Timeworn furniture, chipped paint peeling from the walls and a broken chair decorated his hospital room. A strange smell hung in the air, which seemed to be a mixture of mildew and body odor. Several large insects buzzed in the sunlight as they circled above a pile of debris in the corner.”

Join the mystery to unravel what “Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey” and “If you run at the monkey” means. Try not to let Afaq (Ah-f-u-c-k) drive you completely insane or nurse Pretti give you a sponge bath.

Author Timothy Reinhardt sets the stage in such a way that the reader experiences the cultural differences between U.S. and India with humor that parallels the best Hollywood comedies.

Search the pages for how this reviewer’s strawberry eating male cat named Wolf living in North Carolina, America can possibly discover a link in his feline lineage in India?

I always quote a passage in my reviews to show you the author’s writing style, so I quote from page 149 in my copy of Afaq: I’m Trapped In India.

“As though he were a moth moving from the dark to a bright bulb, Sid started toward the liquor store. He was driven by the desire to forget the troubles he just discovered. The alcohol could wash away the sting of this recovered memory. Then Sid realized he had no money. He ran his hand through his pant pockets, but there were no rupees there. He plopped down to sit on the warm black pavement near a small bush.

From his secluded position in the corner of the parking lot, Sid listened to the constant barrage of sounds emanating from the city. It was a chorus of car horns, revving engines, and the clang of vibrating metal as all types of vehicles navigated large potholes. Everyone headed somewhere. Everyone had a purpose. Everyone had something to do except Sid. Like a dry leaf on a stream, Sid was at the mercy of a current outside of his control.”

I endorse Afaq: I’m Trapped In India by Timothy Reinhardt as an hysterical comedy that should be played out on the silver screen. We reviewed this book from a Kindle/PDF format and the review was completed on September 13, 2015.

Product Details
Paperback: 172 Pages
Genre: Humorous Fiction

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About The Author: A veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, Tim Reinhardt has traveled the world extensively and studied many diverse cultures.

His travels, coupled with an eventful childhood, shape his thought-provoking perspective on life. He enjoys writing comedies placed in dramatic settings most of all because he likes the contrast between genres.

Tim knows life can be challenging and thinks stories like these make the tough times a little bit easier to handle. Tim is the writer of the Academy-Award qualifying film Crackers, as well as the author of Afaq: Im Trapped in India.

He is currently working on a film adaptation for Jesuss Brother James. When hes not busy writing, Tim enjoys making films, playing tennis, and learning about history.

He currently resides in Holly Springs, North Carolina, with his wife April, daughter Annasofia, son Jacob, and rescue dog Faith. Jesuss Brother James is Tims second novel.

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Angela Shearer’s Books

Mad Mischief by Angela Shearer

Mad Mischief is a throng of short stories born in dark corners and on misty roads. They bring to life the obscure and breathe life into those things that hide away, in the crawlspace, beneath the house. At the witching hour, they whisper to us and tug at our toes when we stand too close to the edge. Short stories are our paramours in literature, our senseless lovers that we flirt and dance with in shameless moments. They make all things possible, turning the world inside out, as they drive us beyond boredom and logic. Like concubines, they require no commitment and they take us to those shady and derelict places that we are too afraid to go to on our own. They delight and mystify us with their madness, holding us in their fleeting embrace just long enough to keep us wanting more.

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Paperback: 334 Pages
Genre: Short Stories

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Relevant by Angela Shearer

People are feral creatures who sometimes leave human footprints.  Our magic lies in the wildness that remains between our domestication and our instinct. The world changes daily around us and the only way for us to keep up with it is to make sure we remain RELEVANT.

Relevance means having more than a few options.  We need to know how to reinvent ourselves each time its required and it’s about keeping ourselves current with constant learning so that we can remain financially and psychologically independent in a demanding and competitive world.  RELEVANT contains the blueprint for disabling fear, beating our doubts and finding what our greatest desires and passions are so that we can pursue them. It provides us with the approval that we need to go out into the world and be strong.  All of us deserve to live a full and wholesome life of our own making and RELEVANT guides us to our own greatness.

Being relevant takes time, practice, energy, observation, thought and action.  It is the ultimate journey towards self-mastery.  Everybody wins.

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Print Length: 276 Pages
Genre: Spiritual Healing, Personal Transformation, Self-Help, Religion, Spirituality

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Book Of Menace by Angela Shearer

Turmoil bubbles up through the cracks of the Underwood as long forgotten travesties stir, seeking redemption.

The newly awakened power of an Innocent has sent tremors through Goblin Park and dark places beyond, nudging awake creatures and beasts that would be best left asleep. Guilt awakens in those who misused their magic and circumstance forces them back onto a path they were trying to forget. They must dig up what they had buried and help the Innocent navigate a treacherous world of trickery and menace to find their absolution.

The Innocent must overcome her own limitations and be old beyond her years to save her own life and the legends that make Goblin Park and the Underwood worth saving. The Gypsy Winds blow, pulling those together again who must guide and teach the Innocent everything she must know to succeed.

She must pilot her way through places like the Muddle, Watergate Wasteland and the Castle of Mirrors where things are never as they seem. In leaps and bounds she must make new unlikely friends at places like Mildew Manor and the Valley of Clay, for within the confines of those wicked places, where she faces death, she will find the answers that she needs to undo what the generation before could not fix.

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Print Length: 334 Pages
Genre: Children’s Folk Tales, Myth Collections, Magical Realism, Fairy Tale Fantasy

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About Angela Shearer

“I’ve studied and researched various subjects and disciplines including creative writing, project management, corporate and private investigations, communications, cyber investigations, advertising, security, marketing, NLP, Life and Executive coaching as well as others.

I have a passion for new ideas, growth, development and transformation and I actively participate in mentoring and coaching to ensure that those around me have functional support when and if they need it.  In return, I learn from them every day and I find myself abundantly supported by others.

I work as an IT Project Manager and run two other businesses of my own.  I run a consumables company called Bad Badger with my partner. The core function of this business, which started with honey production to help sustain the environment, is to grow the brand and create jobs and learning opportunities.

My other business is a digital design studio called Ripley Archer.  This business provides writing services for businesses and individuals as well as personal and company brand development and implementation.

My biggest goal was realised when I published my first book in 2016.  Since then I’ve published another two books; Mad Mischief and The Book of Menace.  There is no end in sight.  Books choose you, you don’t choose them.”

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A. Gavazzoni’s Books

Behind The Door: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense
(Hidden Motives Book 1) by A. Gavazzoni

When Lara dies at the hands of a Manhattan lawyer during a sex game, his defense attorney, Carl, hires Simone, a psychiatrist, professor and author of books on sexual behavior to help him buttress his argument that Lara’s death was accidental.

To help his defense, Carl’s client has written a detailed account of his steamy, year-long relationship with Lara. Carl gives the text to Simone for analysis. While evaluating the presumed killer’s writing, Simone continues to receive psychiatric patients with sexual disorders and unusual fantasies, and to research strange sexual behavior for her next book.

Meanwhile, Simone’s clinical partner, friend and research colleague, Edward, is working with the police to capture a serial killer who is torturing and killing women. From hot and unusual sex and interesting psychiatric patients, to the swing houses of New York and Paris, this fast-paced page-turner is a blend of mystery, suspense, humor, romance and erotica.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Behind The Door is book one in Author A. Gavazzoni’s ‘Hidden Motives’ series. This book is a “sizzling psychological suspense” thriller with both erotic romance structured in an adult theme with strong language.

Descriptive writing, strong characters and interesting life situations kept me engaged throughout the thirty chapters. Interesting plot that continually keeps the reader on his or her toes as the story switches between ‘Present Day-Simone’ and ‘Mark’s Journal’.

Simone, an attractive, intelligent and dedicated psychiatrist, author and professor with a large client list of both men and women suffering with sexual behavioral issues such as paraphilia and hipoxiphilia. Maybe you, as with me, before I read this book don’t really know what paraphilia and hipoxiphilia is. Both of these represent sexual behavior that involves fantasy and controlled strangulation with consenting partners.

Life steps up a beat for Simone when Carl, a Manhattan defense attorney hires her in a murder trial. If reading ‘Mark’s Journal’ isn’t enough stimulation for Simone, her “clinical partner, friend and research colleague, Edward, is working with the police to capture a serial killer who is torturing and killing women”.

I would like to share a quote with you from chapter three ‘Present Day-Simone’ to whet your appetite for the read.

“Addiction to adrenalin. The woman warned right at the start that she had a pathology. Her addiction could have been the result of any number of causes.  Normally, some kind of disorder brings it on. The addict seeks intense thrills, sometimes danger. The worst part is that such people have little sense of real danger. They don’t wish for death but they don’t fear it either.

Maybe Carl was right. Lara hadn’t been murdered; her death had been an accident. Accidents happen to people with that kind of problem. What could have been Lara’s pathology? Then there was Mark, a man apparently with his feet on the ground who was drawn to the flame. Many men like him are attracted to psychopaths. But he was rash. And maybe Lara wasn’t psychopathic. It was hard to diagnose with so few pages. But a shrink’s mind can’t read something without diagnosing it. Maybe the whole tale was made up.”

If you have an adventurous mind, I recommend this stimulating read. The story is told well enough that it might end up on the silver screen on day. If you enjoy this book, I encourage you to purchase the next book in the sequel titled ‘Lara’s Journal’.

I endorse ‘Behind The Door’ by A. Gavazzoni as the genre I might have missed. Maybe murder, maybe a mutual sexual consent that took an unexpected turn? I will leave you with the task of answering this question and follow the trail of a serial killer at the same time. I purchased this book on May 10, 2017 and the review was completed on May 12, 2017.

Genre: Literature, Fiction, Erotica, Mystery Thriller, Psychological Suspense

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Lara’s Journal: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense
(Hidden Motives Book 2) by A. Gavazzoni

Simone Bennet is on a long vacation, trying to heal from the trauma she suffered at the hands of a serial-killer kidnapper. After looking death in the face, she tries to develop a new outlook on life—live in the moment!

Carl, the charming lawyer, is back, asking once more for Simone’s help, this time in analyzing Lara’s journals, which were discovered by her siblings after her death. In her own words, Lara divulges all her secrets, and reveals a dramatic world of betrayal, passion, and the most unusual sexual behaviors, exposing the beautiful architect’s troubled life.

As Simone tries to deal with the contents of Lara’s haunting diaries, one of her patients gets himself into a bit of legal trouble, forcing Simone to return early from her vacation. Although she’s happy to be back on her home turf, she finds herself surrounded by a whole new set of problems.

A killer is out there, and this time, he seems to be after the people Simone cares about most. Suddenly, people around her are dying, a stalker/admirer keeps showing up at all the wrong times, and Simone’s dear friend Edward has a new girlfriend—forcing Simone to analyze her feelings for him and her attraction to Carl.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Lara’s Journal by A. Gavazzoni is a continuing story begun in book one titled Behind The Door. Those of us following this series know it is a sizzling psychological, erotic romance, suspense thriller that will keep you turning the page.

In book two, Simone is still struggling with Post Traumatic Stress disorder while continuing to treat her patients that suffer from sexual behavior disorders. While in book one, the reader was privy to Mark’s journal, in book two we swing back and forth from Simone’s life and clinal practice to looking over her shoulder to read about Laura’s life through her writings as Laura opens with this: “They say everyone has a story to tell, and I suppose that’s probably true, but some people’s stories are more bizarre than others. I would like to tell you mine. If I had tochoose a genre for my life story, I’d have to pick erotica…maybe a little romance…with a healthy dose of horror thrown in for good measure… It’s definitely not a fairy tale, although I did have a fairy godmother, of sorts…but more on that later.”

Conflicted between her own life, her patients and Laura’s Journal that seem to have a hold on her, Simone would put the diary down only to ask questions, sleep, dream. Get work done and return to the journal throughout the day until exhaustion forced her sleep. When reading Simone would lose track of time like readers with a great suspense thriller. Her psychology driven thought process caused her to question: “Madness, how old was that girl? How could she ever lead a normal sex life when all she had learned was wrong, depraved, and twisted?

Simone remembered Lara’s words from one of Mark’s diaries: “I was forged!” That was the word—the girl had been through hell and damnation, and all her values were corrupted. She hadn’t had any moral standards. Then again, her entire life had been based on what Arthur had told her was correct, so how could she?”

For a stimulating read and insight into sexual dysfunction, I invite you to purchase both Behind The Door and Lara’s Journal before moving on to the third book in this series titled The Brilliant Game.

I purchased this book from Kindle on July 30, 2018 and this review posted on July 29, 2018.

Genre: Literature, Fiction, Erotica, Mystery Thriller, Psychological Suspense

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The Brilliant Game (Hidden Motives Book 3) by A. Gavazzoni

Psychiatrist Simone Bennet feels like a pawn on a chessboard—as if some invisible, master chess player is toying with her life and the lives of the people she loves and cares for.

A series of horrific events—several murders and Simone being tortured at the hands of a serial killer—culminate in the kidnapping of her daughter and have turned Simone’s life upside down.

Struggling to stay afloat in the middle of a sea of chaos, Simone continues to receive her psychiatric patients and do more work for the New York attorney, Carl, while local police, the FBI, and Edward—Simone’s boyfriend, best friend, and business partner—are working hard to locate her child.

Simone is analyzing another set of Lara’s journals, and she becomes dragged into a vortex of sex addiction, suffering, and Lara’s struggle for some kind of balance in her life, while Simone battles an inner fight against her mixed feelings for the enigmatic lawyer.

Filled with twists and turns, this final book in the Hidden Motives trilogy reveals a deranged, steamy, and disturbingly brilliant game of sex, murder, and mystery and chronicles a woman’s conflict between love and reason.

Fasten your seat belts before you embark on this roller coaster and prepare for the most unpredictable end.

Genre: Literature, Fiction, Erotica, Mystery Thriller, Psychological Suspense

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About The Author: A. Gavazzoni is a Brazilian author and has been a lawyer for twenty seven years. She won for her first book Behind The Door: The Golden Book Award 2017- Readers Choice; Book Excellence Award 2017; Bronze Medal on Inpedependente Publisher Books Award 2018; Honorable mention at Paris Book Festival 2017; Honorable Mention at Reader’s Favorite Award 2017 and was a finalist to the Independent author.

Adriana is a lawyer, a former professor of law and a writer of novels and legal books, but she is also a voracious reader.

She speaks four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. When she is not practicing law or writing, she enjoys many interests and is a very active person. She loves to dance (Tango) and workout.

She loves to travel, loves good wine, and has been studying astrology for fifteen years. She paints and loves to cook.

She has two poodles -Gaia and Juno -and loves all animals. She is an aunt of four nieces who enjoy to paint and cook alongside their aunt. She lives in Brazil and is in the process of writing her next novel.

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A. R. Grosjean’s Books

Mother Of The Dragons by A. R. Grosjean

They were forbidden to love each other because he was promised to another but their hearts couldn’t resist. When discovered, she was made an example of.

The king’s wizard cast a spell transforming Dawnrae into a beast no man, woman, or child had ever seen. She was the first, her children would be born these beasts. The love of her life killed before her eyes, she is without love. Really seeing her for the first time, the wizard casts a new spell. If she finds true love, the spell will be broken. But there is a war between man and beast.

Will she survive?
Will she have a second chance at love?

Product Details
Print Length: 156 Pages
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Demons, Devils

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Spawn Of The Curse by A. R. Grosjean

Just when Donna thought she killed the curse, she discovers its new birth, and it hits a little close to home.

Upon discovering her own daughter with the demonic curse, Donna must save her before the world is destroyed. Before she can save her, she must find her first!

Will Donna be able to save her daughter from a curse she enjoys?

Will Donna be able to save the world before it’s destroyed?

Who will die? How far will a mother go to save a daughter she doesn’t know?

Product Details
Print Length: 140 Pages
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Demons, Devils



Peterson Estate Series: Birth Of A Witch by A. R. Grosjean

Emily discovers she is the Great Witch, a very powerful witch who’s birth was foretold. But she must learn how to use her powers first. This is a story about a woman who faces evil to save her family, friends, and the entire world. But she must save her home first. This is the beginning of her long story–the beginning of a series of Emily Peterson’s stories.

Product Details
Print Length: 242 Pages
Genre: Romance, Fantasy Paranormal, Demons, Devils

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Peterson Estate 2: A New Beginning by A. R. Grosjean

Emily Peterson and her family have lost their home but something new and strange has taken its place.

Now there is a new evil within the walls and Emily must stop it before it escapes into the world. She must stop her father and Feida from opening the gates.

Will she succeed?

Product details

Print Length: 174 pages

Genre: Romance, Fantasy Paranormal, Demons, Devils

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Stolen Identity by A. R. Grosjean

Sex, lies, and murder. A story about a man who learns his life is a lie and steals his twin brother’s life for justice and revenge.

What will the brother’s wife do when she learns his secrets?

Run or fight back?

Product Details
Paperback: 128 Pages
Genre: Erotica Thriller, Suspense

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About A. R. Grosjean

Author of Mother of the Dragons, Peterson Estate series (Birth of the Witch, A New Beginning, and more coming soon), Spawn of the Curse, and coming soon Cursed Blood: Bloodline Curse. I also wrote Stolen Identity under my full name Amber Rigby Grosjean.

When she was young, she was bullied and teased. It was so bad that she even tried to end her life, when she was 10 years old. It didn’t work, but at the age of 11, she discovered writing and it changed her life forever. It helped her escape from the pain. Suffering from depression and anxiety, she needed an outlet.

When I met her husband, he taught her to be a better person. Even though she still suffered from depression and anxiety, she didn’t need writing to escape. Now she simply writes to bring a little brightness in someone else’s life.

It took 20 years to publish her first book. She never gave up even though people told her, she wouldn’t succeed. She adopted the phrase, “dreams really do come true”, because it is very true. If you have a dream, don’t give up on it.

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Cindy Davis Books

Angie Deacon Mysteries by Cindy Davis

A Little Murder (Angie Deacon Mysteries Book One) by Cindy Davis

When ER nurse Angie Deacon buys a day of fishing on NH’s Lake Winnipesaukee for her husband’s fiftieth birthday, she has no idea they’ll wind up suspects in the boat owner’s death. Besides his wife Valerie, why would any of the five strangers on board want gruff, insensitive Nolan Little dead?

None of them knew her before today. Or did they?

As police storm the boat, Angie comforts the distraught widow, who quickly becomes the chief suspect. She was seen having an altercation with him earlier that day.

But then…so did handsome Jamaican Montez Clarke, who by day is a computer geek. He even went so far as to pop Nolan in the nose.

Valerie begs Angie to help find the killer. If she refuses, Val swears she’ll ask Montez’s friend Sonny who is a bit on the shady side.

Will Angie regret her decision to aid Valerie once she learns the woman’s dark secret?

Why did Sonny bring two duffel bags aboard? They don’t appear to contain fishing gear. First, they’re at the bow of the boat, then they are gone…And Sonny won’t talk about them.

Untruths aren’t the only cause for alarm as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, leaving Angie wondering just exactly how her husband fit into the deadly equation…and if she is next on the killer’s list.

Book Details:
403 Pages
Genre: Fiction

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Checkmate: Murder (Angie Deacon Mysteries Book Two) by Cindy Davis

Angie Deacon has a new career, co-owner of Alton Bay, New Hampshire’s community theater.

Her first play Checkmate: Murder is in the works. ​She also has a new love–police detective Colby Jarvis.

Jarvis loses a bet with fellow officers, and the payoff is, he’s got to try out for a part in the play.

He is rewarded with the part of co-star–coincidentally, or maybe not, he’ll be playing the part of a burglar

Things ​go well…until opening night when​ burglar ​Jarvis shoots the leading man.

Who substituted Jarvis’s real gun for the prop gun?

How did they get it from his sock drawer?

He ​bends under ​the tight scrutiny. ​But doesn’t break.

Why would anyone want the star dead?

By day John is an unassuming nursery owner. Could his murder have anything to do with the fact that he’s trying to breed an as-yet-undiscovered red iris?

Angie helps dig into the clues to help new love interest Jarvis, but suddenly her clingy needy mom is in town.

Maybe it’s a good thing Jarvis’s long-lost father has returned. He makes a good diversion for Mom.

Can Angie and Jarvis find the real killer before he’s ousted from the force? Before Angie’s theater is closed down before the first performance? Before their parents drive them crazy?

Book Details:
279 Pages
Genre: Fiction

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Hair Of The Dog (Angie Deacon Mysteries Book Three) by Cindy Davis

Angie Deacon thought her vacation in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire would be relaxing.

But the dog next door would not stop barking. After two sleepless nights, she confronts the handsome, athletic owner at the local diner.

When he doesn’t even apologize…

Their ‘discussion’ ends in a near knockdown drag-out.

The following morning Simon York is found dead. And she’s the main suspect.

Angie’s search for the real killer leads to a cosmetics factory that’s putting out some very questionable products.

Now the owner of the factory—Simon’s wife—is dead.

Now Angie is a suspect in the murders of two people she didn’t even know.

She vows to seek out the real killer before they stuff her behind bars till her skin wrinkles and arthritis knobs her joints.

Book Details:
298 Pages
Genre: Fiction

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Dying To Teach (Angie Deacon Mysteries Book Four) by Cindy Davis

A local drama teacher is found dead with a makeup tube duct taped into her mouth.

Everyone is devastated, especially Kiana Smith, co-author of the most recent production intended to raise money for the floundering drama program.

Although her own community theater is in the midst of its next production, Angie Deacon agrees to help out.

But the principal announces she’ll be working on the case. Since she and Detective Colby Jarvis’ near-death experience in a recent case, she’s sworn to leave investigating to the professionals.

Angie thinks the gene that produced maternal instinct is missing from her DNA.

Until she meets Kiana Smith: beautiful, personable, and…grieving, because her mentor has been murdered.

And it becomes impossible NOT to help find the killer, especially when it seems that every teen and teacher in the school is supposedly trying to help out.

Can she unravel the clues before the police close down the school play?

And before her own theater production fails?

Book Details:
288 Pages
Genre: Fiction

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Rest In Pieces (Angie Deacon Mysteries Book Five) by Cindy Davis

The murder of a popular eighteen-year-old girl devastates residents of the tight-knit communities surrounding NH’s Lake Winnipesaukee.

When the jury sets the accused man free, it shakes people to their very core. Detective Colby Jarvis blames himself—the witnesses were ineffective; his testimony was weak, the clues inadequate.

The next morning, jigsaw puzzles begin arriving in mailboxes belonging to people related to the trial.

Twelve hours later, deaths begin.

Angie tries to help Jarvis in the case, but she’s mired in her own set of problems.

Her partner Tyson has just been offered his lifelong dream—a part in a Broadway show. She faces running the theater on her own, perhaps forever.

But that’s not the worst of it.

Her demanding mother is back in town, and she’s brought her a boy-toy—a twenty-something statue of Adonis come to life—who decides that he too wants to be a detective.

The puzzle pieces to seemingly random people continue to arrive.

Do they tell a secret someone is desperate to protect? Were they sent by the accused man recently released from custody? Or someone with an as yet unknown motive?

Book Details:
306 Pages
Genre: Fiction

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No Stone Unturned (Angie Deacon Mysteries Book Six) by Cindy Davis

Angie Deacon’s partner has gone to Broadway to follow his dream, and she’s left alone to produce Prince & Pauper’s first play of the new year.

Proudly she narrows the group of leading-man applicants to pharmaceuticals salesman Stone Powers. His six-pack abs and charisma have the female cast practically swooning.

Stone accepts the attention with cool professionalism, even as wives pop up like dandelions in a field.

When he arrives drunk at the theater two days in a row, Angie isn’t surprised; keeping three wives from learning of each other could drive anyone to drink.

The next day, the local convenience store phones in a domestic dispute.

The last thing Jarvis expects is to find Stone dead on the floor.

He suddenly finds himself overwhelmed with suspects of the female persuasion.

Did one of them do the unthinkable? Can he keep them from killing each other while he untangles the deluge of clues?

Book Details:
285 Pages
Genre: Fiction

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Smith and Westen Cozy Mystery Series by Cindy Davis

On The Hook (Smith and Westen Mysteries Book One) by Cindy Davis

A Picasso painting, worth a hundred million dollars, disappears en route from Chicago to New Hampshire. Literally-en route. The painting goes missing while the truck is moving. The painting is there, then it’s not. It’s gone, but it can’t be. Kendra Jean Valentine, underwriting agent for the policy, is on the hook. She scrapes together enough to hire two women to work the case.

Westen Hughes owns a failing pet shop. With creditors phoning daily, she jumps at the chance to earn a bundle of easy money, even though the offer comes from her old nemesis KJ Valentine, who stole everything in high school: head cheerleader, homecoming queen and the star quarterback. KJ pairs her with Westen’s total opposite: Phoebe Smith, a snake-loving, underwear-hating, tuba player with more baggage than Logan Airport.

Ten percent of a hundred million is…well, it’s a lot so Smith and Westen join forces on a roller coaster ride to find one of the world’s most valuable paintings.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Transporting hundred million-dollar valuables by vehicle presents many challenges as Kendra Jean Valentine, agent for NH Property and Casualty Insurance well knows. Her job requires that she covers all bases. This job was no different from the others. She chose the trucking company, interviewed the two truck drivers and handpicked four security guards to drive in two separate vehicles, one in front and one behind the truck to assist her in driving from Chicago to Buffalo and then non-stop from Buffalo to Concord, New Hampshire.

Arriving at their destination Kendra is relieved to arrive and more than happy to turn Picasso’s The Old Guitarist painting over to the curator, Henderson McGee. The painting was secured and padlocked in a six-foot cube wooden crate. Only Kendra and the curator in Chicago had the keys. When the crate in opened the painting is not inside and Kendra is on the hook. Her exact thought “How was it possible for so many things to go wrong for one person at the same time? She must’ve done something really awful in a past life.”

With strong characters and good dialog, the reader is submerged into a fast-paced mystery that is led by two untrained, inexperienced and incompatible women named Smith and Weston. Out of their league these two sleuths find themselves in many situations. I quote one from page # 103 in my copy.

“Smith and Westen started up the walk side-by-side. Westen twisted the antique glass doorknob and they went in, footsteps thudding on the bare hardwood floor, stained by at least fifty years of shoes and boots. The place smelled like a combination of pine cleaner which obviously hadn’t been used in the hallway and vanilla scented candle. They climbed the steep stairs. Westen tried not to touch the railing. She hadn’t brought any hand sanitizer.”

Well written mystery by Author Cindy Davis that will keep you guessing until the end.

I endorse On The Hook (Volume 1) in the Smith and Westen Mysteries. After you read On The Hook, Just Smashing (Volume 2) and Two Million Reasons (Volume 3) are waiting for you to solve. I reviewed this book from a Kindle/PDF format and the review was completed on September 29, 2015.

Book Details:
320 Pages
Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Just Smashing (Smith and Westen Mysteries Book Two) by Cindy Davis

New England’s most mismatched investigative team is on the trail of an Egyptian vase worth $1.75 million.

The ink is barely dry on snake-lover Phoebe Smith and Susie Homemaker Westen Hughes’ licenses. Their bank accounts are bursting from their previous windfall, yet they’re anxious to get back to work. Then the call comes.

During the unveiling of a local college’s exhibit, the vase disappeared in front of seven people.

Well, six people and the thief, because sure as shortcake has strawberries, the vase is there one minute, the gone the next.

Secrets rather than clues cause more trouble than fifty Dennis the Menaces.

The mega-rich Enrique Vargas’ money is rumored to have come from smuggling artifacts. His paramour-de-month is model-thin Fiona Frost; the only job she ever had was a prostitute. Then there is Donald Abbott, dealer in ancient weapons, particularly Egyptian ones. The always-smiling Sophie Oliver has no visible means of support.

How did the theft happen right under the nose of the security guard?

Dana Thornton is head of the exhibit’s security, a job that could grow to include the whole campus if he plays his cards right. Or can come up with enough money for the equipment.

Smith and Westen not only dodge threats and physical attacks by the suspects…

But need to stay one step ahead of KJ, who’s determined to find the vase and cash in on the 10% finder’s fee.

Book Details:
328 Pages
Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Two Million Reasons (Smith and Westen Mysteries Book Three) by Cindy Davis

Magician Gabe Heinz has two million reasons to disappear.

He is in the middle of his vanishing act when he does just that—vanish before a sell-out crowd—along with two million in securities from the bank where he’s vice president. His daughter is distraught—and a prime suspect—not just by the FBI, but by her nagging shrew of a mother.

Insurance recovery team Smith and Westen are up to their ears in movers determined to demolish every stick of furniture in their new home.

It’s almost a relief when a recovery job takes them to Los Angeles.

Hunky bodyguard Ryan Ames is supposed to meet them at LAX.

Instead, a gun-wielding lunkhead with a fondness for roughing up women escorts them to a mobster who claims they now work for him.

They can protect Vicki—but from the cops, or her mother?

When they locate the securities—and they’d better, or else—can they keep them from the mobster?

Book Details:
325 Pages
Genre: Cozy Mystery

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Romantic Suspense/Stand Alone Books (Not In Series) by Cindy Davis

Come In From The Cold by Cindy Davis

Real love may hit just once in a lifetime. What happens when you have to let it go?

Come in from the Cold is an un-contemporary love story about hope, loss, yearning, and passion.

From the age of 15, Claudia was crazy about handsome gadabout Max. He loved her too but held the emotion in check–as he did with everything in his life.

One day they’re thrown together and the passion flies.

Next thing she knows, she’s pregnant. But Max is gone on one of his daredevil jaunts. Desperate because in 1954 a single woman did not raise her child, Claudia gives up the baby for adoption.

As soon as she signs the papers, she tries to undo it—but her son has already been adopted. What follows is a thirty-year search unveiling a conspiracy that hits way too close to home.

Book Details:
356 Pages
Genre: Romance, Suspense

Customer Reviews

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Final Masquerade by Cindy Davis

Paige Carmichael must’ve had a premonition that her life was about to take a turn for the worse.

One of the books she’d just finished reading was How to Change your Identity and Hide from Anyone. That was when she saw her fiancé murder his best friend and associate. And call in one of his flunkies to remove the body. This wasn’t what she signed up for when she agreed to marry Stefano Santangelo. Sure, she knew he was involved in organized crime, but he’d sworn it was numbers running and things like that.

She isn’t about to leave the four-year relationship without something to show for it.

Paige takes one of his precious antique coins and $750K from his safe, and runs. She changes her hair, her walk, the kinds of foods she eats.

Then one day she meets Christian Charles Beauchamps

He’s driving a truck to make money to open a landscaping business. He’s handsome and charming, and eventually convinces her to confide in him.

Chris falls for her—or so he says.

But when she sees him whispering to a suspicious bearded guy, she takes off again. Can Paige finally escape Stefano’s grasp and have a normal life?

Book Details:
356 Pages
Genre: Romance, Suspense

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Stand Alone Mystery by Cindy Davis

Voice From The Ashes by Cindy Davis

In 1979, Ian Merryweather’s biggest dream is to be sheriff of a small town, but a disabling wound in Vietnam sidelines him.

While he’s on the mend, his best friend Chief Clement Baker is murdered, and Ian inherits the job. His first inclination is to refuse the position. He feels guilty getting the cherished position this way. But who else will dedicate himself to finding the killer? Especially when the State Police have taken the chief’s son Barney into custody, and there’s a killer on the loose.

And what about the lovely Lucy? Ian’s had a crush on her for years. But she’s about to marry Eric Bremer. She deserves so much more than the sly womanizer.

When Mt. St. Helens roars to life, Ian’s happiness and the murder investigation are put on hold while he’s forced to use every instinct and talent to save his townspeople from the deluge of searing ash and lava.

Book Details:
437 Pages
Genre: Mystery

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Nonfiction Books by Cindy Davis

The Present: Learning To Live Life Consciously by Cindy Davis

Many people in my over-55 community are, to quote one of my neighbors, “Waiting to go.”

Actually, they called Florida “God’s waiting room.” What! Is that what really happens? I asked around and found out it was.

After some thought, I realized I had been too.

This book is about how my life changed when I learned to “live life consciously.”

Because, at the age of sixty-two, I learned I didn’t need to lie down and wait for the end to come. It was my choice to go forward…or not.

So, I went forward…and joined a dating site.

And met someone who changed everything.

Realize please, this isn’t a dating book. It’s how, through interactions with Rick, spiritual books, and journeys to places like Cassadaga, Florida, I learned about self-healing, and that I could literally change my thoughts, to be a more positive and empowering person.

That with those changes, life took an entirely new path.

How easily things come to you when you learn to let go.

On our honeymoon, we visited Mexico’s Yucatan villages.

And learned that in another life, I just might have been a Mayan.

Book Details:
437 Pages
Genre: Memoir, Non-Fiction

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You Have the Power: Self-Edit Your Way Into Print by Cindy Davis

Self-edit Your Way Into Print

Cindy Davis shares her years of editing experience.

Her guidelines give you the power to edit and polish your own writing.

Cindy will teach you many editing strategies

Learn how to decipher overwriting, how to make dialect more readable. Learn to remove the overuse of adverbs and pronouns.

Learn how to make your opening sentence stand out.

Cindy is a 20+year professional editor

Cindy is best known for her murder mysteries and romantic suspense, many of which were set in her home state of New Hampshire. And have achieved considerable success. Now, a transplant to Florida, Cindy has found herself changing not only place of origin but also genre since her latest work is a New Age fiction penned with her husband Rick

She is an award-winning freelance editor who’s worked in both fiction and nonfiction with over a thousand authors.

Book Details:
112 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Solving The Mystery Of Online Dating: Finding Love and Relationships While Avoiding Scammers by Rick and Cindy Palmacci (Davis)

Almost everyone will find themselves back in the dating world at some point.

Whether married and divorced, whether widowed or ending a long-term relationship—and it doesn’t matter the age—almost everyone will find themselves back in the dating world at some point. The idea of returning to the dating scene is frightening enough to keep some people from trying at all. The reasons are many: what family might think, the fear of getting hurt, being set in our ways, and the one we’ve heard most of all from older people—not letting someone see what time has done to their body.

Online dating is gaining in popularity.

It’s increased three-fold in popularity through the years. Years ago, internet dating sites were called impersonal and a place for losers, but it’s important to remember, the impersonal-ness is gone after that first meeting. Dating sites are merely a place to meet a larger, more diversified number of the opposite sex.

The New York Daily News stated that in a poll of 19,000 people married between 2005-2012, one third met on a dating site.

Consumer Reports, in 2017:

44% of respondents to their poll said online dating led to a serious long-term relationship

Identify Scammers and Internet Trolls.

This book contains an entire chapter on identifying and avoiding the scam artists that patrol our world.

Learn to write your profile so it catches attention.

Special instructions on how to make your profile pop, which photos to use, and how to weed through the available profiles.

Learn the step-by-step method of contact.

So, you are safe at all times, beginning with simple, low-stress coffee dates.

Learn how to follow through and what to do if you fail.

And how not to settle for second best.

The authors met on a dating site.

No, it didn’t happen overnight—for Rick the journey was years; for Cindy six months. In this book, they provide both the male and female perspectives to help others successfully navigate the world of online dating. To avoid the scammers. To become one of the success stories.

Book Details:
58 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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But Honey, He Has Purple Hair: Raising Kids With Sarcasm, Humor & Grit by Rick and Cindy Palmacci (Davis)

Every parent has stories about their kids’ antics.

The kind of stories that result in fall-on-the-floor laughter.

The vignettes in this book will appeal to anyone who has had, or is planning to have, children.

It’s a compilation of the best of the authors’ child-rearing experiences from topics like toilet training and selective deafness to traveling with our cherubs.

But Honey, He Has Purple Hair is written in Erma Bombeck’s tongue-in-cheek style with sometimes differing perspectives from the authors.

Sure, raising kids is a challenge. But what’s to stop you from doing it with laughter and enthusiasm?

There’s nothing like laughter to take away the sting of a bad situation.

Book Details:
129 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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If You Fall Off The Horse…Dating After Divorce by Rick and Cindy Palmacci (Davis)

Okay, so the divorce is final.

You’re ready to get back to life. To the dating world. But you haven’t dated since Reagan was president and you have no idea how to begin.

This book is a step-by-step guide on how-to date again.

It begins with erasing the fear that keeps you from moving forward. Then continues with chapters on navigating bar scenes, acting quickly on chance meetings, or establishing a relationship with someone you already know. And finally, there’s a chapter on online dating.

The authors use their humorous back and forth style to give their perspectives on the dating world.

Fresh from the dating scene, Rick and Cindy’s experiences can often be used as examples of what NOT to do when looking for a mate, or just a long-term friend.

Book Details:
62 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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How I Lost A Thousand Pounds: Eating My Way To Better Health by Rick and Cindy Palmacci (Davis)

The diet industry is one of the biggest in today’s American economy

All that said, How I Lost a Thousand Pounds Eating My Way to Better Health is not your typical diet book. It is my personal journey, my many years of battling obesity, and how, during the trip, I lost well over a thousand pounds—up and down, up and down.

Let’s face it folks, dieting has become a national pastime, just like baseball

Sound familiar? Finally, I found success. I lost over one hundred pounds and, with the knowledge I’ve developed about eating, it will stay off. Hopefully, my story about all the different methods I tried over the years will help you move to the downward side of the hill.

“Boston Medical Center indicates that approximately 45 million Americans diet each year and spend $33 billion on weight lost products.”

The world is in a perpetual search for quick weight loss programs. But, be realistic. How can there be any such thing—outside of chopping the fat from your body? How could you expect the weight to come off overnight? Was it gained with a snap of the fingers? Or the twitch of a nose?

“It only takes a weight loss of 5% to bring significant health benefits that may lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes developing.”

The goal should be consistent weight reduction over a period of time. You must be prepared to develop a whole new outlook on food and what it does to your body.

Monte Nido Mountain Nest announced that “95% of diets fail, and most will regain their lost weight within 1-5 years.”

Book Details:
61 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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How To Make Money Breeding Miniature Dachshunds: and Other Small Breed Dogs by Rick and Cindy Palmacci (Davis)

You CAN make money breeding dogs

The author did just that with miniature dachshunds for over 16 years.

This book will outline everything need from purchasing the original breeding stock, to training, and how often to breed your females.

Financial planning to keep your money where it’s supposed to be.

How NOT to become known as a puppy mill.

Step by step lessons from the moment the puppies are born

Until 8 weeks of age when they are ready to go to their new homes

How to make money breeding miniature dachshunds will take you step by step on starting a breeding business.

We will teach you to be a successful breeder.

Book Details:
54 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Make Money Breeding Small Dogs by Rick and Cindy Palmacci (Davis)

Dogs are family members. They play with our children, keep us warm on cold winter nights, and cuddle when we’re feeling blue. They travel with us or greet us when we arrive home. Everyone is always looking for ways to make a few dollars. Why not make money with your family pet?

No, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or a way to populate-the-world with a million puppies.

This is simply a responsible way for your household pet to be productive. And who doesn’t like cuddly puppies? Your children will learn how to handle delicate creatures; they will learn responsibility. Most of all they will learn about unconditional love.

Go back up and purchase book.

Book Details:
67 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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How To Resume Your Life: After The Death Of A Spouse by Rick and Cindy Palmacci (Davis)

Losing a loved one, whether from death or divorce, is both physically and emotionally debilitating. But as people are so fond of saying, life is short.

It’s time to get back into the world.

This uplifting and informative book will inspire you to get off the couch and back into circulation. Authors Rick and Cindy Palmacci have both been in your position. They dug out from under the quagmire of emotion and found life…and love. Although this book is geared toward inspiring you to recover lost hobbies, find new ones, and just get off your keister, there are also some chapters about finding a new love. To be read, or skipped over—your choice.

What are you waiting for? To repeat inspirational speaker and self-help guru Wayne Dyer’s words, “Excuses be gone!”

Book Details:
68 Pages
Genre: Non-Fiction

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About Author Cindy Davis

Multi-Genre Published Author Residing In Florida

Cindy Davis is the author of 22 mysteries and romantic suspense novels, and several non-fiction books.

She’s a 20-year veteran free-lance editor, and a recent transplant to the land of sunshine where she can be outdoors twelve months of the year rather than the four or five in New England.

Cindy and her new husband Rick do a lot of hiking and swimming. They like to travel–next on the bucket list is Italy. The last trip to Rome produced a novel Lethal Dose of Revenge (being marketed now) which made it TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Personally, she’s addicted to coffee–particularly chocolate raspberry flavor. And don’t anyone dare get between her and her life-loves: Ben & Jerry. Other than that, she’s pretty laid back.

She is an award-winning freelance editor who’s worked in both fiction and nonfiction with over a thousand authors.

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Theodocia McLean’s Books

Anxiety Workbook: Healing Each Day by Theodocia McLean

30 Day Workbook: From The Author Of Mental Health Workbook: A Must Have Communication Tool

Each time you recover from an anxiety (panic attack), you are a survivor. You Won!

Anxiety is a part of life, but serious, uncontrolled anxiety will rob you of quality of life.

As a DID Survivor, my internal network struggles daily to stay on what we call our ‘Center Point’.

In this workbook, I will share with you what works best for me. Keep in mind that everyone is unique and must find their own ‘Center Point’ and how to arrive there.

The first idea that you must internalize, you are not alone. Thousands, even billions of people around the world suffer from mild to acute anxiety. Knowing that you are not alone, should be a mild comfort and perhaps there are groups in your area where you can join, find local resources, and help others along the way.

Thank you for reading and accepting this workbook as a tool for healing each day. I recommend that you buy a new workbook every year to continue the progress that you are making. I give you lots of room to write in this journal/workbook.

I suggest you also purchase my Mental Health Workbook: A Must Have Communication Tool. This second workbook will help you track your health and share with your health providers.

This workbook would make a perfect gift for those who suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

I wish you the very best in health and healing.

Product Details:
336 Page Workbook for $14.95
Genre: Anxiety, Mental Health, Reference, Non-Fiction, Self-Help

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Approach Your Non-Profit With Assurance by Theodocia McLean

A Must Have Workbook (Funding Source Included.

For All New Non-Profit Executive Directors And Board Members.

Learn Why You Need A Board Of Directors, How To Select Your Board Of Directors, What Are Your Board’s Responsibilities, How Do You Further Organize, Develop And Evaluate Your Board, Approach Your Development Team With Knowledge, Research Database, Proposal Preparation And Forms And Information Handouts And Some Actual Funding Sources. Time Is Your Most Valuable Resource: Don’t Waste Time. Theodocia McLean Has Proven That She Has A Heart For Nonprofits. Theodocia Worked Ten Years In The Nonprofit Sector As A Grant Researcher/ Grant Writer Before Becoming A Published Author.

Product Details:
162 Page Workbook for $10.95
Genre: Non-Profit, Business, Funding, Workbook, Non-Fiction

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Beyond The Diamond Pod by Theodocia McLean

It is the year 3010. Fyodor lives in the future and travels to the past.

Her story is vivid, depicting real-time events as she moves through time, back into our Biblical past: Genesis, Adam and Eve, Noah documented with biblical references.

A truly wonderful story intertwined with fantasy and fact.

Travel with Fyodor in A Diamond Pod and witness Biblical Time Travel in a new dimension.

Product Details:
133 Pages Print For 8.95 and E-Book 2.99
Genre: Time Travel, Short Story, Fiction



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Cat Diary For Cat Lovers (In The Event Of Accident Or My Death) by Theodocia McLean

Dear Cat Lover,

I could never imagine (not would I want to) my life without a cat. Even as a child, I had a cat and some years a cat and a dog for pets.

The idea for this Cat Diary stems back twenty-five plus years. Circumstances beyond my control was forcing me not only to move to another state, but I couldn’t have a cat where I was going.

My pressing task was to find a new home for my beloved male cat named Greybow. I bought a notebook and begun writing everything I knew about Greybow’s likes, dislikes, medical history (as he had lost one leg due to an accident), and everything that made him special. Next, I put an ad in the local newspaper. A day passed before a local college student called and asked if she could visit Greybow. She came over to the house and immediately wanted Greybow. She moved here to attend college and she was homesick for her family and lonely. She had an apartment that allowed cats and so she decided she needed a furry friend. Before we moved ahead with the exchange, I asked her to take the notebook home and study it before she made the final decision. She called in a couple of day and asked if she could adopt my Greybow. She said she had read his diary and was convinced he would be the perfect companion for her. I say my goodbye and watched her drive away with my precious Greybow. Before she left, I gave her my new address and asked her to write, so I would know that Greybow was settling in well. A couple of months later, I received a long letter stating how wonderful Greybow had settled in. She said she was no longer lonely as he was her shadow and stayed close while she studied long hours. In my heart I knew that the diary had played a huge role in guaranteeing the successful transition for both her and Greybow.

These many years later, I created this workbook to help you and your precious furry friend(s) find a new home. You might find your situation mirrors mine so long ago. Perhaps illness has driven you to this decision or a family member has died and his or her cat needs a new home.

I would never wish on you the agony of needing to place your furry family member in a new home, but if it needs to be, I hope this workbook brings you comfort and the new owner much needed information to make the transition seamless.

It is now 2018 and my shadow is named Wolf. He was a shelter cat, adopted before six month and returned to the shelter. When I found him in 2011, he was in a large room of cats, curled up all lone on a corner piece of carpet. I picked him up, turned him over, and held him close to my chest like a baby. He looked up at me with the lonely eyes and started purring. My heart melted and I knew he was the furry one. Someone had already named him Wolf due to his gray color and pointed ears. He was and is adorable. He is now age seven and the king of the house.

This workbook would not be complete unless I stated that Wolf has endorsed it. Wolf is my loving shadow and I have talked through every word of this notebook with him and he gives his full approval.

Wolf and I realize that if you are using this workbook, it is because you love your furry friend and want to provide for him or her even when you can’t be around. We wish you and your furry member of the family the very best in health, love, cuddles and the transitions that life brings.

With Love from Wolf and Theodocia

Photos Included are Personal

October 6, 2018

Product Details:
98 Page Dairy Workbook for $8.95
Genre: Pets, Cats, Non-Fiction

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Characters Unleashed: Writing Exercises For New Authors by Theodocia McLean

Congratulations, You Have Decided To Write A Book.

Writing your first book will send you on a roller coaster of emotions. Maybe you have dreamed for years of retiring from your job, creating time and the perfect space to write your novel. The words might pour out of your mind faster than you can type or you might face dry spells where the words won’t come. Writing your book will become a labor of love, intense work, laughter and tears, but seeing your book in print will be one of the most thrilling experiences of your lifetime.

Family and friends might ask you the very same question that you find yourself asking as you stare at the blank white page in front of you. Why am I writing this book? Is my first intention to become famous and get rich or do I have a story, an idea or some information that I want to share with others?

In my experience, my first book was fiction because I had a story in my head that wouldn’t leave me alone. A story that I needed to tell if for no other reason than getting it out of my head and the satisfaction of reading it in print. From there I branched out into a memoir in hopes of sharing a part of my life journey. My workbooks were written out of a need to share important information with others. I created a format that allows my reader to write their own contribution in the workbook and make it their own.

I think the best authors have written out of the sheer pleasure of writing the novel, biography, short story, poetry etc. Passion for the characters, story or information that you want to convey will be the spring board that will keep you writing.

The satisfaction of selling my books is surprisingly not about money at all. I have discovered that selling a book is a humbling experience. If just one person takes time out their busy life to purchase and read one of my books or contribute to one of my workbooks that they hold in their hands and write in, how much more truly lasting satisfaction could I possibly obtain?

Why A Workbook? Words are like clouds, they form, the create amazing things, they create chaos and then they disappear.  You don’t have to be perfect at journaling for this workbook to help you as an author. You do have to be willing to put the work in to reap the rewards.

As your move along into this workbook, you will write about what you know and what you imagine. I created this in workbook format because writing is in your blood and this workbook will guide you.

Every day you get up out bed and experience life. Maybe you go someone, talk to people you know, meet someone new, are perhaps you are forced into a new environment or situation.

Unless you are writing a reference book, your book will most likely be about characters, environment, locations, and time periods. Whether fiction or nonfiction, your book will need to draw your reader out of their space and time and into your creation of space and time. The more you understand how your day to day experience transforms into the life of your book, the better writer you will become.

I wish you the very best in writing, publishing and more importantly, promotion and sales. You are welcome to contact me for help.

Message by Theodocia McLean

Product Details
151 Page Workbook for $9.95
Genre: Authors, Characters, Books, Writing Exercises, Non-Fiction

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DID: True Story Of Survival by Theodocia McLean

Theodocia McLean was born on Beals Island, in Downeast Maine, in 1954.

Sold to the mailman, adopted twice, she wasn’t told her beautiful name until her sixteenth birthday.

Her love for writing began when her fifth-grade teacher captured her imagination with creative writing assignments while she was living away from home in a harsh, punitive private school environment.

A song that she sings every day is the only link that she has to Clara, her one special friend, who made daily life bearable for a short time in that dreadful place. She longs for the day when someone, even a stranger, will show her the proof that she desperately needs on whether her friend really died that terrible day.

This book describes the first twenty-three years of her life with vivid detail and uncompromising honesty. Writing is therapy and telling her story takes her experience out of the shadows into the light.

She hopes that her readers will muster up the courage to tell their story and thus begin their own healing journey.

Product Details:
262 Pages Print For 12.95 and E-Book 2.99
Genre: Memoir, Biography, Adoption, DID: Dissociative Disorder, Multiple Personalities, Non-Fiction



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Footprints In My Life Journey: 30 Day Bi-Polar Workbook by Theodocia McLean

30-Day Workbook Intended To Aide Communication Between Patient, Doctor and Therapist

225 Pages for $12.95

Revised Version September 2018

Dear Friend,

I am writing this to you out of a heart of sympathy and understanding. If you have mental illness, especially Bi-Polar, you need to know that you are not alone. I have wrestled with the debilitating illness of Bi-Polar and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and I consider myself a survivor. Yes, like you, I will have mental illness for the rest of my life. I consider myself a survivor, because I have been properly diagnosed (therefore am not going insane, as I once thought). I am on the proper medications for my disorder and I have the ‘Will Power’ to live.

The first step for me was getting through the denial. I will say, that this took way too long, but it is a journey that each of us must take individually. The second step for me was getting and continuing treatment and therapy in order to get a record of history, the right diagnosis and the right treatment. My illness might be more complicated than your diagnosis due to DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). There is no medication for DID, but therapy has greatly helped. Medication is so different for everyone and finding the right combination can take years. Just when you think you have the magic formula; your body adjusts to it and it can be a starting over process or just an adjustment in the dose. The third step for me was determining that I didn’t want to continue with long recurring bouts in a Psychiatric Hospital. To be honest, this step took years. The fourth step for me was what I named, ‘My Will’.

Each Step is taken at a different pace for each individual. I don’t believe there is a magic time table. For me, I had to determine the quality of life that I wanted while surviving with mental illness. As a writer and someone who had a journal most of my life, it became apparent that I needed to apply those skills to my life long recovery process. I know that everyone is not comfortable with writing, expressing thoughts on paper or tracking anything on a consistent basis. However, it is my experience as time goes on, this process not only helps myself, but my doctor, therapist, family and friends.

This workbook is a labor of love. Please give this workbook as a gift to those who need it.

I begin with a poem: I wrote this poem in April 2002, when it finally dawned on me that all of us with mental illness have to fight for our mental health. We have to fight the depression, the darkness, suicidal thoughts and the shadows of the past. We have to fight the anxiety of the present and the fears of the future. I find that I have to go to a place deep inside me. A place, I call, ‘My Room of Will’.

I wish you the very best in health and happiness.

Theodocia McLean

Product Details:
225 Pages for $12.95
Genre: Mental Health, Bipolar Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Self-Help, Workbook, Non-Fiction

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Greyboy Mountain Express (Trumble Kids Adventures) by Theodocia McLean

All the Trumble kids (brothers, sisters and cousins) work the family business, which takes them all over the world.

The Trumble kids, together with the Trumble adults (moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles), work each summer assembling and managing one of their world-renowned fairground enterprises.

Home School gives the Trumble kids the added advantage of traveling the world, learning world history, world geography, world religions, and meeting people, they would never encounter under normal circumstances.

Each summer the Trumble kids encounter one or more adventures that bring all the siblings and cousins together in strong bond that will never be broken. This summer is no different. Join the Trumble Kids Adventure on a private steam locomotive called Greyboy Mountain Express. This summer will bring the kids more adventure than they could ever imagine.

Welcome aboard Grey Mountain Express. All kids welcome.

Product Details:
Series: Trumble Kids Adventures (Book 1)
109 Pages (with Photos) for $21.00
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile (ages 8-12), Action, Adventure

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Household Property Inventory Workbook by Theodocia McLean

A Must Have Record Keeping System.

The Household Property Inventory Workbook by Theodocia McLean is one purchase you will wish you had made several years ago. Lucky for you, it is never too late to document household and personal belongings.

This workbook is geared for home owners or those who rent. Document and track everything from furnishings to valuables. This workbook begins with all the primary household family members’ vital statistics, dates, places, of birth, right down to the details needed for family members if you are in the hospital or you need someone to care for your furry members of the family. It ends with your end of life instructions.

Heaven forbid your home and all its contents are lost to fire, flood or other natural disaster. However, this is when this workbook becomes valuable. Your home and all its contents are your biggest investments and you have spent a personal fortune insuring for earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and theft. It is the worst time of your life when the insurance adjuster wants proof of your loss. You took the time to document your belongings in this workbook, you followed the format, your recorded serial numbers, included receipts and photo copied everything. You even stored copies on external hard drives or in the cloud. You’re covered! Just sit back and wait for the insurance company to cut you a check.

I highly recommend you purchase this workbook annually for your home and store each past year(s) in your safety deposit box. This workbook makes a great wedding or housewarming gift. Buy copies for yourself, your family and friends.

Product Details:
435 Page Workbook at $15.95
Genre: Home, Property, Self-Help, Workbook, Non-Fiction

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Lost In Missouri (Trumble Kids Adventure) by Theodocia McLean

Each summer brings at least one adventure, for the Trumble Kids, that bonds these siblings and cousins together.

The Trumble kids are home schooled, allowing them to travel with their parents, who own and operate the world most famous fair ground operations.

This summer begins with a much-anticipated White-Water River Rafting Trip, down the Missouri River. This trip down the Missouri river will bring adventure and danger.

The Trumble kids will have to rely on their individual and group skills to survive this treacherous river trip.

There is a teaser chapter at the end which introduces book three in the series.

Also, the introduction to the Trumble Kids Adventure Series (Book One) is included, for those who might have missed it.

Product Details:
Series: Trumble Kids Adventure (Book 2
186 Pages Print for 8.95 and E-Book 2.99
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile (ages 8-12), Action, Adventure

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Mental Health Workbook: A Must Have Communication Tool by Theodocia McLean

30-Day Workbook Intended To Aide Communication Between Patient, Doctor and Therapist.

Theodocia McLean’s book, Mental Health Workbook: A Must Have Communication Tool is a 30-Day Workbook intended to aide communication between patient, doctor and therapist. This workbook is a tool to accomplish daily tracking with as little or as much writing as the patient/participate desires. She has included a bonus day (31) to cover the longest calendar month. The bonus day (31) can be copied and placed in a separate notebook going forward to cover the year. Theodocia gives enough examples and choices to check off each day, so little writing is necessary. She provides extra space for those who like to write/journal a lot. Her desire is that this workbook will be used as a tool to track daily moods, goals, successes, regressions and track medication and their side effects. Theodocia writes out of heart of love for those who are dealing with mental illness themselves or know someone who is. She hopes the results of this daily tracking journal workbook will be shared with one’s mental health provider and or care giver.

Product Details:
255 Page Workbook at $10.95
Genre: Mental Health, Reference, Non-Fiction, Self-Help

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My Theodocia (As Told By Stormy) by Theodocia McLean

My Theodocia: As Told By Stormy (Revised September 2018) – by Theodocia McLean

Sold to the mailman, adopted twice, she wasn’t told her beautiful name until her sixteenth birthday.

Her love for writing began when her fifth-grade teacher captured her imagination with creative writing assignments while she was living away from home in a harsh, punitive private school environment.

A song that she sings every day is the only link that she has to Clara, her one special friend, who made daily life bearable for a short time in that dreadful place.

She longs for the day when someone, even a stranger, will show her the proof that she desperately needs on whether her friend really died that terrible day.

Her books My Theodocia: As Told By Stormy and DID: True Story Of Survival describes the first twenty-three years of her life with vivid detail and uncompromising honesty.

Writing is therapy and telling her story takes her experience out of the shadows into the light.

She hopes that her readers will muster up the courage to tell their story and thus begin their own healing journey.

Product Details:
263 Pages Print For 12.95 and E-Book 2.99
Genre: Memoir, Biography, Adoption, DID: Dissociative Disorder, Multiple Personalities, Non-Fiction

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Nephilim: Living Among Us by Theodocia McLean

Is This Half-Breed Living Among Us Today?

People are experiencing encounters with these fallen angels who have both de-evolved and evolved with an insatiable lust.

Theodocia McLean’s book, The Nephilim: Is This Half-Breed Living Among Us Today? is a unique approach to the “Nephilim” (offspring of fallen angels and human copulation).

This might possibly be Theologians best kept secret.

This is a fictional account of the “Nephilim” briefly described in the Bible. Her premise is that fallen angels survived the great flood that wiped out the earthbound Nephilim.

This fictional accounting is set in the backdrop of a convention of people who are experiencing encounters with these fallen angels who have both de-evolved and evolved with an insatiable lust and the question remains, is this half-breed among us today?

Product Details:
Revised Short Story September 2018
107 Pages at $8.95
Genre: Fiction, Nephilim, Fallen Angels, Theologians, Half-Breed, Short Story

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Theodocia’s Heart Songs: Memoir With Selected Poetry by Theodocia McLean

This book contains Theodocia’s Memoir with selected poems at the end.

In her life, the poetry came first. Writing poetry gave her a voice and now she shares her poems and memoir with you. Writing is a vehicle that has helped her express some of the emotions stuffed way down deep throughout the years. Writing is one of the greatest tools that she has discovered in her life skills toolbox, which helps her continue on her healing journey.

This book describes the first twenty-three years of her life with vivid detail and uncompromising honesty.

Theodocia McLean was born on Beals Island, in Downeast Maine, in 1954. Sold to the mailman, adopted twice, she wasn’t told her beautiful name until her sixteenth birthday.

Her love for writing began when her fifth-grade teacher captured her imagination with creative writing assignments while she was living away from home in a harsh, punitive private school environment. A song that she sings every day is the only link that she has to Clara, her one special friend, who made daily life bearable for a short time in that dreadful place. She longs for the day when someone, even a stranger, will show her the proof that she desperately needs on whether her friend really died that terrible day.

Writing is therapy and telling her story takes her experience out of the shadows into the light. She hopes that her readers will muster up the courage to tell their story and thus begin their own healing journey.

Product Details
Revised Version September 2018
271 Pages for $12.95
Genre: Memoir, Biography, Poetry, Non-Fiction, Mental Health, Healing, Heart Songs

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About The Author:  Theodocia McLean was born on Beals Island, in Downeast Maine, in 1954. Sold to the mailman, adopted twice, she wasn’t told her beautiful name until her sixteenth birthday.

Her love for writing began when her fifth-grade teacher captured her imagination with creative writing assignments while she was living away from home in a harsh, punitive private school environment. A song that she sings every day is the only link that she has to Clara, her one special friend, who made daily life bearable for a short time in that dreadful place. She longs for the day when someone, even a stranger, will show her the proof that she desperately needs on whether her friend really died that terrible day.

Her book DID: True Story Of Survival describes the first twenty-three years of her life with vivid detail and uncompromising honesty. Writing is therapy and telling her story takes her experience out of the shadows into the light.

Theodocia McLean is a multi-genre author. She is owner of Book Marketing Global Network and all the Cold Coffee Online Properties. You can find all her books on Amazon and/or Amazon Affiliates. She welcomes honest reviews.

She hopes that her readers will muster up the courage to tell their story and thus begin their own healing journey. She is willing to help other authors along their publishing and promotion journey.

You can contact her: admin@bookmarketingglobalnetwork.com

Books by Theodocia McLean:
Approach Your Non-Profit With Assurance
Anxiety Workbook: Healing Each Day
Beyond The Diamond Pod
Cat Diary For Cat Lovers (In The Event Of Accident Or My Death)
Characters Unleashed: Writing Exercises For New Authors
DID: True Story Of Survival
Footprints In My Life Journey
Greyboy Mountain Express (Trumble Kids Adventures)
Household Property Inventory Workbook
Lost In Missouri: Trumble Kids Adventure
Mental Health Workbook: A Communication Tool
My Theodocia: As Told By Stormy
Nephilim Living Among Us
The Nephilim
Theodocia’s Heart Songs

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Robert J. Saniscalchi’s Books

My Life For Her: Enhanced Edition by Robert J Saniscalchi

 My Life, For Her is a story about a Vietnam veteran who becomes a cop, and a cop who becomes a hero as he struggles to save his family. The reader is taken on an action-packed journey from hometown America to the jungles of Colombia, as Rob and his comrade Tex struggle against the forces of darkness. This book is not only an adventurous thriller, it is also a story about love, undying faith, and humanity. Suspense, action, and drama are carefully crafted together in this book for a memorable tale.

2019 Book Reviews:
Reviewed by Grady Harp
4.0 out of 5 Stars
‘Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.’ General George S. Patton
February 11, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition: Verified Purchase

New Jersey born author Robert Saniscalchi returns to his 2010 debut novel with editorial enhancement by Autumn Conley and portions of the book embellished for the progress of the story. He subsequently published BULLETS AND BANDAGES (inspired by his older brother who was a field medic Vietnam 68-69) and FREEDOM’S LIGHT (addressing the wars in Afghanistan). Now MY LIFE FOR HER is placed before readers as a more polished novel that reflects the impact of the Vietnam War and the interaction of a veteran as a policeman fighting the drug cartels. Robert lives in both Pennsylvania and Florida.

Robert opens this story of Vietnam War veteran medic who has returned home to Pikeville and has become a police officer. The mood Robert establishes is sensitive and reflective: ‘Rob Marrino had sensed something odd yet familiar, that same old feeling that his life had circled back to the same time and place he had been before. The day was bright, the air fresh and invigorating. He had hoped that was a sign of a new beginning. Now, he had to wonder about that. It was Rob’s day off after his first week back to work in three months. A chain of events started in May; one he was struggling to forget. Thankfully, he was doing much better now, with the help of his doctor, his loving family, and the medication….

Now he sat admiring the mirror finish on this freshly waxed and detailed Mustang. Over the years, he had enjoyed working on the car, keeping it clean and tuned up. The car was a gift he bought for himself after making it through the bullets and bandages of the hell in Vietnam. The 1969 Mach 1, metallic red with flat black trim, was Rob’s pride and joy, so he stored it safely in the garage and drove his old but reliable Chevy pickup most of the time. On summer weekends, whenever they had the chance, Rob and Beth Anne, his better half, dropped the kids off at Grandma’s house, then cruised on down to the shore…’ The setting is well-established Americana, and then the story takes flight.

Many aspects of the story seem tied to fact – Pikeville is in New Jersey, Rob is a veteran medic like Robert’s brother – and that is one reason the theme feels true. But the quiet opening soon changes – Rob is involved in the arrest of drug runners from a Colombian cartel that subsequently kidnapping Beth Anne to Colombia and Rob and his fellow veteran friend Tex travel to the jungles of Colombia to rescue her. There is considerable violence – torture, murder, explosions, etc. that at times mirror the bad memories of the Vietnam experience.

Not having read the original book, which apparently cried for a rewrite, this reader found the story intense and involving and a fine speedy read. Will we ever reach a period when previous wars do not permanently impact both veterans and their families as in PTSD et al? Likely not until wars go away. We go on. Grady Harp, February 19


Reviewed by V.E.
4.0 out of 5 Stars
Thrill Ride
February 12, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition: Verified Purchase

My Life for Her by Robert J. Saniscalchi is a heartwarming story about a Vietnam veteran. Rob Marino is a veteran turned small town cop in this book that starts off slowly, but builds in excitement and tension as the story moves forward.

Rob could never possibly envision how his life evolves as the unexpected happens, and his chance involvement with the Colombian cartel takes a dangerous turn, as Rob’s wife is kidnapped in retaliation.

This is a well-rounded story that pulls you in pretty much right from the start, and what may appear to be a bland story in the beginning builds into a solid plot with plenty of action and intrigue. Overall, an interesting book with good characters, a fast pace and a story that keeps you interested until the end. A must read not only for its compelling story but for the focus on Vietnam veterans and the bond they share. Solid recommendation.

From The Author: How far would you go for love?

Could you venture into the darkness, not knowing?

Find out for yourself in this Rob Marrino, and Tex Larson thriller.

Product Details:
Print Length: 197 Pages
Genre: War & Military Action Fiction, Military Thrillers, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Fiction

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Freedom’s Light by Robert J Saniscalchi

Once again into the fray we must go to stand firm in the goodness of the light-Freedom’s Light- against those that hide in the dark shadows of evil.

From the streets of NYC, to the remote badlands of Iraq, the world finds itself against an enemy as evil and ruthless as ever before.

Follow Rob and Tex as you are pulled into an action-packed story of love, loss, faith, and enduring friendship

Editorial Reviews:  Author Robert Saniscalchi has penned down a masterful fictitious narrative based on the bitter past of U.S. by reconstructing the tragic event of 9/11.

Featuring a snappy relationship of three brothers (Paul, Roy & Rob) engaged in hearty leisure time of a hunting expedition, author skillfully highlights and brings out the character of 28-year-old Rob, a U.S. army veteran and a team member of ‘Special Operations Delta Force’ where during a casual chitchat Rob updates his brother about his livelihood and hardship at the military and a silent war being waged against terrorism.

Poignant, yet brilliantly told ‘Freedom’s Light’ unfolds itself delivering a wild ride of thrilling quest and dangerous assignment tasked to Rob against the evil of terrorism. Vividly detailed settings entwined with intricately developed evocative prose is explicit and author manages to evoke the emotional attachment for those who have suffered brutally at the hands of terrorism and its ugliness around the world.

Action oriented, tense and dramatic, author Robert Saniscalchi’s fictional thriller is a captivating modern-day parable that is relate-able and entertaining. Those looking for a powerful reality-based page turner are sure to be intrigued by ‘Freedom’s Light’.
Reviewed by Enas Reviews: midwestbookreview.com, December 16, 2016


Author Robert J Saniscalchi brings us fictional tale, Freedom’s Light, in a very real, honest exploration of good and evil as related to the harrowing events of 9/11–and the aftermath left in its wake.

Saniscalchi’s story introduces us to his protagonist, Rob, embarking on a family hunting expedition within the quiet wilderness of New York State. The peaceful outing filled with brotherly bonding and banter is short-lived, however, as the characters are soon thrown into the horror of the 9/11 attacks and a subsequent military operation. This is all unfortunately foreshadowed by Rob’s warnings, who understands the fragility of freedom and how it must be protected (or the light will be extinguished). A soldier and patriot, Rob becomes deeply entrenched within an elite team called Light Force. The object of the military operation: To identify the source (a terrorist base in Afghanistan) of another possible attack on US soil, and stop it in its tracks.

The characters are portrayed in a realistic and relatable manner, and the action is well depicted as the reader is soon caught up in the emotion and intensity. Although I don’t usually follow war books, shows, and movies, I particularly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone who does enjoy the genre. Saniscalchi clearly demonstrates a thorough knowledge of his subject matter, and his story does not disappoint. Everyone I know was in some way impacted by the events of 9/11, and I can still recall the exact moments in which I came to learn about what had happened. This is a story of bravery and pays tribute to the men and women who selflessly fought to protect the United States from terrorism–and continue to do so today.
Reviewed by Rachael Hannah.


This an amazing book, it caught my attention from the very first page. It’s about 9 11 and the terrorist that attacked the twin towers and the army that went to battle against them. While I was reading this book a song popped into my head and it is where were you when the world stopped turning by Allen Jackson. That song describes parts of this book. It is well written and I loved the main character. I never knew exactly what happens that day but mow I have more knowledge of what happened. I will recommend this book to my friends and family.
Reviewed by Brittany Dalton Author’s Den10/2/2018

Product Details:
Paperback: 290 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First Printed Edition (January 2, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1542329558
ISBN-13: 978-1542329552
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.7 x 8 inches
Genre: War & Military Action Fiction, Military Thrillers, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Fiction

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Bullets and Bandages by Robert James Saniscalchi

Bullets and Bandages was inspired from the stories of the author’s brother who was a US Army Field Medic with an elite Rescue and Recon Platoon, Vietnam 68-69. Through those stories, the author found the inspiration and was given the unique insight into the Bullets and Bandages of war. Parts of this book are also about the author’s own experiences, and that special time in our history.

The trails and victories of Rob and his comrades pull you into a world of survival through willpower, tenacity, and wit. This story is not only an adventurous thriller, but is also a story of love, humanity, and overcoming. CHAPTER 1- EXCERPT- BULLETS AND BANDAGES Some memories exist because they are etched into one’s mind with fire and anguish of true experience, not by choice. From my tour of duty in Vietnam, I am filled with the experiences that cannot be wiped away. I can recall the events, the names and the faces as if they had been in front of me only a short time ago. To this day, I thank the Lord in my prayers for helping me survive.

Sometimes, I dream of the tranquil rice fields or of the hot steamy jungles—– very quiet and peaceful. Occasionally, the dreams are of the men that I could not save, and of the ghastly shadows of my enemies. These images are a contradictory and discordant collage of the real horror of war. I have no misgivings about what was done; I was a soldier doing my duty for my country, in a war far away from my home. It was a war where our forces could not fully engage the enemy. The Army could not move on a strategic offensive and take the ground war into Hanoi or Cambodia. I had to learn a new type of warfare or would not have survived.

After some time, I began to know the enemy and anticipate his movements. My unit traveled the jungles in platoons of heavy infantry in search of Charlie. Our nerves were constantly on edge. It was a guerrilla war, and I learned to adapt. With a little time, my platoon began to work together. We learned to think like the enemy and use our instincts to fight together as a team. When the enemy would stand and fight, we fought back until they ran.

Unfortunately, I knew before long those same troops would try to sneak up on us again. Copyright Robert Saniscalchi 2007.

Genre: War & Military Action Fiction, Military Thrillers, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Fiction

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About The Author: Robert J Saniscalchi is the Author of Bullets and Bandages, now in 2nd Edition from Amazon/Kindle/Create-Space.

His first book has received endorsements from the Vietnam Veterans of America and The Military Writer’s Society of America.

Robert also is the Author of the 2nd Edition of- My Life For Her, also from Amazon/Kindle Create-Space. Full reviews on his work can be found on Amazon.com.

Robert’s third work, his new story -Freedom’s Light- is complete, and with a 5-star review on Amazon Kindle.

Robert is a member of various writing and reading communities. Robert is a retired Electrician, Author/ Writer and reader of the known/unknown. Robert became interested in writing after he attended English and writing classes at college. He is married and he has a home in Berks County Pa and Winter Springs Fl.

Robert loves the great outdoors, reading, writing and working on his cars.

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You Tube:



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Tom Garrison’s Books

Hiking Southern Nevada, Volume One
by Mr. Tom Garrison

Geographers define a desert as a region receiving less than 10 inches average annual precipitation–an area of irregular and minimal rainfall. Meager rainfall means sparse vegetation and results in exposed geological features. One can think of the raw features as the earth without the makeup of vegetation. Deserts can be stark, creating a drama of space, color, relief, and sheer ruggedness. Despite the sparse vegetation, deserts in the southwest United States are full of life–hundreds of plant species, scores of bird species, and many other animals. The best way to observe the flora and fauna is on foot, far from urban areas.

This guide is about hiking and generally exploring desert areas, specifically southern Nevada. There is no better way to experience the ruggedness, the history of settlement by Native Americans and later pioneers, and the solitude than by simply hiking and exploring. My purpose in writing this book is to enhancement the enjoyment of all who wish to sample the richness of southern Nevada.

My wife, Deb Looker, accompanied me on every hike. This book is a testament to her love of the outdoors as much as mine. Through trial and error from scores of hikes, reading many hiking books, and much Internet research, we have become experienced desert hikers. More than 25 years ago we began seriously exploring the American Southwest. During the first several years we concentrated on areas fairly close to our then home in Santa Barbara, California–the Mojave Desert around Barstow and Baker and Death Valley. We later branched out to Joshua Tree National Park and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in south central California. In the early 2000s Arizona became a favorite destination. Finally, we began exploring southern Utah in 2006. In the fall of 2009 we left California and settled in St. George, Utah. St. George is a great base camp for adventures in southwest Utah, southern Nevada, and northern Arizona.

While we much enjoy the grandeur of big name desert national parks–Death Valley, Zion, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and others–our preference is hard to find, out of the bustle of humanity, slot canyons. Fortunately, the area we choose to live is full of slot canyons.

I wrote the the 25 stories in this book to describe the natural beauty where we hiked, and to inspire people to get out and enjoy nature. Go outdoors and relax, leave the pressures of daily life behind for a few hours. These hikes are not hard-core three-day backpacking treks through the wilderness. That is a great thing, but not for most people, even those who enjoy the outdoors. There are many good hiking books with long, tough hikes–this is not one of them.

These are more of “get off the couch or out of your daily rut” and see what nature, plate tectonics, and erosion have given you. These stories and hikes are for the average person/family that understands the value of nature, but never quite gets out to enjoy it.

My approach to writing is less formal than found in other hiking books. I’m not above making a joke out of slogging through loose sand or commenting on how rocks in a wash kept grabbing at my feet and that is the reason for my stumbles. Humor and not taking myself too seriously are important parts of my life, and these stories reflect that. At the same time, detailed directions for finding sometimes obscure trail-heads, the hike itself, and where to look for interesting features are provided.

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Hiking Southwest Utah and Adjacent Areas, Volume One Updated
by Tom Garrison

This guide is about hiking and generally exploring desert areas, specifically southwest Utah and adjacent areas (southern Nevada and northern Arizona).

There is no better way to experience the ruggedness, the history of settlement by Native Americans and later pioneers, and the solitude than by simply hiking and exploring. My purpose in writing this book is to enhancement the enjoyment of all who wish to sample the richness of southwest Utah and adjacent areas. My wife, Deb Looker, accompanied me on every hike.

This book is a testament to her love of the outdoors as much as mine. Through trial and error from scores of hikes, reading many hiking books, and much Internet research, we have become experienced desert hikers.

More than 25 years ago we began seriously exploring the American southwest. During the first several years we concentrated on areas fairly close to our then home in Santa Barbara, California—the Mojave Desert around Barstow and Baker and Death Valley. We later branched out to Joshua Tree National Park and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in south central California. In the early 2000s Arizona became a favorite destination. Finally, we began exploring southern Utah in 2006. In the fall of 2009 we left California and settled in St. George, Utah. St. George is a great base camp for adventures in southwest Utah, southern Nevada, and northern Arizona.

While we much enjoy the grandeur of big name desert national parks—Death Valley, Zion, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and others—our preference is hard to find, out of the bustle of humanity, slot canyons. Fortunately, the area we choose to live is full of slot canyons. This book was originally published in 2014. One would think not much changes regarding hiking trails. Wrong. For example, at the end of each story I provide Internet links to web sites with more information about the hike. Many of the links are missing as of January/February 2018 and almost all have been updated. With a bit of computer work, I have updated or provided new links where necessary.

Some of the stories required updating since entrance fees or other minor details have changed. One hike, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, near Las Vegas now has a totally different approach to the trail-head. Instead of needing a high clearance vehicle to navigate a very rocky dirt road, one can now easily reach the trailhead in a standard vehicle. As of March 2018, the information in this hiking guide is correct for all trails according to my online research and personal experience in re-visiting some of the hikes. Happy trails.

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Hiking Southwest Utah and Adjacent Areas, Volume Two (Volume 2)
by Tom Garrison

This guide is about hiking and generally exploring desert areas, specifically southwest Utah and adjacent areas (southern Nevada and northern Arizona).

There is no better way to experience the ruggedness, the history of settlement by Native Americans and later pioneers, and the solitude than by simply hiking and exploring. My purpose in writing this book is to enhancement the enjoyment of all who wish to sample the richness of southwest Utah and adjacent areas. My wife, Deb Looker, accompanied me on every hike.

This book is a testament to her love of the outdoors as much as mine. Through trial and error from scores of hikes, reading many hiking books, and much Internet research, we have become experienced desert hikers. More than 25 years ago we began seriously exploring the American southwest. During the first several years we concentrated on areas fairly close to our then home in Santa Barbara, California—the Mojave Desert around Barstow and Baker and Death Valley. We later branched out to Joshua Tree National Park and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in south central California. In the early 2000s Arizona became a favorite destination. Finally, we began exploring southern Utah in 2006. In the fall of 2009 we left California and settled in St. George, Utah. St. George is a great base camp for adventures in southwest Utah, southern Nevada, and northern Arizona.

While we much enjoy the grandeur of big name desert national parks—Death Valley, Zion, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and others—our preference is hard to find, out of the bustle of humanity, slot canyons. Fortunately, the area we choose to live is full of slot canyons.

I wrote these stories to describe the natural beauty on our hikes, and as importantly to inspire people to get out and enjoy nature. Go outdoors and relax, leave the pressures of daily life behind for a few hours. These hikes are not hard-core three-day backpacking treks through the wilderness. That is a great thing, but not for the vast majority of people, even those who enjoy the outdoors. There are many good hiking books with long, tough hikes—this is not one of them.

These are more of “get off the couch or out of your daily rut” and see what nature, plate tectonics, and erosion have given you. These stories and hikes are for the average person/family that understands the value of nature, but never quite gets out to enjoy it.

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 Why We Left the Left: Personal Stories by Leftists/Liberals Who Evolved to Embrace Libertarianism
by Tom Garrison

One political question intrigues almost everyone who studies, participates, or is interested in politics: “Why do people identify with a certain ideology and/or political party?” Numerous scholarly and popular books examine political ideology/party identification and why certain ideologies attract certain individuals. This book examines that question in two separate yet joined phases. Why do people initially identify with the Left/liberalism and why do these same individuals abandon that ideology to evolve into libertarians? This inquiry is unique in its focus on former liberals/leftists who become libertarians.

Included are 23 stories from Americans and one Irishman, baring at least part of their souls to answer these questions. All contributors at one point identified with the Left/liberalism. Each explains what originally drew them to the left part of the political spectrum. Virtually all mention some version of the popular stereotype of liberals/leftists “caring for the average person.” And all came to see that as a wispy apparition, based more on intention than fact.

A common theme for why the liberals/leftists abandoned their ideology is the ugly discovery of the inherent elitism of leftists/liberals. Over and over in these stories, the contributors give examples of their liberal/leftist “comrades” explaining how they (liberals/leftists) are needed to steer the people in the proper direction, for their own good of course. The true believing leftists/liberals cling to this illusion. Through many different paths, the contributors to this volume come to see the anti-democratic, elitist nature of this belief.

An equally common denominator is the lack of respect for, or even acknowledgement of, personal responsibility in one’s behavior. A core value of the Left/liberalism is victimhood. Everyone—women, gays and lesbians, people of color, public employee union members, the working class, and so on—is an actual or potential victim. As such, any dysfunctional behavior can always be excused as the result of societal oppression, racism and sexism, rich people and capitalists, corporations, “the man”, and on and on. Of course, negative external forces do exist, but they are not always (or even most of the time) the cause of crappy behavior or failure. Many of the stories in this book note that this refusal to acknowledge personal responsibility strongly influenced the contributor to turn away from the Left/liberalism.

Of course, disillusionment with the notion that government action is needed for every problem—real or imagined—is inherent in turning from leftism/liberalism to libertarianism. Many contributors expound upon this theme.

Many contributors also cite the power of classical liberal economic theory—truly free markets—as a factor in their leaving the Left. Real world examples of the failure of socialist/welfare state economic policy became too difficult to ignore.

Finally, a minor, yet telling, theme is the lack of humor or playfulness in liberals and the Left. Several contributors note the feeling of liberation once they rejected the dour self-importance of the Left/liberalism.

One popular conception of libertarians is that they are, for the most part, disgruntled old white guys. While that group is represented, more than 25 percent of the stories are from women and more than two-thirds are by people younger than 50. This gender and generational diversity extends to occupations—contributors include college students, law students, an attorney, a professional artist, public school teachers, a chemist, writers, a filmmaker, a law professor, a stay-at-home mom, a firefighter, the CEO of a $40 million company, a TV reporter, an editor, the CEO of a free market think tank, and a research engineer.

It is my fervent hope that this collection of stories will hasten the day when libertarianism is widely recognized for what it is—the political movement for adults.

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Challenge Authority: Memoir of a Baby Boomer
by Tom Garrison

 Memoir of a Baby Boomer

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Spotlight Interview With Author Tom Garrison

I am a former very active socialist in Santa Barbara, CA who evolved into a Libertarian desert rat. It can be done.

I am the youngest of four children to two Dust Bowl Okies who migrated to Shafter, California in the Central Valley. My family was fairly apolitical, with Republican leanings. I graduated with a BA in political science from California State College, Bakersfield in 1974 (magna cum laude); earned a MA in political science from University of California, Davis in 1976; and finished everything but my PhD dissertation (ABD) in political science at University of California, Santa Barbara in 1980.

I began political life as a typical McGovern liberal, moved left to become a card-carrying member of the Socialist Party USA, and in the late 1990s evolved into a libertarian.

In 1980 I was arrested, along with hundreds of others, for civil disobedience at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. From the early 1980s to the mid-1990s I was a hyper-active socialist: twice running for Santa Barbara City Council openly as a socialist in the mid-1980s; worked with tenants (three city-wide rent control campaigns in seven years), and gays and lesbians (Deb, my wife, was the first heterosexual on the Gays and Lesbian Resource Center Board of Directors); and fighting political cultists in California’s Peace and Freedom Party (the only socialist party with ballot status in California). During this period, I also found time to work full-time as an editor (from 1982 to 2000) of a political science journal published in Santa Barbara.

I believe my transition from leftist activist to libertarian, while not common, is instructive. Why would someone abandon a strong belief system, lose many comrades/”friends”, and suffer the loss of much of his social network? Why, because I grew to see that the Left (and its handmaiden liberalism) lacked respect and understanding of the concept of personal responsibility; lying was an all too common occurrence that undermined the democratic process; leftists/liberals slavishly adhered to affirmative action preferences, quotas, and identity politics; and leftists/liberals–while embracing “diversity”–all too often display an intolerance for a real diversity of ideas. In 1997 I joined the Libertarian Party.

From the early 1980s to 2000, I published several political articles in publications such as Liberty magazine, the Santa Barbara News-Press, the Santa Barbara Independent, The Socialist, Left Out, and Tenants United.

More than 25 years ago my wife Deb and I began seriously exploring the American Southwest. During the first several years we concentrated on areas fairly close to our then home in Santa Barbara, California—the Mojave Desert around Barstow and Baker and Death Valley. We later branched out to Joshua Tree National Park and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in south central California. In the early 2000s Arizona became a favorite destination. Finally, we began exploring southern Utah in 2006. In the fall of 2009 we left California and settled in St. George, Utah. St. George is a great base camp for adventures in southwest Utah, southern Nevada, and northern Arizona.

While we much enjoy the grandeur of big name desert national parks—Death Valley, Zion, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and others—our preference is hard to find, out of the bustle of humanity, slot canyons. Fortunately, the area we choose to live is full of slot canyons.

From 2000 to 2009, I mostly dropped out of politics and concentrate on my job (Real Property Appraiser for the Santa Barbara County Assessor’s Office); building a real estate “empire” (four rental condos); and exploring and hiking the southwestern United States with Deb, as often as we could get away.

Since December 2010 I have had more than 100 hiking stories and political and humorous essays published (as of May 2018) in The Spectrum (St. George, UT daily newspaper), The Independent (St. George, UT), the Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT), the Mesquite Local News (Mesquite, NV), The Sun Runner (Joshua Tree, CA), Moapa Valley Progress (Logandale/Overton, NV), and the Los Alamos Daily Post (Los Alamos, NM). My most recent book is Hiking Southern Nevada, Volume One (April 2018). It can be found at Amazon. Here is a link: https://www.amazon.com/Hiking-Southern-Nevada-One-Garrisno/dp/1986572153/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

For about one year, starting in October 2011 I had a once-a-week (Mondays at 2:30) 30-minute talk radio show (as a segment of Jake Shannon’s two hour “Mental Self-Defense” program) on station KTKK (630 am) out of Sandy, Utah covering the Salt Lake City area. I discuss the libertarian perspective on a variety of issues.


What makes you proud To Be A Writer From Utah? Most of my published works are hiking stories. There is no better place to explore the outdoors than southwest Utah.

Who or what inspired you to become an author? A few years ago, I read some crappy hiking stories in the local newspaper. I can do better than that. I began submitting stories, they were published, and I even got paid for my work.

Did your environment or upbringing play a major role in your writing and did you use it to your advantage? Nope. While my mother loved to read, there was no particular emphasis on writing. Later, after graduate school, I edited a political science journal for 18 years and became a decent writer.

When did you begin writing with the intention of becoming published? In my late 20s I began to submit political essays to the local newspapers. They were published. Since then, I don’t write anything without the intention of being published.

What has been the most rewarding experience in your writing process? It is an ongoing experience. Getting an email from a reader saying how much they enjoyed my story and how it has inspired them to explore the outdoors.

How many published books do you have (please list the titles)? Five

Why We Left the Left: Personal Stories by Leftists/Liberals Who Evolved to Embrace Libertarianism (2012)

Challenge Authority: Memoir of a Baby Boomer (2014)

Hiking Southwest Utah and Adjacent Areas, Volume One Updated (2018, first published in 2014)

Hiking Southwest Utah and Adjacent Areas, Volume Two (2016)

Hiking Southern Nevada, Volume One (2018)

Please introduce the genre that you prefer to write in and why? Hiking/travel stories. Why, because I love to explore new areas. Fortunately, I have a wife who loves it as much as I do.

What positive piece of advice would you give to new authors? Get it published. Closely examine the publication you want to write for, meet their writing guidelines, and start sending in your material.

Who is your favorite author and why? Harry Turtledove. No one writes alternative history as well as he does. The characters are real and the stories an amazing feat of imagination.

Amazon Author’s Page



Scott Meehan’s Books

a href=”https://www.amazon.com/Stone-Sling-Soldiers-Scott-Meehan-ebook/dp/B01MT2XG2Y/ref=mt_kindle?_encoding=UTF8&me=” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>

Stone In A Sling: A Soldier’s Journey by Scott A. Meehan

In the story of a soldier who served in the U.S. Army from 1980 to 2005, Scott reveals the behind-the-scenes life of an enlisted soldier and a commissioned officer.

From surviving a terrorist attack in Colombia, encounters in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador, East Berlin and Desert Storm, and obtaining obtaining information leading to the capture of Saddam Hussein, this biography explores the reality of military life.

But above all, Stone In A Sling is a story of inspiration, leadership, adventure and unwavering courage.

Genre: Memoir

Amazon Print



Author Bio: Born on October 19, 1958 in Baltimore, Maryland, to a police officer-turn-missionary pilot, and his high school sweetheart, Scott Meehan grew up living in seven states and three foreign countries, attending thirteen different schools. After a hitch-hiking tour in the summer of ’79, through Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, he joined the U.S. Army Special Forces in 1980.

Seven years after joining the Army, Scott, along with his wife and two children, got out of the Army and attended college at Southeastern University and ROTC at Florida Southern, both in Lakeland, Florida. Three years later, he was back in the Army as a commissioned officer in Military Intelligence…just in time to deploy to Desert Storm in 1991. There, he was part of a Psychological Warfare team attached to the First Marine Expeditionary Force where he gathered Top Secret intelligence from front-line enemy defectors who reported that the Iraqi soldiers were all ready to surrender.

Twelve years after returning home from the Gulf War, Scott, then a major, was deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in 2003. After one year at LSA Anaconda in Balad, Scott received the Bronze Star for several actions on the battlefield, which included information gathering that led to Saddam Hussein’s capture. He returned for a second tour in 2005 to Baghdad’s Green Zone before retiring in 2005.

Now living in Orlando, Florida, with his wife, Trena, of 37 years, his married son and his wife, two granddaughters, his daughter, her husband and two grandsons, Scott is the Business Department Lead at City College. His memoirs include: STONE IN A SLING: A SOLDIER’S JOURNEY and ALL I COULD BE. Scott has also written two novels; LOVE IN THE HOUSE OF WAR and MILLENNIAL GIRL; a novella, DUTY RECALL, and three short stories: CROSSROADS, COLD WAR IN BERLIN, and GIRL ALONE. He also co-authored the novel: PRINCE OF BABYLON. Scott is currently writing his third novel: THUNDERBIRD.

Throughout my world traveling experience, I have met some of the most interesting diverse people, who have become the inspiration for my characters.

Author Spotlight Interview

What makes you proud To Be A Writer From Orlando? Orlando is a growing, diverse, metropolis that attracts millions of people from all over the world making this place a melting pot of ideas and a great place to shine your light.

Who or what inspired you to become an author? My experiences of living across twelve states in America, four countries in Latin America, one country in Europe, and two countries in the Middle East. Serving in the US Army for twenty-five years also inspired me to write about my experiences.

Did your environment or upbringing play a major role in your writing and did you use it to your advantage? Yes, on both questions. From third grade until high school graduation, I traveled all over the Americas, meeting a wide range of people, with my parents who were missionaries.

When did you begin writing with the intention of becoming published? Two years after retiring from the Army, which was 2007.

What has been the most rewarding experience in your writing process? Completing a story that was well received by readers.

How many published books do you have (please list the titles)?


Stone in a Sling: A Soldier’s Journey (Memoirs)

Crossroads (Devotional)


Duty Recall (Time Travel Novella)

Love in the House of War (Historical-Romantic thriller novel)

Millennial Girl (Dystopian thriller novel and sequel to Love in the House of war)

The Cold War in Berlin (Short story spy)

Girl Alone (Short story-Iraqi refugee)

Current Projects

The Valley of Bones (Mystery)

Thunderbird (Paranormal / Fantasy and sequel to Millennial Girl and Duty Recall)

My Shining Light (Historical-Military-romantic thriller)

Please introduce the genre that you prefer to write in and why? I am trying them all but have not decided my favorite yet. Military is almost always the backdrop and a strong female character must be present.

What positive piece of advice would you give to new authors? Always remember that your writing goals should be a marathon and not a dash.

Who is your favorite author and why? I like more than one but Alistar MacLean was an early influence, along with Jack Higgins.

Is There Anything You Would Like To Share? I love character building and have met enough people in my life time to build characters.

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Professional Blog



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Sandra Lott’s Books

Deep Waters is the story of Jim. Jim is running. He is running from his father, he is running to independence, but mostly he is running from God. Jim is so sure that he can do things on his own that he doesn’t even call home. If he had, he would know that his father is very ill with Leukemia. Although Jim finds Dawn, the love of his life, on his adventure, he keeps feeling that something is missing. Will Jim find his way back home before it is too late?

Genre: Christian

Product Details:
Paperback: 178 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (August 29, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949609022
ISBN-13: 978-1949609028
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches

Print Purchase Link On Pen It Website:

Amazon Print:

About The Author: Author Sandra Lott was born and raised in Texas and is the author of Ride the Wind, God’s Love and My Father’s Eyes: Seeing Yourself through the Eyes of Love and more. She has learned about the love and faithfulness of God through the death of her sixteen-year-old son and many other hardships. Through His love and comfort, she has drawn close to the Father’s love and has developed a passion for studying the Bible. That deep devotion to God in turn has given her the desire to help others grow in their understanding of the love of God and to grow spiritually.

Biography: Let me introduce myself. My name is Sandra Lott and I was born and raised in Texas. Through many rough roads in my life, I was led to the loving arms of God the Father and His saving grace through our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit has been my guide and my Comforter in many difficult situations, one being the loss of my sixteen-year-old son, Gerald Ray Lott. Gerald Ray truly had a heart of gold. He was very loving and considerate as is his older brother Tim. He is now in the loving arms of Jesus and is dearly missed by myself, his father and his older brother, Tim. As God held my heart in His hands then and still does today a passion has grown in me to help the world understand just how great the love of God is; our flesh cannot truly fathom how great and how deep and how wide God’s love for mankind truly is; all we have to do is look at the cross and that should speak for itself.

Professional Website:

Amazon Author’s Page:

Book Listing:

Sally Berneathy’s Books

Death By Chocolate by Sally Berneathy


First book in the Death by Chocolate series

Lindsay loves chocolate. It tastes good, it makes her feel good, it never cheats on her like her almost-ex-husband. It’s her best friend. But someone wants her dead and uses her weak spot—chocolate—to try to murder her.

Lindsay’s only secret is the recipe for her chocolate chip cookies, but she is surrounded by neighbors with deadly secrets. Suddenly she finds herself battling poisoned chocolate, a psycho stalker, and a dead man who seems awfully active for a corpse.

Her best friend and co-worker, Paula, dyes her blond hair brown, hides from everybody and insists on always having an emergency exit from any room. Secrets from Paula’s past have come back to put lives in jeopardy.

Determined to help Paula, Lindsay enlists the reluctant aid of another neighbor, Fred, an OCD computer nerd. In spite of his mundane existence, Fred possesses tidbits of knowledge about such things as hidden microphones, guns, the inside of maximum-security prisons and how to take someone down with a well-aimed kick to his chin.

As Lindsay battles the elusive stalker, poisoned chocolate, and the dead man, she will need more than a chocolate fix to survive. But that’s always a good start.

Product Details:
Print Length: 323 Pages
Publication Date: February 1, 2011
Language: English

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Cozy Mystery, Animals, Women’s Fiction, Women Sleuths

Amazon Customer Reviews:

Audio Book:

Amazon Print:


About The Author:  I grew up in a small rural town in Oklahoma where our favorite entertainment on summer evenings was to sit outside under the stars and tell stories. When I went to bed at night, instead of a lullaby, I got a story. That could be due to the fact that everybody in my family has a singing voice like a bullfrog with laryngitis, but they sure could tell stories–ghost stories, funny stories, happy stories, scary stories.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a storyteller. Thank goodness for computers so I can write down my stories. It’s hard to make listeners sit still for the length of a book! Like my family’s tales, my stories are funny, scary, dramatic, romantic, paranormal, magic.

Besides writing, my interests are reading, eating chocolate and riding my Harley.

Currently I have written six Death by Chocolate mysteries: Death by Chocolate; Murder, Lies and Chocolate; The Great Chocolate Scam; Chocolate Mousse Attack; Fatal Chocolate Obsession; and Deadly Chocolate Addiction as well as four Charley’s Ghost mysteries: The Ex Who Wouldn’t Die; The Ex Who Glowed in the Dark; The Ex Who Conned a Psychic; and The Ex Who Saw a Ghost. More in each series will be released as soon as I can copy them from my brain to the computer!

I have sold fifteen romance novels ranging from comedy to dark suspense under the names Sally Carleen, Sally Steward and Sara Garrett. For these novels, I won several awards including National Readers’ Choice, Romantic Times Best Silhouette Romance and two Rita finalist slots. Most of the Silhouettes are available as e-books, and I have e-pubbed six of the out-of-print single titles.

Contact information is available on my website. I love to talk to readers! Okay, I just plain love to talk!

Amazon Author’s Page:

Professional Website:

Sabrina Andonegui’s Books

People think Teddy is a fluffy, sweet, stuffed animal. I suppose it’s true. He likes to smile and make everybody happy, but today he is not feeling like that. He is mad.

Find out how Mrs. Paz teaches him that anger is okay and gives him some easy steps to deal with anger in a healthy way.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite: Meet Teddy and Tobby in the storybook Even Teddy Bears Get Mad! Anger is Okay by Sabrina Andonegui Meneses. Teddy is a fluffy, stuffed animal and he likes to make people happy, especially his buddy Tobby who is an adventurous little boy. They are happy playing together. One day while playing in school, Teddy gets angry with Tobby because first he took the blue supersonic cat from Teddy’s hand and then the mega-fast, red motorcycle. Mrs. Paz, Tobby’s teacher, is watching everything but Teddy is not interested in listening because he is very angry. The only thing Teddy wants to do is to hit Tobby. He hears Mrs. Paz asking him to breathe deeply. Breathing deeply calms Teddy and he feels sad that he thought of hurting his friend.

This book guides young readers on how to control their anger in a calm manner and use their words accordingly. The illustrations are adorable and they give clarity to the concept, making it easy for youngsters to practice the four steps easily. The illustrations are charming and they make the book colorful and captivating. The story helps young readers understand that feeling angry is okay as long as they do not hurt anybody. The book teaches them how to deal with their anger in a healthy way. The discussion at the end of the book and the poster activity make it an excellent storybook for classroom interactive sessions. Parents can use the tips given to handle their children at home when they get angry.

Genre: Children’s Books

Amazon Reviews

Print Purchase Link On Pen It Website

Amazon Print

Product Details:
Paperback: 36 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (June 12, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1948390574
ISBN-13: 978-1948390576
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

About The Author: Author Sabrina Andonegui Meneses was born in Mexico City and lived in Mexico until she moved to Batesville Indiana, in 2012. She earned a degree in psychology from the Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City. Sabrina worked several years with toddlers in early childhood development, helping them to enhance their intellectual, social and motor skills. Since moving to Batesville, she has been a stay-at-home mom to her two children and has been trying to reinvent herself. Sabrina discovered the passion she has to learn about human emotions. She has personally dealt with exploring her own emotions, as a child, and how they have shaped her into the woman she is today. By learning from herself, she has become immersed in an amazing path of human emotions, and now during the last two years she has been helping some parents from her community through conferences and workshops to help their kids identify their emotions and use them in a healthy way.

Amazon Author’s Page

Robert Eggleton’s Books

Help Abused Children By Voting For My Book Cover.

Contest: My book cover, Rarity from the Hollow, was nominated, vetted, and accepted into the competition for the upcoming Author Academy Awards.

Please follow this link to vote for my book cover: https://authoracademyawards.com/?inf_contact_key=573177714033b3d03e6bc364140c12038e6d8927b51747948b52b10d94df88f3

Instructions: My book cover is listed on page 11 under Science Fiction Books. Scroll down from the top of the main page to a big rectangle that has Nonfiction Books on top. There’s an arrow on the right. Click it ten times to get to SF Books. Click on my book cover (Rarity from the Hollow) or title to vote.  It’s free and easy, a minute at most.

Proceeds help abused children (50% donated).


Rarity From The Hollow by Robert Eggleton

Lacy Dawn’s father relives the Gulf War, her mother’s teeth are rotting out,and her best friend is murdered by the meanest daddy on Earth. Life in the hollow is hard. She has one advantage — an android was inserted into her life and is working with her to cure her parents. But, he wants something in exchange. It’s up to her to save the Universe. Lacy Dawn doesn’t mind saving the universe, but her family and friends come first.

Will Lacy’s predisposition, education, and magic be enough for her to save the Universe, Earth, and, most importantly, protect her own family?

Customer Reviews:

The abuse in the book is graphic, but the story arc is hopeful: a family recovering and becoming better together. Publishers Weekly

A fun, sometimes cleverly-gonzo, and even inspiring tale about an undaunted girl’s close encounter of the weird kind. – David Brin, Award Winning SciFi Author

Amusing at times, shocking at others, a touching and somehow wonderful SFF read. Amazing Stories Magazine

…In the space of a few lines we go from gritty realism to pure sci-fi/fantasy. It’s quite a trip. — The Missouri Review

Brilliant satires such as this are genius works of literature in the same class as Orwell’s Animal Farm. I can picture American Lit professors sometime in the distant future placing this masterpiece on their reading list.  –Marcha Fox, Retired NASA Engineer and SciFi Author

…utterly compelling…a chilling, engaging verisimilitude that deftly feeds on both the utter absurdity of the characters’ motivations and on the progression of the plot…. In the spirit of Vonnegut, Eggleton takes the genre and gives it another quarter turn. – Electric Review / MidwestBook Review

…a hillbilly version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…what I would have thought impossible; taken serious subjects like poverty, ignorance, abuse…tongue-in-cheek humor without trivializing them…profound…a funny book that most sci-fi fans will thoroughly enjoy.– Awesome Indies (Gold Medal)

…sneaks up you and, before you know it, you are either laughing like crazy or crying in despair, but the one thing you won’t be is unmoved…a brilliant writer. –Readers’ Favorite (Gold Medal)

The most enjoyable science fiction novel I have read in several years…. –Temple Emmet Williams, Author, Retired Reader’s Digest Editor

…There is much here worthy of high praise…Eggleton reminds me very much of Robert Heinlein at his peak…. — SF Crowsnest

…Good satire is hard to find and science fiction satire is even harder to find. — The Baryon Review

…psychologically disturbing at a different level to what I have seen before….


…laugh-out-loud funny at times, satiric of almost everything it touches upon… — Atomjack Science Fiction Magazine

…This piece of speculative fiction is nothing like anything I’ve read before. It faces reality head-on while also pursuing themes that are outlandish… amazed by how the author has aptly mingled tragedy with humor…. — Page Hungry Bookworm

…a story with humour and darkness and plenty of twists and turns…. — Splash into Books

…It is one of those books that if it does not make you think, you are not really reading it…. — On My Kindle

“…the writing feels timeless, classic and mature…could be read in a college setting both for the craft itself and its unique brand of storytelling.The premise was brilliant – Tabby A. Fae, My Trending Stories

…reminds me of books like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,Catch 22, and Spike Milligan’s Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall.If you liked those books, you’ll love this one.”” – Dr. Bob Rich, Psychologist, Author”

…difficult, funny, terribly sad, absolutely true, and extremely well told. It should be the winner of literary prizes…. Mary Thornburg, Award Winning SciFi Author

Genre: Adult Social Science Fiction


Amazon Customer Reviews

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Kindle Purchase Link


Robert Eggleton has served as a children’s advocate in an impoverished state for over forty years. He is best known for his investigative reports about children’s programs, most of which were published by the West Virginia Supreme Court where he worked from 1982 through 1997, and which also included publication of models of serving disadvantaged and homeless children in the community instead of in large institutions, research into foster care drift involving children bouncing from one home to the next — never finding a permanent loving family, and statistical reports on the occurrence and correlates of child abuse and delinquency.

Today, he is a recently retired children’s psychotherapist from the mental health center in Charleston, West Virginia, where he specialized in helping victims cope with and overcome physical and sexual abuse, and other mental health concerns.

Rarity from the Hollow is his debut novel and its release followed publication of three short Lacy Dawn Adventures in magazines: Wingspan Quarterly, Beyond Centauri, and Atomjack Science Fiction. Author proceeds have been donated to a child abuse prevention program operated by Children’s Home Society of West Virginia. http://www.childhswv.org/

Robert continues to write fiction with new adventures based on a protagonist that is a composite character of children that he met when delivering group therapy services. The overall theme of his stories remains victimization to empowerment.

Amazon Author’s Page

Professional Website

Ray and Debi Stanton’s Books

Waynesville, Indiana, a small suburb of Columbus, Indiana, was the scene of four gruesome murders on May 11, 2013.

The 911 call came in a little after 10:30 p.m. “There’s blood everywhere,” Daniel told the 911 operator. “I just walked in and there’s two, I have two bodies here, and I think they have both been shot.

There’s blood everywhere.” Daniel gave the 911 operator his location. He explained to him, “There might be three, because I can’t find my mom either.” He told the operator that the house looked like it had been ransacked. “There was a fight here.” Daniel said. Katheryn Burton was shot and stabbed four times. Each of the other victims: Aaron Cross, Tommy Smith and Shawn Burton were shot at least twice.

Samuel Sallee has been convicted and sentenced to 4 consecutive life sentences for the brutal murders that changed one young man’s life forever. The next day was Mother’s Day! “That guy killed my whole family,” said Daniel Burton, the son of Katheryn Burton. “I think I’ve earned a front-row seat to watch him die.

I’d lump him together with Hitler, because I can’t think of anyone else who is that evil.“ Daniel Burton: “The Trial was my family’s story. This is mine.”

Genre: Nonfiction

Product Details:
Hardcover: 236 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC (October 6, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 069296536X
ISBN-13: 978-0692965368
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches

Print Purchase Link On Pen It Website

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Barnes and Noble

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Penny Beevor’s Books

Claire’s Mom hates gum! She absolutely, positively hates it! When Claire comes home with gum, given to her by her friend, Betty, Mom is not having any of it! She takes it away from Claire….but what happens to it? Hmmm how curious when Claire sees her Mom outside with a huge bubble above her head! What happens next, is simply a mess. Claire soon learns exactly why her Mom Hates Gum!

Genre: Children

Top Amazon Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Delightful, clever story

By Ernesto Patino on April 17, 2018

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Absolutely loved this book. Who could imagine that chewing gum could lead to so much trouble? Overall, a fun, funny book that will appeal to early readers and their parents.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Or is it simply just a sweet funny book full of rhymes that has no care

By Mary Joslin on January 14, 2018

Format: Paperback

What a darling story. Is it a Beware tale about the danger of getting gum stuck in your hair? Or is it simply just a sweet funny book full of rhymes that has no care? Well to answer those questions read it to your little one and not only will they learn a valuable life lesson about gum. They will also have a lot of fun!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Every mom will enjoy reading this story with their kids!

By Lazann on April 17, 2018

Format: Paperback

I love this funny book! I can completely relate to having gum stuck in your hair as a kid. My mom couldn’t get it out and had to cut my beautiful long hair. I learned a big lesson about going to bed with gum in my mouth.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Fun and insightful!

By Amazon Customer on April 17, 2018

Format: Paperback

What a fun and witty tale. Just found Pennys books and this is the second title of hers I brought home to read to my 3-year-old niece and it will not be the last.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Love this author! Never a disappointment 🙂

By Paul cross on February 15, 2018

Format: Paperback

I love this author! Very cute story and always a great lesson.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Cute and funny!!

By Melanie L on July 1, 2018

Format: Paperback

Such a cute and funny story!!! My mom used to hate gum because my sister would get it stuck in her hair all the time. Great book!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

By Rochelle Lazauskas on March 25, 2018

Format: Paperback

Teaches a great lesson & very well written story.

Really enjoyed reading this.


Product Details:
Paperback: 40 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (December 15, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1948390051
ISBN-13: 978-1948390057
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

About The Author: Author Penny Beevor is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She has been an E.C.E. teacher for eighteen years. Penny teaches preschool at St. Ann Catholic School. She has several story ideas just waiting to be published. She especially enjoys writing stories that interest young children and creating her own characters. My Mom Hates Gum! is Penny’s third published book. In her spare time, Penny enjoys hiking, swimming, reading and camping.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Print Purchase Link On Pen It Website

Amazon Paperback

Barnes and Noble

Paula Rose Michelson’s Books

Forced to flee from the Inquisition, which is now in the New World, Rosa marries a man she does not know. Trusted Pablo, who has known her and her husband since childhood shares that though Rosa does not know it theirs will be a good match if one likes fire and ice.

Days of travel into the unknown, the ever-present coyote’s and the heat off the desert floor of what would someday be called Arizona, cause Rose to question her papa’s decision though he is the first governor of Nueva España. Yet, when Miguel tells her he was happy to run as she must because it was the only way her father would consent to their marriage, Rose knows Miguel loves her.

Upon reaching the rope bridge she must cross to get to her casa, fear grips Rosa and she cannot do what she must. Miguel becomes her savior when he carries her across. On that high plateau the couple is safe, and Rose learns to never ask and never tell. Life goes on this way until Miguel’s brother and sister-in-law visit and decided to live there as well.

Only after rescuing her dear madre does Rosa realize while apart that she has given her heart to this false god. Yet, it is this God–the true God of Christianity who reaches out to her. Can she give her life to Messiah and if so what will happen next?

Editorial Review: 4-Stars!

“When Rosa is forced to marry Miguel and flee into the wilderness, she has no idea what to expect. Hiding her Jewish faith and waiting while the Inquisition destroys all she holds dear, Rosa hides away from love as well, and from the world around her. Hope becomes a treasure hidden across a bridge where she dare not tread. And below the bridge lie rejection and forced assimilation into Christianity.

In Love’s Legacy the true God of Christianity reaches out, and Rosa responds, slowly learning to cross her bridge and discover God’s love. A sweet romance, set during the Inquisition, the story combines Jewish tradition, Christian hope, and the welcome of Apache friends into an enticing short tale-of well-researched history.” – Sheila Deeth, author The Five-Minute Bible Story Series, and Book Reviewer at Vine Voice  

5-Stars! “My heart was touched by Rosa and her discovery of God while Miguel is sweet and strong.  This is a powerful read that will touch your soul.” — Amy Coster

From The Author: Writing the Naomi books has been my joy! For Naomi and I penned them together. Although a fictional character, Naomi is as real, kind, loving, and caring as a dear friend would be. She faces problems that only the Lord can help her with. Just like you and me, she must give her heart to Him before that can happen. I love her faith journey and relate to it because I gave my heart to Jesus when I was forty. 

With three of the six Naomi Inspirational Christian Romances published, I’ve read the glowing reviews and discovered that many feel as I do. I rejoice in this for, at my core, I write my heart. And my heart belongs to my Savior! When God called me to write, I prayed that what I wrote would be enjoyed by many and gifted to friends who need to hear of Messiah in a culturally sensitive way, and He answered my prayer.

I started writing the Naomi books while working for Chosen People Ministries as a Church Ministries Coordinator. Revisiting the churches with my husband on behalf of our mission to preach and teach in a Messianic context, I often discovered believers were not sharing their faith because they feared rejection. So, when the Lord directed, I left the mission to write full time for Him.

Over the years, God and the Holy Spirit (in Hebrew the Ruach HaKodesh) have called me to write ‘The Crucible of Becoming’ fictions which deal with difficult worldly issues at times using words I would never say, but God called me to this, so I rejoice! And as the head and founder of LAMB Ministries, I have been blessed to publish one of those teachings as a Christian Self-help book and plan to publish six more in the future. Readers of nonfiction will find a few other books that might interest them. Most notably among them for those who want to know how this profoundly dyslectic author became one, is “From ‘Why Johnny Can’t Read’ To “See Paula Write”: (Memoir: Inspiration Journey of Self-discovery.

Genre: Inspirational Christian Romance

Product Details: Paperback: 46 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (September 27, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949609146
ISBN-13: 978-1949609141
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

Amazon Customer Reviews: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1949609146/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p2_i1#customerReviews

Print Purchase Link On Pen It Website https://www.penitpublications.com/shop

Amazon Print: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1949609146/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p2_i1

Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rosa-miguel-loves-legacy-paula-rose-michelson/1129660733?ean=9781949609141

About The Author: Writing great Inspirational Christian Romances is author Paula Rose Michelson’s passion. Her desire to inspire others comes from being a late reader, who discovered books were her best friends! A lover of inspiring fictions where the heroine was one for her families’ sake, she writes about amazing women who have unique faith challenges. When asked about her idea for The Naomi Chronicles, Paula said, “Naomi and I penned these fictions together.”

A writer of thrillers, nonfiction’s, memoir, Self-help and works to encourage, when not involved in her craft, speaking or helping other writers, Paula pursues other passions while supporting her husband Ron who is a Lutheran Pastor and Chosen People Ministries field missionary. At one point, both of them worked for the mission. However, when the Lord called Paula to write full-time, she gladly left to devote herself to this work.

This happy mother of two married daughters and grandmother of seven, has friends who often tell her that she weaves such wonderful tails they lose track of the time. Since both family and her ever-increasing reader family matter to Paula, she hopes to impart a blessing to those who read her books.

Some who first knew Paula as the founder, head, and facilitator of LAMB Ministries, have mentioned that a few of those biblical teachings are found within her books. Paula knows this to be true for her desire to faithfully depict Gods love, compassion, and forgiveness while showing her readers The Jewish Messiah of Israel and the world parallel her wish to see those who feel ‘less than’ restored to wholeness. Therefore, within each of her books, she includes a few of the teachings God gifted her so readers can overcome and feel good about themselves.




Author VIP Facebook Group:

https://goo.gl/0YD21U or @PaulaWordsmith1



Professional Blog:

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Monica DeSimone’s Books

Eight years ago, Derrick Henderickson chose his career over his heart, not just hurting the woman he loved, but breaking her completely.

Zoey McEvoy was left shattered. Piece by piece she’s rebuilt herself to become the strong, independent woman she is today.

Now the Sexy Bad Boy of the NFL is back. And he’s determined to reclaim her heart. Zoey barley survived losing him once, she’d be decimated if he walked away again.

With so much on the line, does Derrick stand a chance of winning the Second Half?

Genre: Fiction, Erotica, Romantic, Sports

Product Details:
Series: Coach’s Shadow Trilogy (Book 1)
Paperback: 186 Pages
Publisher: BookBaby (September 13, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1483580504
ISBN-13: 978-1483580500

Amazon Reviews:



About Monica DeSimone: Monica lives in northern New Jersey with her three dogs; Sam, Reilly and Steeler. Raised by a football coach in the heart of Texas, football is a passion that is deeply rooted. Introduced to Nora Roberts by her mother at the age of thirteen, she spawned a lifetime love affair with books, all things romance and happily ever afters. Outside of writing, you will find Monica in her backyard enjoying time with her boys, family, friends, and a really good Dirty Martini.

Amazon Author’s Page:

Mary Clark’s Books

Tally: An Intuitive Life by Mary Clark

It is raining love in Greenwich Village. . .

When Erin, a young poet, reads these words on a piece of folded paper in the garret of Paul Johnston (PJ), an elderly Bohemian artist, she does not know she is on the threshold of a life-changing adventure. She is brought together with PJ by Rogue, another poet, who has known PJ for a decade. Her presence creates tension between the two men. And PJ confides in her that he needs the female perspective in his study of human nature. PJ is a living example of Greenwich Village’s “revolution of consciousness.”

Coming to the Village in 1919, he took in the full flavor, substance and style of the Bohemian philosophy of life. Over the years, through his heightened awareness, he created his own philosophy. He and Erin embark on a journey through the human psyche. Erin learns of PJ’s death and rebirth after an operation at the age of 40, in the skeleton of the man he had been. He is reborn into a second innocence, but has the mind and memory of a grown man. In his search for new reasons to live, he forms new identities:

The Artist, the Professor of Love, and The Old Man, among others. But who is PJ? And who will Erin become?

Genre: Memoir, Biography

Product Details:
Paperback: 242 Pages
Publisher: All Things That Matter Press (August 25, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0989403238
ISBN-13: 978-0989403238
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

Amazon Customer Reviews:

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About the Author: Mary Clark grew up in Florida and as a teenager moved to New Jersey. She graduated from Rutgers University-Newark with a B.A. in Psychology. Her intuition, though, directed her away from
bureaucratic social service.

Moving to Manhattan, NYC, she began work as a volunteer in the theater and poetry
programs at St. Clement’s Church on West 46th Street. For five years, she was the director of the Poetry Festival at St. Clement’s. It was through poet Richard Spiegel, founder of the Poetry Festival, that she met Paul Johnston (PJ), the subject of this book. While at the church, in the West Side area known as Hell’s Kitchen, she intuitively sensed that she belonged in this unique neighborhood. She formed the most important friendships of her life, became an active member of civic groups and worked for several community-based organizations. One of these groups assisted homeless families in Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen. Shortly afterward, she began a monthly community newspaper. This allowed her to continue both her neighborhood involvement and her writing.

After returning to Florida, she completed Children of Light, published online at Scribd.com by Ten Penny Players. Her article, “Living Alive: A New Definition of Intuition,” based on PJ’s concepts, is online at Gatewood Journal, under the pseudonym Erin Yes. Mary’s poetry and prose have appeared in Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream, Jimson Weed, Lips, The Archer, East River Review, Home Planet News, Clinch Mountain Review, and Freshtones, an anthology of women writers.

Her Wikipedia articles include Paul Johnston (fine press printer and book designer), Egmont Arens, and Emmy Lichtwitz Krasso.

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Mark Alan Long’s Books

Although Kid did not have any real friends, his vivid imagination provided him new make-believe pals every day.

That all changed one particular day when Kid discovered a frightened, three-legged kitten, who had been abandoned in a big brown barrel.

Always the hero in his daily fantasy adventures, Kid is called upon to be a hero in real life.

With his new best pal Sweets, they embrace each day contemplating amazing adventures together.

Look for Book Two in the series and follow Kid & Sweets to “The City” where they encounter a most unusual character named Tiny, in a fun-filled exciting, and yes… amazing adventure!

Genre: Children’s Books, Action, Adventure

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Product Details:
Paperback: 32 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (September 12, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949609103
ISBN-13: 978-1949609103
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

About The Author: Author Mark Alan Long currently resides in Crown Point, Indiana although just like Kid & Sweets he has an adventurous spirit which has taken him on many exciting journeys throughout the decades. He has two married sons and one adorable granddaughter. The Amazing Adventures of Kid & Sweets series has been a labor of love for several years, as the author’s passion for writing evolved later in life after a career as a construction accountant. A similar passion as a hospice volunteer and elderly caregiver fill the author’s days when he is not busy creating new amazing adventures for Kid & Sweets. Written for K-3 children, this series of children’s picture books aims to place particular emphasis on the importance of friendship, diversity and acceptance by creating a passion for seeking adventure through the eyes and minds of our own amazing children.

Lizy J. Campbell’s Books

My Nana is going to be in a play.

She is playing a giant Banana.

What will she do when her zipper gets stuck on her costume and she has to wear the suit all through town?

How embarrassing!

Genre: Children’s Book, Family Life

Amazon Print:

Product Details:
Paperback: 30 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (September 6, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949609049
ISBN-13: 978-1949609042
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

This book is for all those single parents managing to get it all done, Even if you forget!

Its funny, light-hearted and at the end of it all, we do it for our kids.

Top Customer Reviews:


5.0 out of 5 Stars

Five Stars


Format: Paperback

Amazing book! I love the illustrations and the story is an absolute must read! Cute for kids any age.


Deane S.

5.0 out of 5 Stars

Absolutely Charming!!


Format: Paperback

Absolutely charming! A fabulous first story from Lizy J Cambell! I can’t wait to read more of her work!!

Amazon Reviews:

Amazon Print:

Product Details:
Paperback: 38 pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (May 22, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1948390612
ISBN-13: 978-1948390613
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

Genre: Children’s Books, Single Parents

About The Author: Canadian Illustrator Lizy J. Campbell is a self-taught artist. She is a mother of two beautiful children and works within the Durham District School Board helping to keep our next generation of kids safe and happy. She has many interests and currently paints pet portraits, real estate homes and more. “I love to create. There is no limit to what I want to do, so I keep reaching for the sky. I am passionate about making a difference and making people smile, one creation at a time.”

Kim Cormack’s Books

A sexy dark comic romp through the afterlife with three clans of naughty certifiably insane antiheroes who battle each other for shits and giggles while collecting human teenagers as they survive bloody gruesome exterminations of their family lines. If they have demonstrated an impressive level of badassery they are granted a second chance at life as sacrificial lambs for the greater good. They must join one of three clans of immortals living on earth and can be stolen at random by any other clan until their eighteenth birthday. Plot twist…To prove their partially mortal brains are capable of grasping immortality, they will be dropped into an Immortal Testing which is basically a simulation of their own personal hells. Like rats in a maze made of nightmares and other ghastly depraved thoughts best left locked behind those mortal happy place filters, they must come out mentally intact after being in murdered in thousands of increasingly creative ways.

Her body and soul had always belonged to her Handler but in the last couple of months, she’d gone from one prospect to three. She’d never found herself in this position. Grey had been everything to her for so long. She adored him, but he’d been spelled to forget any intimacy between them as he slept. This didn’t make his jealousy any easier to digest because Grey didn’t understand. He couldn’t. She was cursed. She would always remember every heartbreakingly beautiful detail of the nights they’d spent professing their love. He was only ever reacting to half of the story.

After forty years by Grey’s side, she was finally ready to find something more. She yearned for a physical connection that would still be there when they awoke. This was something she could never have with Grey. Orin was a good friend and undeniably great in the sack, but he’d been in a long-term relationship and by long-term, she meant, with the same girl on and off for a thousand years. At this moment neither of them could promise more than drama free shelter from the storm of their endless duties. Lexy had only ever been with two other people willingly, bringing her tally of lovers to a whopping three since becoming Ankh. It had taken her a long time to get to the point of wanting to experience anything physical with anyone but her Handler. She felt ready to enjoy the perks of her afterlife.

She’d known Tiberius would be here, he was the leader of Triad. Their titillating encounter during the last Summit had left her with an urgency to experience all that their dark attraction had to offer. She hadn’t been able to shake the sexually charged visions of Tiberius as he sliced his blade into her skin, showing her a little something she hadn’t known about pain induced healing pleasure. Their brief sensually charged encounters since the Summit had left her yearning for more. She’d accidentally started something with Orin. Being a thousand years old gave Orin a pretty good grasp on the realities of attractions left unfulfilled, he was all for her taking a night to see Tiberius’s chapter through till its end. Orin had made it quite clear that he had no intention of getting into anything more serious than booty calls and flirtations with her until she was had closed her book of unknowns.

Genre: Dark Fantasy Horror, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Product Details:
Series: Children of Ankh Series (Book 3)
Paperback: 406 Pages
Publisher: Mythomedia (October 17, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0995965269
ISBN-13: 978-0995965263

Amazon Print:


About The Author: Kim Cormack is the always comedic author of the darkly twisted epic paranormal romance series, “The Children of Ankh.” She worked for over 16 years as an Early Childhood educator in preschool, daycare, and as an aid. She has M.S and has lived most of her life on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She currently lives in the gorgeous little town of Port Alberni. She’s a single mom with two awesome kids. She has a son in grade 8 and a daughter in University at VIU. If you see her back away slowly and toss packages of hot sauce at her until you escape.

A Personal Note: I began writing this series shortly after my M.S diagnosis. I had many reasons to fight. I had incredible children, a wonderful family, and amazing friends but this series gave me a purpose. Whenever things become dark, I use my imagination to find the light within myself. No matter what life throws your way, you are stronger than you believe. My hope is that the character’s strength becomes an inner voice for the readers that need it. Stand back up and if you can’t stand… Rise up within yourself. We are all beautiful just as we are. We are all immortal.

All heroes are born from the embers that linger after the fire of great tragedy…

She slept a dreamless sleep free of dragons for she had slain them once again…

A sexy dark comic romp through the afterlife with three clans of naughty certifiably insane antiheroes who battle each other for shits and giggles while collecting human teenagers as they survive bloody gruesome exterminations of their family lines. If they have demonstrated an impressive level of badassery they are granted a second chance at life as sacrificial lambs for the greater good. They must join one of three clans of immortals living on earth and can be stolen at random by any other clan until their eighteenth birthday. Plot twist…To prove their partially mortal brains are capable of grasping immortality, they will be dropped into an Immortal Testing which is basically a simulation of their own personal hells. Like rats in a maze made of nightmares and other ghastly depraved thoughts best left locked behind those mortal happy place filters, they must come out mentally intact after being murdered in thousands of increasingly creative ways.

Behind The Series ☥:One thousand years ago, procreation with mortals became illegal under the immortal law. Any suspected immortal offspring will be allowed to live until the age of sixteen. At this time, a Correction will be sent to erase their family line. The suspected immortal and their immediate family will be executed. If the partially immortal teen manages to survive their Correction, or they have impressed the Guardians of the in-between with their bravery, they may be granted a second chance as a sacrificial lamb for the greater good. They must join one of three clans of immortals living on earth. Clan Ankh, Clan Trinity or Clan Triad. They will then have the symbol of that clan branded into their flesh and with this mark, their souls will no longer be permitted through the hall of souls when they die. They must wait in the in-between for their clans to heal their mortal shells. Once they have reached the age of eighteen they will be sealed to their clan. The next step is to train their partially mortal brains to survive the stresses of immortality. The next feat will be the immortal Testing where they will be dropped into a floating crypt the size of New York City. This Testing is fuelled by your worst nightmares. It is a place of magic. A personal hell, where anything can happen. Here you must die a thousand times if need be, in increasingly violent ways until you understand what it is to be immortal. All three Clans go into the Testing. They must remain together and search for the Amber room in order to survive. There is a catch…only the first two clans that find the Amber room will be allowed out. The third clan will remain trapped in the nightmare forever…

A Blurb From, Sweet Sleep: As her vision flickered one last time, the man was gone. It was her mother looking into her eyes. Her mother’s eyes were filled with so much love that it seemed to release her from her pain and fear as it had when she was a small child. Her mother cradled her as a baby, rocking her back and forth. She was safe now in her mother’s arms. She was at peace. Mommy, her heart sang, you’re here to save me.

The warmth of her mother’s love enveloped her tortured soul. She looked into her mother’s eyes. She touched Kayn’s face and started to sing a song that she had sung to her every night when she was very small.

Sleep, sweet sleep till the morning

Just dream away and close your eyes

My love, you’ll be safe until the morning

Sleeping in my heart, all through the night

Although bad dreams come to scare you

My love will scare them all away

My heart

The lights flickered, the pain went away, and her mother was holding her, singing Sleep, sweet sleep.

The Beginning: Would you live your life differently if you knew the Correction was coming for you?

They have allowed you to live until the age of sixteen because they want you to fight back. Your entire family line will be erased from this world sometime around your sixteenth birthday. You and your twin sister were never meant to be born. There will be no place to run and no place to hide because won’t even know they’re coming.

Do you have what it takes to survive your Correction?

Do you have what it takes to leave your humanity behind?

If your answer is yes, then hold on tight…

You can find the series trailers and the teaser online. If you find me somewhere out there in the vast world of social media, I would love to hear from you.

In the woods lay a bleeding angel in all her glory. Her arms posed gracefully above her head, and her hair soaked in the mud, blood, and feces in which she lay. Dying, fading into the other realm, her form was christened by the rain, as the trees had begun to weep upon her for the brutality she had endured.

Fun facts about this series…

(Correction) The scheduled execution of all partially immortal offspring and their genetic line.

(Ankh, Trinity, and Triad) The three clans of immortals living on earth. You must join one of these three clans if you survive your Correction.

(Testing) At the age of eighteen, you become sealed to your clan. All of the newest members of each clan train for this infamous Testing. The Testing is a floating crypt the size of New York City that contains your worst nightmares. In this crypt, you must die thousands of times to prove that your partially mortal brain can withstand the trials of being immortal. Three clans enter and race for the Amber room. Only the first two to find this room will be set free. the third will remain lost their worst nightmares forever.

(Tombs) If you survive the Testing you have earned your own healing tomb.

(Guardians) Three Guardians created each clan of immortals. (beings from the in-between)

(Crypts) Homebase’s for each clan, scattered all over the world.

(Dragons) There are green scaly Dragons in this series, but in most cases, the word Dragon refers to an emotional Dragon. Lexy is the Dragon of Clan Ankh, and she is capable of operation without emotions. A Dragon is a partially immortal hitman. (or woman) 😉

Amazon Author’s Page:https://www.amazon.com/Kim-Cormack/e/B00AOTTN8M/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Professional Website:http://www.childrenofankh.com

Kathleen Heady’s Books

Young Brianna’s life changed the day her mother left to save herself from being burned as a witch. Brianna was left alone in the middle ages knowing just enough magic to have her called a witch, but not enough to try to save herself.

Brianna knew she had to flee but to where? She had to follow her instincts and run and run hard. Ending up in a large city she took a job as a kitchen girl and was befriended by Sir Michael a knight in King James’s court.

Brianna could not hide her magic and was accused of witchcraft and ordered to be burned at the stake. Sir Michael, helped her to escape. They just knew somehow, they had to head toward Wales where the Kings men could not follow. Not knowing magic was guiding their way.

Brianna was the granddaughter of a most powerful wizard and his witch wife. They helped to guide Brianna and Sir Michael from afar. The magicians had the power to visit forward and past in time. Brianna’s mother was banished to 700 years in the future to Dover castle during WW II so she could not cause havoc in her abandoned daughter’s life.

Brianna learns magic along the way and the truth about her past. Always staying one step ahead of the Kings men who wish to burn her to death.

Product Details:
Print Length: 224 Pages
Publisher: Sage Words Publishing (May 30, 2018)
Publication Date: May 30, 2018
Language: English

Genre: YA Historical Fantasy, Horror, Occult

Amazon Customer Reviews:

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About The Author: Kathleen Heady grew up telling stories – to pass the time, or just to exercise her imagination. She spent her childhood on a farm in southern Illinois, where she was fortunate to have parents who encouraged her to study, read, and learn about the world. Besides rural Illinois, she has lived in Chicago, Costa Rica, Colorado, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and now North Carolina. Her current new “challenge” is learning to play the ukulele.

Kathleen has spent most of her professional life as a high school teacher, teaching English, Spanish and social studies. She shares her “almost a tree house” home with her husband and two cats, Tang and Sirius Black. She has a daughter, two sons, a son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, a grandson and a granddaughter who are all really cool people.

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Joseph C. Guest’s Books

January’s Paradigm by J. Conrad Guest

January’s Paradigm is a novel about marital infidelity from the male perspective with an unexpected twist of events and characters who cross lines of identity, space, and time.

Editorial Reviews:

Prompted by his detective’s instincts and the photograph of a woman who seems familiar, January begins his search for the reasons behind his existence. His quest takes him down numerous paths: there’s a beast lurking at the periphery of this, Robert Porter’s alternate reality.

Reviewed by Ellen Tanner Marsh, New York Times best-selling author


“J. Conrad Guest has taken the heartbreak of sexual betrayal and turned it into a romance-fantasy … Readers will not be able to put it down.”

Reviewed by Current Entertainment Monthly, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Loaded with clever dialog and vivid characters, January’s Paradigm is a polished, calm and a well-paced fantasy fiction with original premise and a dramatic climax.

Kate Porters marital disloyalty leaves her husband Robert Porter devastated, depressed and miserable at the hands of his wonder drug- Bookers. Once the author of an International Best Seller ‘One Hot January’, Porter finds salvation from the heart wrenching truth of life through his fictitious character -‘the production of his own imagined altered ego’- detective Joe January.

Author J. Conrad Guest’s attention to details of plot is meticulous as he keeps his novel pulsing with energy and tension skillfully woven with an entertaining combination of romance, betrayal, mystery and thrill. With storytelling mastery on full display, powered by engaging narrative and emotional intensity of individual story line, January’s Paradigm is a novel that delights its readers with a captivating premise with serious literary work of thoughtfulness, complexity and depth.

Those looking for a fantasy with diversity may find themselves bewitched. This 5-star read is definitely worth reading for its originality. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Enas Reviews

From The Author: In preparing this edition, I wished to maintain the integrity of as much of the original text as much as possible, not only to show where I was in my life twenty-five years ago, but also to show the progress I’ve made as a writer and a stylist.

The changes are minor, mostly to do with formatting and structure. I resisted the urge to add or revise narrative, with a very few exceptions – what can I say? I’m a perfectionist and never could refrain from tinkering, which is why I rarely revisit my novels once they go to print. I can always find ways to improve a text; never perfect, I can only achieve “closer to perfection.”

January’s Paradigm holds its rightful place in my body of work, and I remain proud of this endeavor. –From the author’s afterword

Genre: Fantasy: Contemporary Romance

Product Details:
Paperback: 308 Pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (September 6, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1588987442
ISBN-13: 978-1588987440
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.7 x 8 inches

Amazon Customer Review:

Amazon Print:


About J. Conrad Guest: J. Conrad’s first novel, January’s
Paradigm, was published in 1998. Current Entertainment Monthly in Ann Arbor, Michigan, wrote of January’s Paradigm, “Readers will not be able toput it down.” He has two other novels based on the Joe January character, One Hot January and January’s Thaw.

Backstop: A Baseball Love Story In Nine Innings was nominated a 2010 Michigan Notable Book, while the Lewis Department of Humanities at the Illinois Institute of Technology adopted it as required reading for their spring 2011 course, “Baseball: America’s Literary Pastime”.

The Cobb Legacy is a murder mystery written around the shooting death of baseball legend Ty Cobb’s father by his mother a week before Ty was called up by the Detroit Tigers.

A Retrospect In Death portends not only a search for the meaning of life, but also seeks to determine why we are as we are: prewired at conception, or the product of our environment?

A love story that touches four decades, 500 Miles To Go is about the importance of, and the risks associated with, the pursuit of dreams. When our dreams cause angst to our loved ones, they often become nightmares.

A World Without Music is speculative fiction set against a backdrop of romance. Can a Gulf War veteran suffering PTSD leave behind his past to find the music that will make his life worth living?

His fiction and essays appear in various online and print publications; Google him.

J. Conrad does book events and workshops. To book him, write him at j.c.guest@att.net

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Joanne Winnie’s Books

Tim had rushed home from school everyday since Grandpa telephoned last Sunday.

He told Tim the biggest birthday present ever had been mailed last week. . . . . . .

Mr. Smith’s mail truck pulls to a stop. . . “. . . it’s here!” Shouted Tim as he tore down the driveway . . . .

Tim closed his bedroom door. He didn’t want Mother to see him cry. . . .

This sure is the tiniest present he ever got from Grandpa sniffles Tim.

What did Grandpa mean the biggest present ever?

Come and discover with Tim what Grandpa really meant.

The students and teachers commented on this story: It is a real story says one student. Fun story to teach science facts says a fellow teacher.

Print Purchase Link On Pen It Website

Amazon Paperback

Barnes and Noble

Genre: Children’s

Book Details:
Paperback: 42 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (August 10, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949609006
ISBN-13: 978-1949609004
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 11 inches

About Joanne M. Winnie:  Joanne Winnie, a retired Elementary teacher was born in Minnesota, and lives in Oklahoma now. She has spent a lifetime teaching and seeking out ways to help children to improve their reading skills. Out of this quest, came the books written by her. Her first book, Alphabet Safari of East Africa was on learning the alphabet and beginning sounds. The second book, Helen Hyena, The Sound Changer came out of her experience of tutoring third graders. Helen Hyena The Sound Changer is overflowing with sentences made of alliterations. Plus, explains how the digraphs ch, sh, ph, th, and wh are created. My third book, The Long Tradition, comes out of my experience of growing up with the Horse Chestnut Tree in my back yard. It is a science realistic fiction story.

Biography: Joanne Winnie, a retired Elementary teacher was born in Minnesota, and lives in Oklahoma now. She has spent a lifetime teaching and seeking out ways to help children to improve their reading skills. Out of this quest, came the books written by her. Her first book, Alphabet Safari of East Africa was on learning the alphabet and beginning sounds. The second book, Helen Hyena, The Sound Changer came out of her experience of tutoring third graders. Helen Hyena The Sound Changer is overflowing with sentences made of alliterations. Plus, explains how the digraphs ch, sh, ph, th, and wh are created. My third book, The Long Tradition, comes out of my experience of growing up with the Horse Chestnut Tree in my back yard. It is a science realistic fiction story.

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JJ Landis Books

Mia’s Wish by JJ Landis

Based on a true story! Mia has a quarter to toss in the fountain for a wish. She doesn’t want ice cream or a puppy, but something more. What is Mia’s one wish? A story about an adopted little girl discovering the love and security that all children (and grown-ups!) crave.

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Customer Reviews

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Some Things You Keep: Letting go. Holding on. Growing up. by JJ Landis

After her mom’s suicide, JJ Landis wanders through loneliness and pain. She knows grieving is necessary, but all she can do as a twelve-year-old is keep her sadness locked inside. She walks forward facing rejection, fear, addiction, and depression.

Despite her circumstances, she collects pieces of goodness, trinkets of hope, and fragments of redemption along her path. With healing, she is eventually able to recognize these as gifts.

Growth comes from letting go of the past and pain and stepping forward each day. And with growth comes the wisdom to know what to hold close and what to keep.

We’ve all suffered; we’ve all rejoiced. Every one of us has been on a pilgrimage, and we are all still hiking.

Customer Reviews

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JJ Landis writes children’s books to help Christian parents teach kids they have a place and purpose in the world and they are enough just as they are. She’s an advocate for reading aloud to kids and surrounding them with as many picture books as humanly possible.

JJ published her first book, Some Things You Keep, a memoir about growing up after the suicide of her mom, in 2015, but has always been a children’s author at heart.

JJ is a children’s librarian in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband and three kids, an occasional foreign exchange student, the calmest dog in the world, and an irrational cat. Get free stuff at www.jjlandis.com.

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Janis Boyd’s Books

Janis Boyd was a teacher for 39 years.  (We hear you gasping.)  Well, actually, it was 39 ½ years.  She remembers her first year teaching, and a fellow teacher told her it was her tenth year.  She nodded politely, but was thinking, “TEN YEARS!  How can anyone do this for TEN YEARS?” But, one year just leads into another and time goes by remarkably quickly. Did she have a higher calling to mold young minds?  Not really.  Actually, she was only gifted in one area – shorthand.  Janis could take shorthand like the wind, and probably won an award or two.  Sadly, shortly after her golden days of shorthand, it became extinct.  So in college, she somehow drifted into elementary education.  Luckily, it worked out well. This book is full of funny, heart-warming and memorable experiences that Janis has had in her many years teaching elementary education. It is, by no means, all of the antidotes she could have put in this book, but they are enough. Enough to make you laugh hysterically and hopefully want to share this book with others. It is her hope, as well, that this book helps, and doesn’t scare other teachers from their “calling”. Best of luck!

Genre: Non-Fiction, Biographies, Memoirs, Women

Top Amazon Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Great book.

By Billy Lane on February 7, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I was a student of Ms. Byod in 1998. If she reads this, she will understand the misspelling of her name. Definitely the most memorable teacher I ever had.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Loved it. My 21-year-old daughter read it …

By Amazon Customer on September 5, 2017

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Loved it. My 21-year-old daughter read it and loved it as well. These stories were told very tastefully and we’re absolutely hilarious.


5.0 out of 5 stars

One of Her Previous Students and Aspiring Teacher

By Ciera on April 15, 2017

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This is such a cute book. Janis is a wonderful teacher. She is a definitely one of a kind.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

By Retired Teacher on December 29, 2016

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

As a retired teacher, I found this book to be witty and entertaining. Brought back many pleasant memories!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

By Warren Byford on February 25, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Enjoyable reading.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

By Amazon Customer on December 12, 2016

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I laughed out loud multiple times.


5.0 out of 5 stars

BUY BUY BUY this hilarious book!

By Pen It! Publications on December 5, 2016

Format: Paperback

If there were more stars I would give them to this book! It is absolutely hilarious! If you are a teacher, know a teacher, or are/were a student! You need to buy this book!


5.0 out of 5 stars

Loving it…

By Eric Butler on December 6, 2016

Format: Paperback

Downloaded the Kindle version now hoping to get a signed copy from a witty and gifted author.


Product Details:
Paperback: 126 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (January 11, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1542486076
ISBN-13: 978-1542486071
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches

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About Janis Boyd:  Janis Boyd taught 4th and 5th grades at Scipio Elementary School in Scipio, Indiana for 39 ½ years. She retired in 2013. Her son, Bryan, is a video producer in Indianapolis. After retirement, she took a part-time job in the Treasurer’s office to see if she was capable of doing anything other than teach. She spends much of her time with her friend, Donnie. They like to travel, garden, play cards, and volunteer at a local theatre.

Ian Spier’s Books

Honor Must Prevail: Siege Of The Red Clans by Ian Spier

A Paranormal Fantasy epic and alternate history set in Renaissance times, with an ensemble cast led by a young demigoddess who takes too much for granted, and her stern bodyguard, are on a quest to contain the damages of what will be known as the great sundering. Many nations will be irrevocably altered and scarred. Some even destroyed by year’s end.

Other heroes in other lands, are pitted against the same enemies. One is a traumatized orphan, bound by fate to take the path he fears most, to save his daughter.

Another is a disgruntled and cynical captain, a man of his word, but increasingly resentful of the people he is sworn to protect, who see only his blood ties to the Baron. Nothing prepares him for the betrayals that lay in wait for him, and threaten all he holds dear, above all his sister, his niece and and his cousins. His journey is the most perilous of all, on every possible front. These four and their allies, are flung headfirst by happenstance and conspiracy, into a saga of heartbreak, redemption, discovery and heroism. Those that survive, will be forever changed.

Product Details:
Print Length: 544 pages
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Coming of Age, Paranormal Fantasy

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About Ian D Spier: Ian is a long-time illustrator, sculptor and game designer, [The novel, Honor Must Prevail is his first widely published work]. He has prior copyrights on a 4 act play and a book of poems. Other distinctions: completed a double minor in Asian studies and anthropology, and was editor of a wellness newsletter, local to his town.

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H. Alan Poquette’s Books

In 1964, young Gian-Carlo “Gianni” O’Neill and his best friend Liam Finnerty are off to minor seminary to pursue their dream to become Roman Catholic priests.

Their paths to this end will be long and arduous and fraught with much physical, emotional, and psychological trauma and tragedy.

One will rise to heights never imagined; the other will confront and ultimately overcome demons that have plagued him since adolescence.

Set against real-world historical events, over the next half-century, the story provides an intriguing “What if?” scenario for the troubled past and current– and often scandalous – challenges to one of the world’s most powerful, and arguably, most revered religious institutions.

On a different level, the story depicts a loving and touching portrait of two boys growing to manhood that measures and defines the nature of true and lasting friendship and fraternal love.

Genre: Fiction

Product Details:
Paperback: 556 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (October 19, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949609154
ISBN-13: 978-1949609158
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.3 x 9 inches

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Author The Author: H. Alan Poquette is a former language arts and computer education teacher originally from Long Island.

Currently he resides with his wife Jo in Columbia, SC. He feels his over 40-year career as an educator, the majority of which was spent teaching in the Long Island community of Brentwood, has prepared him well for a second career as a storyteller.

He hopes his strong character-driven stories will be well received by his readers. Besides writing, Alan enjoys home cooking, traveling, and half-marathon running with his daughter, Amelia.

George Mattheson’s Books

“Who do you pray to and why?” But I have never really prayed. I have always conversed with God. I am not a religious person or a saint. I am a sinner, and I do believe in God as an entity an organization, for the CIA has always been a faith-based organization of theologians. “Enigma is about the experiences of a diagnosed Schizophrenia individual who converses with God thru Michael an Archangel. While being the son of intelligence operatives he’s not sure, who is Michael. Could Michael be just another Clandestine Operative for the CIA? For as he thought God is the CIA and Washington DC is the church of God. “I have been experiencing the effects of stigmata lately, so I started to write this novel the best way I know how, by sharing both truth and fiction. For the truth, you’ll have to find it on your own, but the fiction part is what I see in visions, memories, and dreams. It holds a hidden meaning for only the wise to decipher.”

Editorial Reviews

Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Enigma by George Mattheson is a novel about the psychology of a schizophrenic character who never liked to study as a child and who never read any books. He confesses that he has never been able to watch the television for more than two hours. But he believes to have a kind of communication with Michael, an Archangel. This is a man who believes the CIA is God and Washington, DC, the Church of God. But can this son of intelligence operatives figure out who Michael actually is? What is the hidden import in his reminiscences and wild assumptions?

George Mattheson has written a psychologically strong novel that allows readers to explore the mind of a schizophrenic individual, understand how reality can be distorted, and what happens when someone lives in their own world. The novel has a deep sense of pathos and from the moment the protagonist — who happens to be the narrator — mentions about being transferred from one psychologist to another, the reader gets a strong idea they won’t be reading anything like in mainstream literature.

This is a unique narrative, breezy and as engaging as it is fast-paced. The quirkiness in the narrative is arresting and the first-person voice is so beautifully done that it pulls the reader into the worldview of the protagonist powerfully, irresistibly. From the beginning of the story I wondered if the author could tell an interesting story, but as I read from one engaging page to the next, I understood the story is filled with dread truths and lessons that aren’t obvious. Enigma is a deceptively simple story but it has strong political and religious undertones, uncovering a subconscious that contemporary politicians wouldn’t want readers to awaken. It is utterly gripping, written in gorgeous prose and a strong narrative voice.

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite
Enigma by George Mattheson is George’s true story of his battle with schizophrenia and his conversations with God. George doesn’t pray; he talks to God through the Archangel Michael. Born to Intelligence Operatives, by the time he is 27, George has been diagnosed with both schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder and he doesn’t always know who Michael is. Could he be a CIA operative? After all, the CIA is God and the Church of God is Washington DC – isn’t it? Despite everything, George had a goal in life and he went after it. He got his Master’s Degree and he even went to work for the CIA as an Intelligence Operative. He even lived for a time in Trinidad and Tobago, proving to one and all that life is to be lived, no matter what gets thrown at you.

Enigma by George Mattheson is an odd story, part truth and part fiction, although the fiction is what George sees in his dreams and his visions, in his memories. It is written almost as a fictional novel in a first-person narrative and is in the format of a diary. It is strange but it is also quite compelling reading, very interesting once you get into it. Each event is written like a short story so they are separated and that, in my opinion, does make this more readable. I enjoyed the style that the book was written in; it was easy to follow and made perfect sense. George is nothing if not honest and has coped with what life has thrown at him incredibly well – there’s a lot that could be learned from this book. Overall, it is a good book, very well written and down to earth.

Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite

George Mattheson’s Enigma: Born as the Hand of God is a unique memoir that will leave its readers grappling between truth and fiction. As the son of the only licensed sea captain in Trinidad, with a mother of East Indian descent, Mattheson leads an extraordinary life. At the age of six, he began talking to Archangel Michael and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder when he was twenty-seven years old. Amazingly, he has provided intelligence to the CIA since he was seventeen years old, although he has never worked for the agency in a professional capacity. Enigmatic, vivid and original, Enigma is an extraordinary life story as we get a glimpse of a complex but a beautiful mind.

Enigma: Born as the Hand of God by George Mattheson is an intriguing memoir of a diagnosed Schizophrenic who claims he talks to God through Archangel Michael. Born in Georgetown, Guyana, George Mattheson grew up in Trinidad, Tobago and the United States of America and finally settled in Converse, Texas. This is an extraordinary story that blurs the line between reality and visual and auditory hallucination. The story starts as he undergoes hypnosis supervised by a therapist, and as such this thought-inducing memoir unravels. His early childhood is certainly unique but it is quite an effort to separate truth and visions. And as we follow Mattheson in his life journey, we get a glimpse of an extraordinary man, even if we cannot decipher the hidden meaning behind the enigma.

Genre: Dramas, Plays, Religion, Spirituality, Metaphysical, Visionary, Biographies, Memoirs

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Audio Book

Product Details: Paperback: 148 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; Second edition (February 21, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1948390264
ISBN-13: 978-1948390262
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches

About The Author: George Mattheson was born in Georgetown; Guyana and he grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and the United States. He holds an associate’s degree in electronic engineering, a bachelor’s degree in information technology, and a master’s degree in global technology management. Mattheson who lives in Converse, Texas, was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2002. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder at the age of twenty-seven. He has supplied intelligence to the CIA since he was seventeen years old but never worked for the agency professionally.

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Emma Leigh Reed’s Books

Breaking The Rules by Emma Leigh Reed

Isabelle LaFayette tries to end her own life. Her failed attempt haunts her, along with her other past regrets and the inability to forgive herself, for what her mother calls a selfish act.

Jack Riley comes into Isabelle’s life and makes her feel alive, but believing she doesn’t deserve to be happy, she pushes him away. She must find the inner strength to confront the true source of her pain, or she’ll never be released from the bondage she’s encased herself in.

Isabelle needs to give herself permission to heal and break the rules that have been imprisoning her. It is the only way for her to find ultimate freedom from the past and piece her heart back together again.


Product Details:
Print Length: 249 Pages
Publisher: ELR Publishing (November 13, 2018)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction

About The Author: Emma Leigh Reed recently moved to Tennessee after living in New Hampshire all her life. She has fond memories of the Maine coastline and incorporates the ocean into all her books. She has three grown children and is enjoying her empty nest. Her life has been touched and changed by her son’s autism – she views life through a very different lens than before he was born.

Growing up as an avid reader, it was only natural for Emma Leigh to turn to creating the stories for others to enjoy. Emma Leigh continues to learn through her children’s strength and abilities that pushes her to go outside her comfort zone on a regular basis. She is the author of romantic suspense, women’s fiction and has co-authored children’s books.

Books By Emma Leigh Reed:
Breaking the Rules, November 2018
A Fine Line, December 2015
A Time To Heal, September 2015
Second Chances, April 2015
Trusting Love, December 2013
Mirrored Deception, September 2012

Amazon Author’s Page:https://www.amazon.com/Emma-Leigh-Reed/e/B006T0QS3I/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Professional Website:http://www.emmaleighreed.com/

Professional Blog:: http://emmaleighreed.blogspot.com/2015/05/ideasive-got-million-of-em.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FCbyh+%28Rants+and+Raves%29

Dr. James Fent’s Books

DELIVERANCE is a powerful weapon God has given His church to defeat Satan and set His people free!

However, no one can live in sin and also walk in the power of God!

When we accept Christ as our Savior, we become sons of God, washed clean by His blood, and when we die we go to heaven. This however, does not mean we are totally free and our problems will come to an end. We are still bound by our past; struggling with hurts, bitterness, lack of forgiveness, depression, illness, addictions, or just plain feeling defeated in life. We remain in bondage because although our spirit is born again, our soul (will, emotions and mind) and physical body need to be renewed and transformed. These are the areas that need deliverance.

This manual is a comprehensive bible-based study about the ministry of deliverance initiated by Jesus Christ. It includes a wide variety of related topics including: can a Christian have a demon, how demons enter, the origin of Satan and demons’ generational curses, soul ties, spiritual warfare, the believer’s authority, ministry to children, the deliverance process and much more.

Genre: Religion, Spirituality, Christian Books, Bibles, Christian Living

Top Customer Reviews:

S.M. Eden

5.0 out of 5 stars

Should be a staple book in every believers’ home right …


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Should be a staple book in every believers’ home right beside the Bible. If you don’t understand deliverance and the reasons we all need it then this is for you! If you understand deliverance but want targeted info for each type of stronghold and curse, etc then this is for you. Get. This. Book.


William George

5.0 out of 5 stars

This book will truly set the struggling Christian free to reach their maximum potential.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Dr Fent’s knowledge of deliverance and Spiritual Warfare is beyond the conception of most religious educators. His understanding and practical steps will definitely help to lead the believer in getting true liberty.


Kelley Goins

5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Every deliverance ministry needs this book in their arsenal. Very informative and spot on!


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Product Details:
File Size: 1813 KB
Print Length: 290 Pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1546786953
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; 2 edition (May 31, 2017)
Publication Date: May 31, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services Language: English
ASIN: B071JD1R25

About The Author: Author Dr. James Fent began his career in higher education, spending the last eight years as Academic Vice President of Lake Michigan College. He and his wife Martha (Marty), also owned a small business before God called them into the mission field. It was during this time that God thrust them into the deliverance ministry where they witnessed the amazing power of God: seeing lives changed, illnesses healed, the crippled walk, bondage’s lifted, and attitudes and behaviors changed. Upon their return Dr. Fent completed his studies with the Assembly of God Fellowship and earned his license to minister. He and his wife have been the pastors of three churches. Currently they continue their deliverance ministry, offer workshops and classes on deliverance and spiritual warfare, and teach adult Sunday School. Dr. Fent is also the Chairman of Spiritual Freedom Network which consists of ministries throughout the United States dedicated to setting people free from spiritual bondage. Dr. Fent has written several books and has been invited to speak in both the United States and Mexico, and recently was interim pastor of a church in South Carolina.

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Dellani Oakes Books

Indian Summer by Dellani Oakes

In the spring of 1739, Gabriella Deza stands poised on the verge of womanhood.

A product of her guarded upbringing, she is naive in the ways of love until dashing Manuel Enriques declares his love for her.

Quite by accident, Gabriella uncovers a plot hatched by British spy whose job is to capture the town and fort, Castillo de San Marcos. Armed with her information, Manuel embarks on a dangerous mission to entrap the spy and save the town from being overthrown by the British.

Unfortunately, Gabriella herself is caught in the trap and kidnapped. Can Manuel find and save her before it is too late?

Genre: Historical Romance

Product Details:
Paperback: 282 Pages
Publisher: Second Wind Publishing LLC (August 29, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1935171100
ISBN-13: 978-1935171102

Amazon Customer Reviews:

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About The Author: Dellani Oakes is a former A.P. English teacher, photo journalist, substitute teacher and Mary Kay consultant. She can give skin care & makeup advice, correct grammar, take pictures and write an article while controlling a classroom full of rowdy children.

Dellani was making up stories before she could read. Her first really cohesive work began when her older sister started school. Left to entertain herself, she invented an imaginary friend and would regale her mother with tales of Snowy Green and Rainbow School. These stories paved the way for songs and poems in elementary school and short stories in high school and college.

A college theatre major, Dellani took play writing. It became her new love. Scripts being dialog heavy and character driven, this aspect has followed her into her novel writing. She uses verbal exchanges & sparring as a way of revealing both plot and characterization.

Dellani had to set aside her love of writing when she began working as a teacher. Her creative energies were channeled into writing exams to make her students cry–although this wasn’t usually intentional. Unfortunately, between that and motherhood, she didn’t have time to write.

Once her youngest son started school in 2002, she was able to write full time. Her first novel, “Indian Summer”, was published in 2008. Her second novel, “Lone Wolf” made its debut in September 2011. “Lone Wolf” is the first in her science-fiction series. Book two of the Lone Wolf Series – “Shakazhan”, came out in July of 2013. Both have recently been reissued in Kindle Format.

In addition to her historical novel and sci-fi, Dellani has added 7 romantic suspense novels, 4 of which are published by Tirgearr Publishing. The rest, she has independently published. She also shares some of her unpublished work for free on her blog.

Dellani is a Blog Talk Radio host with two shows each month on the Red River Radio Network: Dellani’s Tea Time 4:00 PM Eastern every 2nd Monday & What’s Write for Me at 4:00 PM Eastern every 4th Wednesday. Look for her on Red River Radio Network. (Guests vary)

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Debi Stanton’s Books

This book is full of personal things I have learned in my walk with God. As I move closer to Him, things become clearer. There are many pages in this book. Each has a Lesson, Scripture references, and space for you to journal your thoughts and prayers. You do not have to follow this book in any particular order. In fact, skip around and journal where you feel led to. Day 1 may be half-way through the book. Find what speaks to you. I encourage you to journal every day, even if you just write “Yes”. At the end of your journaling experience, go back and read your entries and see how much you have grown.

Genre: Devotional

Product Details:
Paperback: 196 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (August 22, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1949609073
ISBN-13: 978-1949609073
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches

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Flipping on, the next canvas was just as eerie, although the scene was different; a dark house, late at night with only one window illuminated. Scary, Sam thought. She immediately flipped to the next canvas. She nearly jumped out of her skin as a red-faced demon glared back at her. With wide eyes and mouth agape, it seemed to be lunging at her. He had horns that were twisted so the points were prevalent and seemed to draw your attention to the fact that this creature could gouge you to death. Quickly moving on, the next painting was a single iridescent moon in the middle of a solid black canvas. The moon appeared to be oozing into the background. That was enough! Sam shoved the paintings back against the wall and looked at the portrait of the little girl again. “What the Hell happened to her that she could move from painting the innocence of a child to pure evil?” she muttered. “What went through my sister’s mind? I just don’t understand what drove her into this madness.”

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Amazon Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

The White Sofa is a really good read.

By macker fan on June 12, 2015

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Once I started the book I didn’t want to put it down. It is a really good story. The author creates the characters in a way that you feel you know them. I look forward to the next book by this author. Nicely done.


5.0 out of 5 stars

An Amazing Love Story with a Thriller Twist!

By P Haughey on April 30, 2015

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Wow! What an amazing love story! It has all the twists and turns of the perfect thriller as well! I was glued to my Kindle not wanting to return from my E-Book world..lol! I am hoping Debi writes a follow up and soon as the story must continue! Thank you for an amazing story Debi

One person found this helpful


5.0 out of 5 stars

Excellent Story

By Amazon Customer on April 5, 2016

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

A great story with interesting, well-developed characters. I liked and cared for the protagonist as much as I disliked the bad guy. It is a quick read – once you start it, you won’t want to put it down. I recommend it!


4.0 out of 5 stars

Newish author

By Janison April 21, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

The White Sofa has a great story line. Enough twists and turns to keep you interested. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes suspense and surprise endings.


5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

By Book fan on July 2, 2015

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Very good read


5.0 out of 5 starslove this book

By Deborah Bowden on July 28, 2015

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Great mystery with a great plot.


5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars

By Davin Robertson October 28, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

I loved this book!
Excellent job!


Product Details:
Paperback: 200 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Second edition (April 14, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1545339287
ISBN-13: 978-1545339282
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.5 x 8.5 inches

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Princeton Moves In! is book 2 in The Stanton Pack Adventures by Debi Stanton. Princeton is the newest member of the pack, even if he is the oldest member. He is so excited to be joining the family, his only wish is that Toby wouldn’t be so grouchy!

Genre: Children

Product Details:
Grade Level: 1 – 2
Series: The Stanton Pack Adventures (Book 2)
Paperback: 32 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First edition (November 25, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1979926743
ISBN-13: 978-1979926744
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

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Amazon Paperback

Barnes and Noble

Bella is having a birthday. She is five years old today. Bella is the baby of the Stanton Pack. She has four brothers and sisters, but mom manages to make her day very special. Now, if she can just hold on to her toys long enough to have some fun before her sister, Scarlett, tears the squeaky thing out, it will be a good day. Watch for more adventures in the Stanton Pack coming soon.

Product Details:
Grade Level: 1 – 2
Series: Stanton Pack Adventures (Book 1)
Paperback: 34 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First edition (October 25, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1979127816
ISBN-13: 978-1979127813
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

Genre: Children

Amazon Paperback

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Barnes and Noble

About the Author: Author Debi Stanton lives in Scipio, Indiana with her husband, Ray and their five adorable canines: Princeton, Toby, Scarlett, Dottie and Bella Graycee. She has a son, Dustin; a daughter, Casey and four step-children. Ray and Debi have ten grandchildren between them. Debi has been writing since her pre-teen years. She has developed and ran several writers groups, offered workshops, seminars and a variety of tools to help up and coming and published authors hone their craft. Debi is the Publisher/Editor of Pen It! Magazine: Pen It! Magazine is a magazine for Writers which she started in January, 2010. Currently the magazine has columnists and subscribers from across the United States: Missouri, Florida, Arizona, New York, etc. Pen It! is a bi-monthly periodical that has developed a good following locally and across the US. Debi is also the owner of Pen It! Publications, LLC. Pen It! Publications, LLC offers both Traditionally published and Assisted Self-Publishing packages for authors. http://www.penitpublications.com

Dawn Kopman Whidden’s Books

Harold Peabody and The Magic Glasses by Dawn Kopman Whidden

Harold dreams of being a hero like his father, a Navy SEAL, but-he is what you might call an easy target.

He’s short, he’s almost legally blind, and he’s the new kid in town!

When the biggest bully in school smashes Harold’s glasses and he has to get a new pair, something amazing happens.

Suddenly, Harold can see anyone’s greatest fear.

Do you know what this means? R-E-V-E-N-G-E.

And it has never tasted so sweet.

One by one, Harold is going to make bullies pay. But, in the end, what if Harold becomes the villain in the story . . . instead of the hero?

Genre: Children’s

Book Details
Paperback: 166 Pages

Publisher: lulu.com (September 17, 2018)

Amazon Review:

Amazon Print:


About The Author: Dawn Kopman Whidden is a native New York author who grew up in the close-knit community of Little Neck Douglaston during
the baby boomer era. She graduated from Queensboro Community college.

Twenty years ago, she traded in her days of living in the bustling city for a more serene and
tranquil life on a small farm in the town of Bell, located in North Central Florida.

She is retired and shares her life and love with her husband of nineteen years and an adopted stray dog she named Casey. She has also been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren.


The world is full of crazy people. Once upon a time, stories like the ones that Grimm Brother’s wrote were just something that came from their imagination. Classic tales of stepmothers serving her new husband’s children for dinner… ( not for dinner, but THE DINNER) Crazy old ladies putting lost children in an oven..

Today the craziest and most inexcusable things happen to the most vulnerable, and it’s reality not fantasy. I hope that my story never finds it’s way into a local newspaper…but who knows. Anything can happen and it does.

Amazon Author’s Page:

Professional Website:

Conor Geary’s Books

Little Henry is afraid of the storm outside and the darkness in his room. His father comes in to help calm his fears by telling him a bedtime story.

Henry had no idea that his grandma Dorothy was a collector of teacups and went on many adventures. This is the first of many adventures of Dorothy, who was modeled in loving memory of Author Conor Geary’s grandmother, Dorothy Jean (Greenhoe) Geary March 30, 1925 – August 20, 2016.

The beautiful illustrations by Savannah Horton will truly make this book one of your child’s favorites.

Print Purchase Link On Pen It Website

Amazon Print

Product Details:
Paperback: 44 Pages
Genre: Children’s Book, Action, Adventure

About The Author: Author Conor Geary grew up in the town of Granger, Indiana, where he attended Penn High School and played soccer. He met his wife Samantha while attending Ball State University, where he studied general studies. When he is not writing, Conor works for a non-profit mental health center, where he works to bring awareness to mental health issues, and transform the negative stereotypes often associated with treatment. He published his first book, jumping from a Derailed Brain, in 2012, which will soon be republished by Pen It! Publications, LLC. Conor and his wife Samantha, who is a teacher, now live in Aurora, Indiana with their two beautiful children, Henry and Eleanor, and their dog. When he is not coaching his sons sport teams or volunteering with his church, Conor enjoys playing video games, biking, vacationing and swimming.

Chad Stambaugh’s Books

The Contagion: Get Sick-Run (Book One) by Chad Stambaugh

When a disease cannot be defeated, it must be contained. A father learns his daughter has caught the deadly contagion virus. It’s only a matter of time before the CDC finds out and erases the family from society forever.

Vincent Gallo and his family watch in horror as their neighbors are “contained” by the CDC after their child is discovered to be infected with The Contagion.

Reeling from the trauma and horror of what happened to their neighbors, Vincent’s oldest daughter, Alegra, now shows the marks of the virus. Now the Gallo’s must decide whether they can keep their daughter’s infection hidden from the watchful eyes of the CDC and a fearful population, or take their chances and run.

Contagion is the first book of the 3-part Contagion Series. If you like chilling, thrilling, suspense-filled action, and stories of government conspiracy, you’ll love Contagion.

Editorial Reviews:

Contagion: Get Sick? Run! by Chad Stambaugh is a book I loved for a number of reasons. It establishes a powerful premise — a family has to choose between a loved one and the welfare of society and in the context of an epidemic. The conflict is well-developed and the emotion hits home to the reader in a powerful way. A deadly virus is taking lives in a community and the CDC is out to contain the virus by eliminating victims and families. When Vincent Gallo’s eldest daughter, Alegra, shows signs of the virus, he knows he must make a difficult choice. Will he and his family stay put and try to hide the virus from prying public eyes or will they take their chances at an escape.

The story is well-written in a voice that is fascinating. From the very first page, the reader is captivated by the crisp prose, the powerful images and the focused scenes. But the characters are also compelling. We are thrust into a society where uncertainty seems to be part of the rhythm of life of the inhabitants. From the moment the reader meets the Gallos, they are hooked and they want to find out what will happen to them. Chad Stambaugh weaves realism into the story and makes readers believe in the characters. The plot looks a little linear, without complex layers, but it has surprises that readers will enjoy in a work of this nature and a psychological depth that is ‘contagious.’

There is something about the narrative voice, something unique that keeps readers turning the pages. It’s this originality — the unique way with words, the creativity when it comes to character development, and the compelling elements of the setting — that gives this book its appeal. The author creates a vivid setting and readers can see the lawns, feel the streets and get a whiff of the smell of the pizza, the oddly familiar pasta smells in the air. The beautifully imagined and well-described locales make readers feel as though they are part of the story. I can’t wait for the next book in the Contagion: Get Sick? Run! series.

Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite


A contagion, worse than the plague. A family infected. A government conspiracy to cover things up. But what are they covering up? And why? And is the contagion for real? High school senior, Alegra, has the spots that indicate she’s contracted the contagion. Her friend next door was infected and his family was evacuated by people in hazmat suits and their home set afire. Alegra is worried that the same fate will befall her family: her parents and three younger siblings. When she tells her father, he reveals another side of his life no one knew about: a man who knows how to run contraband. And that’s what he does with his family: they run.

Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers Digest


Chad Stambaugh’s suspense novel, Contagion: Get Sick? Run!, delves into the ‘what if’ possibilities of a multitude of ‘what if’ conspiracy theories. What if the contagion was just a hoax? What if the hunt and remove government incentive was one to control the general population through fear? And what if it all comes to light and the truth is uncovered? An ordinary American family, going about their daily lives like everyone else, finds their world overturned by a few spots on the eldest daughter’s arm. The spots are the symptom everyone looks for. But does it really mean anything? The plot thickens as neighbors and close friends are removed and their homes exterminated. The only solution, really, is to run. Vincent, the father, knows how to run. He’s done it before. He still has connections in the world of contraband smuggling. But is that enough to help him get his family out of the country and away from the government authorities who want to intern them?

There is good plot development in Contagion. The tension builds along with the action as the conflict intensifies. The Contagion family members are believable and each of their characteristics are well developed. The reader feels a part of the unfolding drama from beginning to end. Knowing how governments work in the twenty-first century, it is certainly a believable, if chilling scenario for the present and even the future when this story actually takes place. This is a thrilling read from beginning to end. And, yet, it’s not the end, really. There are sequels coming…


What happens when a contagious virus hits a town? Things could have been different if the disease had stopped at the neighbor’s home. But Vincent Gallo and his family are the witnesses to the horrors of the CDC’s containment of the virus. So when Vincent’s eldest daughter, Alegra, shows signs of having the virus, they must choose between being discovered and “contained” or running for it. But how much time do they have and how far can they go before someone finds out? Contagion: Get Sick? Run! by Chad Stambaugh is an engaging story with a serious crisis and memorable, interesting characters.

A book about a family in the middle of crisis, facing a tragedy that puts not only their lives in danger, but society as a whole will get the attention of any reader who enjoys family themes. Readers are transported into the hearts of the characters, to experience their anxiety and the fear that grips everyone in the Gallo family. But this is a story of love, of a family’s journey to protect itself and to stay alive. It evokes powerful sentiments of compassion for the characters. The author explores relationships in this novel in a brilliant way; it is gripping, unveiling deeper layers of the humanity of the characters.

The story is emotionally rich, suspenseful, and character-driven. Chad Stambaugh’s novel is fast-paced, engrossing, and delightful. While the writing is excellent with great dialogues and vivid descriptions, it is the treatment of character that made me a fan of Chad Stambaugh. The author has the gift of keeping readers engrossed from the beginning to the end of the story. You will ache to find out the fate of the characters in Contagion: Get Sick? Run!
Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Bookbaby

Product Details:
Print Length: 320 Pages
Publication Date: May 31, 2018

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

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About The Author: Chad Stambaugh is a Fiction and Non-Fiction author. A Business Owner during the day. Chad is also a Paranormal Investigator and full-time writer. He’s spent the last decade reading all kinds of books and writing blogs about the paranormal. His latest novel, Detainment is the second book in his fiction thriller, suspense series; Contagion.

Chad Stambaugh is a 4-time Paranormal Award Winner. Non-Fiction Book: Paranormal Investigations, 2013; Non-Fiction Book: The Paranormal Dictionary, 2014; Paranormal Radio Show of the Year; 2015, Non-Fiction Book: Beyond the Veil, 2015, The IPPA Award: International Paranormal Acknowledgement Award. (Only the second American to ever win the Award.) He’s also had one of his short stories; “Everyone Hates the Grays.” Published in Portable Magic; The Authors First Anthology book.

Chad started his writing career in 2012 by chance. He was looking for a way to teach others how to do Paranormal Investigations. Which led him to writing his first Non-Fiction novel, Paranormal Investigations. He lives in Fresno, Ca and has three children and 3 grandchildren. You can read Chad’s blogs at the link below. Enjoy!

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Brad Bott’s Books

What would you wish for if given the chance?

Would you be generous and help others or just help yourself?

What if your wishes came with rules?

Find out what happens when a young boy, Robbie, meets a strange character in an unlikely place.

Will this strange character be able to help grant Robbie’s wishes or is he not quite what he seems?

Amazon Customer Reviews:

5 Stars

Awesome children’s story

By Becky McCoy on May 25, 2018

Verified Purchase

Awesome children’s story. It takes a classic story and gives it a twist with a great lesson for young minds to learn. It’s well written and the pictures are super cute.


5.0 out of 5 Stars

Well written by author Brad Bott and great illustrations by Savannah Horton

By Jamie on March 27, 2018

A very thought provoking, enjoyable book, well written by author Brad Bott and great illustrations by Savannah Horton.


5.0 out of 5 Stars

Great story, great illustrations

By Rad Glock on April 21, 2018

Top notch work! Great story, great illustrations. This is an intelligent and accessible story that appeals to all. The kids loved it!!


5.0 out of 5 Stars

Five Stars

By Elisha Scheible on April 8, 2018

Amazing! My 8-year-old loved it! Well written.


5.0 out of 5 Stars

Awesome book!

By Amazon Customer on March 20, 2018

All around great book! It has an awesome message and the illustrations are amazing. I highly recommend!!


Genre: Children’s Books, Fairy Tales, Myths

Product Details:
Paperback: 46 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (February 8, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1948390213
ISBN-13: 978-1948390217
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

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About The Author: Author Brad Bott has been writing, in one form or another, for as long as he can remember. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education, which really got him hooked on being a writer. He lives in “the small town,” Indiana with his fiancée Steph and their rabbit, Charlie.

Book Listing:

Angela Dean’s Books

Maddie is sick and Haider is worried.

As Maddie enters the hospital doors for the first time, her mom reminds her that it is “Magic Time” and to say her favorite word.

Well, her favorite word is Haider. So, she shouts her name and they go through the doors.

Anytime Maddie is in a bad situation, she tries to make it into a game to take her mind off of her situation.

What adventures will they get into next?

Genre: Children’s Books, Growing Up, Facts of Life, Family Life

 Amazon Customer Reviews:

5 Stars

She loved learning about Maddie and Haider in this story and …

ByT Cerbolles on May 6, 2018

Verified Purchase

5 Stars says my 8-year-old daughter after she read this book in one sitting. She loved learning about Maddie and Haider in this story and really liked the end.


5 Stars

Just Wonderful!! With a child myself with JDM reading …

By Robert on May 7, 2018

Verified Purchase

Just Wonderful!! With a child myself with JDM reading this together was so special!! Can’t wait for the next one to come out in the series! Would love to see what’s next for Maddie and Haider <3


5 Stars

Fun, easy read. Perfect for all ages.

By Big Mac on May 6, 2018

Verified Purchase

First, I feel like I need to admit that I don’t like to read. However, I can’t wait for the next book in this series. Such a fun, easy read. I felt like I was part of Maddie’s adventures.


5 Stars

I liked how Maddie could talk to animals and how she …

By Christy Cabe on May 14, 2018

Verified Purchase

From Karly (age 9):

I thought that this book was creative. I liked how Maddie could talk to animals and how she showed the tricks to her parents to actually prove it to them. I thought it was really fun to read, and I want her to write a second book.


5 Stars

By Albert D Alexander on May 6, 2018

Verified Purchase

Cute story! Let the adventures begin!


5 Stars

What a great adventure! My 10-year-old daughter

By Amazon Customer on May 9, 2018

Verified Purchase

What a great adventure! My 10-year-old daughter, loved this book and even finished it during breakfast the next morning! She had many times where she laughed out loud! She cannot wait to read the next book!


5 Stars

A wonderful heartwarming story of a little girl and how she …

By Barbara Hager on May 9, 2018

Verified Purchase

A wonderful heartwarming story of a little girl and how she faces the challenges of being diagnosed with JM with the love and support of her family and her loveable puppy.


5 Stars

A great read for all ages!

By Lori Young on May 7, 2018

Verified Purchase

An incredible story filled with joy and magic! An inspiring little girl as the main character. I could feel her emotions through the story and I simply cannot wait for the next adventure!


5 Stars

Great book!!!

By April W. on May 9, 2018

Verified Purchase

We absolutely love this book! This was my daughter’s 1st chapter book! She read it all by herself and can’t wait for another to come out!


5 Stars

Such an awesome book! This will help so many kids that …

By Fredrick Holman on May 12, 2018

Verified Purchase

Such an awesome book! This will help so many kids that are in the same situation to know they aren’t alone. So well written! Loved it!


Product Details:
Paperback: 34 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (April 29, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1948390337
ISBN-13: 978-1948390330
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

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Maddie and Haider are in their clubhouse when their first mystery knocks on their door.

Marshmallow, the muddy poodle at their door is lost and needs to find her owners.

Her crate fell out the back of their truck during the move and she hasn’t been able to find them.

She is not sure they even know she is gone.

She needs Maddie and Haider’s help!

Can they help her find her owners?

Genre: Children’s Books, Growing Up, Facts of Life, Family Life

Product Details:
Paperback: 46 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (October 2, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 194960909X
ISBN-13: 978-1949609097
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

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About The Author: Author Angela Dean lives in Indiana with her husband Matthew, daughter Maddie and their dog, Haider. She graduated college with a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education. After graduating from college, she taught for a few years before Maddie was born. After Maddie, she became a stay at home mom, enjoying her time at home raising her little girl. At the age of 3 Maddie was diagnosed with a rare disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis. Due to the number of appointments and treatments, Angela and Matthew decided to home-school Maddie. Angela is currently homeschooling Maddie and enjoys sharing her love of learning with her daughter. When she’s not homeschooling or writing, Angela enjoys reading, going for hikes and helping Maddie train Haider to do tricks.

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Andrew McDermott’s Books

Flirting With The Moon by Andrew McDermott

LAPD detective, Joe Dean, loses his career, his family and his dignity after the twelfth victim of the serial killer–The Moon–is snatched from under his nose.

Twenty-five years later and Joe is a reformed alcoholic working as a private detective in Florida. While following a case, he comes across a book called Flirting with The Moon. Each of the chapters is a precise description of The Moon murders, sharing details that only the killer could have known. The book is arrogantly dedicated to Joe Dean.

The publisher is in Sydney Australia. Joe contacts them but the only details they have for the author is a private postal box number in a Far North Queensland town called Candle Stick Bay.

Joe becomes obsessed with the possibility of finally bringing The Moon to justice. He flies out to Australia, travelling to the remote tropical North to find a tiny picturesque town overlooking the Coral Sea.

In the guise of a US tourist, Joe sets about meeting the colourful Aussie townsfolk. He secretly digs for clues and unearths some surprising secrets about the town and its inhabitants. But as his investigation twists and turns, a disaster cuts off the town from the rest of the world. Then the murders begin once more and Joe is forced to confront the demons of his past.

Will he discover the true identity of the killer? Or is he flirting with The Moon?

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Private Investigators

Amazon Print:


Product Details:
Paperback: 426 Pages
Publisher: Publicious Pty Ltd (June 14, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0648313301
ISBN-13: 978-0648313304
Product Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 8 inches

Print Price: $14.99

Kindle Price: $3.99

About The Author: Andrew McDermott (Andy) is the author of: The Tiger Chase, The Last Tiger, Murder In Quest, Flirting With The Moon, and Quest Of The New Templars.

He lives on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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Alberta Sequeira’s Books

Here is a book, not only for the substance abusers, but for family members, society, doctors, and counselors to learn, not only what the addict is looking for with support to help them through with their recovery, but new ways to help the addicted. You will learn that childhood emotional wounds mold us into what we become in adulthood.

What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict is a book of personal stories by thirty-four alcoholics and drug users from all walks of life. The first few years of recovery in substance abuse contain numerous pitfalls which addicts in recovery must have the right kind of help with. The best-intention of friends, family, lovers, and co-workers can be healthy supports or obstacles to long-term sobriety. Addicts sharing their experience, strength, and hope with others is something that only a recovering addict or alcoholic can do. It is a unique gift.

This book contains the testimonies of individuals who were or are actively in a recovery program and wanted to share their habit and actions with their struggles trying to overcome their own addiction. Their main goal is to help others who are fighting with their recovery and sobriety. These are their own stories on how their addiction led to the devastation of losing control of their life, family, friends and the death of other family members from this disease we call Alcoholism. Their desire is to lift other substances abusers, especially young people, in learning the reality that it’s not that drinking and taking drugs may, could or would kill. It will.

Hopefully, the heartfelt honesty from the participants will help doctors and counselors to use their stories for their own study on what may be missing in the treatment methods.

The personal testaments within What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict is an added tool as to how people are affected, and how they suffer long-term drinking habits from living in an active alcoholic family. As one contributor wrote, “I was tired of getting sick, my hands shaking, my vision deteriorating, my nose bleeding, my bowels moving sporadically, the violence and running from many situations being paranoid to the point of staying home all day (I had a job, a husband, family), not sleeping and not feeling safe.”

What alcoholic or addict is not going to relate to these emotions?

Editorial Review:Light in the darkness

Rarely has anyone book described a solution to such a devastating public and personal health issue, in such a variety of voices and pathways, as does Alberta Sequeira’s “What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic.”

In this era of ever-increasing addiction to all types of substances including drugs and the ever-ongoing problem of alcohol addiction and abuse, this book offers hope and enlightenment to the addict and to those who love them and to the general public. There are few people whose lives have not been touched in some way by this epidemic. Frustration, chronic fear, worry, helplessness, and hopelessness characterize those of us who attempt to help or even control the downward spiral we witness in those we care about who are addicted or affected by these diseases. Without help, we stand little chance of breaking free from these chains.

This amazing book, however, offers hope and direction through the stories of those who have been there in the “trenches” – the addict and those who love them. This book identifies through the stories of those who have contributed that there are many “roads up the mountain” of freedom. It’s up to each of us to choose which path we will take.

Thank you, Alberta, for your courage and for your passion for helping those affected by this illness and showing us that this illness is not hopeless, and can, in fact, through recovery be the doorway into a new life.

Review by John R. Daubney, author of “Those Who Walk with Fire: Everyday People Discuss the Passion That Fuels Their Extraordinary Lives

From The Author: I want substance abusers
to know these important messages in my book: Choices: The word is
powerful.  Realize the meaning when you
are faced with taking that other drink or buying that drug down the street.  Choices, if someone calls you to go to his or
her party with alcohol or drugs. 

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. 
Stop hanging out with those who have no desire at all to recover.

First, you can do this.  You can recover.  Think it in your mind and want it more than life itself in your heart.

Get rid of the garbage in your life by talking to counselors or doctors.  It’s a step to healing.

It takes more for a person to ask for help than the ones too scared to take the step and keep on the same “death” path.

Forgive the person who hurt you.  You don’t have to keep them in your life.  Give it up to God for Him to heal you.  Forgiving moves you toward recovery.  Let it go.

I learned writing this book that family can only love and support the
addict.  They have to do the work to recover.  They have to want it.

I had the contributors write their feelings in this book with their struggle with reaching sobriety because I wanted to know what happened to my husband, Richie and my daughter, Lori.  What did they
need from me that I didn’t supply?

I want families and substance abusers to realize the mistakes I made along the way. 

Book Genre: Narrative Non-Fiction

Product Details:
Paperback: 360 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 25, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1492138290
ISBN-13: 978-1492138297
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.9 x 9 inches

Amazon Customer Reviews:

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About The Author: Start out by watching Alberta’s interview with Sheriff Thomas Hodgson from The Bristol County Jail & House of Corrections at 400 Faunce Corner, Dartmouth, MA 02747:

Interview Link: https://vimeo.com/album/3341606/video/254517198

Alberta H. Sequeira was born in Pocasset, Massachusetts. Her father, Albert L. Gramm, had been a Brigadier General in the Army and one of the commanding officers of the 26th Yankee Division during WWII fighting in the battles of Metz, Lorraine and The Battle of the Bulge. She spent her childhood in various towns across the different states traveling. She lives in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts with her husband, Al.

They have five children, and lost their daughter, Lori Cahill, in 2006 and her first husband, Richard Lopes, from their alcohol addiction. From these children, they were blessed with ten grandchildren. June of 2016, Al & Alberta were blessed with three “great-grandchildren. Isabel was born first in, Charlie was next followed by Lori’s daughter, Meagan, having a son, Brady, in October.

Ms. Sequeira is a four-time award-winning author, a Motivational Speaker, and an Awareness Coach on Alcohol and Drug Abuse for private and public events after the loss of her husband and daughter from North Dighton, Massachusetts. She is the producer, director, and co-host of the NBTV-95 Cable TV Station out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Ms. Sequeira is a weekly writer for the Cape Cod Today blog at (http://www.capecodtoday.com/blogs/Journey)

***All Alberta’s paperbacks are offered in Kindle books. She is always excited to receive reviews from readers and getting emails.

Her first memoir A Spiritual Renewal: A Journey to Medjugorje is about her
relationship with her father and learning too late about his remarkable
military life fighting throughout Europe during WWII. After her father’s death, three miracles happen to her that leads her on a trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia. A ten-day pilgrimage to this tiny, remote village allowed her to witness four out of six visionaries having apparitions daily with The Blessed Mother. Their first vision was in 1981 and still continuing today (2016). They are receiving 10 secrets each and when they get them all, they will be revealed to the world. The priest has already been chosen to present them. There are only two visionaries left to get one more secret.

Her second memoir, Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round; An Alcoholic Family in Crisis, is about her young life married to her alcoholic husband, Richard Lopes of North Dighton, Massachusetts and their two daughters who lived behind closed doors in silence with confusion and fear. It’s a roller coaster with Richie’s struggle trying to combat his addiction. Join her on a merry-go-round of her own enabling to only bring him deeper into his addiction. In 1985, Richie died at the VA Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island at 45 years old from cirrhosis of the liver. It’s a book of reality with families living with an alcoholic.

The sequel Please, God, Not Two; This Killer Called Alcoholism is the continuation of their lives after Richie’s death, and the story follows her daughter, Lori Cahill, going down the same path as her father. On November 22, 2006, after three rehabilitation stays, Lori died at 39 years old at the Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River from the same horrible, worldwide disease. The story follows all the hardships Lori developed from drinking and the pain of her struggle in and out of rehabs. This book contains some of the author’s speaking engagements behind closed doors to alcoholic abusers at halfway homes and substance abuse rehabilitation centers.

What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholics and Addicts; In Their Own Words is a Narrative Non-Fiction book of testimonies from thirty-four recovering alcoholics and drug addicts from all walks of life from the United States and Canada telling what they believe does and does not work in their recovery programs. Hopefully, these honest testimonies will help others fighting the same battle and heading down this same destructive path and for family members to learn from them how they are suffering physically and mentally from their substance abuse. They want to reach doctors, counselors, family members and society on what they believe is needed for support for them to desire professional help.

She is working on her first fictional The Rusty Years, which will be a trilogy.
Alberta wants readers to know there is a lighter side to her.

In 2013, Alberta and Al met with Stephen Meunier, who at the time had been the Policy Advisor to Senator John Kerry, in his office located in Boston, Massachusetts. They presented ways to try to modify the Patient Privacy Act to help alcoholics, drug addicts, the mentally ill and their families.

Reader Views of Austin, Texas had awarded A Spiritual Renewal; A Journey to Medjugorje the Reviewers Choice Award 2008 Semi-Finalist. Allbooks Review of Canada had nominated her memoirs Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round with the “Editor’s Choice Award” and was nominated for the “Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Award 2011.” The sequel, Please, God, Not Two was also nominated for the “Editor’s Choice Award 2010” and appeared in the December 20, 2010, issue of Publishers Weekly.

She is a Continuing Education instructor for two three- hour writer’s workshops titled Bring Your Manuscript to Publication, How to Self-Publish Your Own Book with Create Space, and Writing Memoirs. All are published as handbooks with Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Alberta is a co-founder to Authors Without Borders,” (www.awb6.com) with three other authors who offer their services with speaking engagements, readings, panel discussions, book signing, poetry slams and workshops at schools, bookstores, businesses, and libraries.

Alberta has now had the opportunity to give talks to the men and women in jails. It was a great chance to reach out and give them hope with the choices they have to recover.

Amazon Author’s Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/albertasequeira

Professional Website: http://www.albertasequeira.wordpress.com

Professional Blog: http://www.albertasequeira/org

Alan Brenham’s Books

Temple, Texas Police Detective, Barry Marshall hunts for a hardened serial killer with the ultimate endgame, one intended to strip Marshall of everything he holds dear—his career, his wife Erin, and his reputation. Unbeknownst to Marshall, the killer had dated Erin years ago, and seeing Marshall with her pushes him over the edge. Determined to punish Marshall for stealing his beloved, the killer plays a deadly cat-and-mouse game of murder. As the body count rises, Marshall is forced to face his worst nightmare.

Editorial Reviews:

“This fast paced, exciting thriller has twists and turns right until the very last page. The author, Alan Brenham has used his lifetimes experience as a Texas law enforcement officer, a criminal prosecutor, and later, criminal defense attorney to give his readers a real insight into what life is like when your world revolves around protecting the innocent, and those you love.” Susan Keefe, Book Reviews by Susan Keefe

“A fast-paced game of cat and mouse that will have you guessing until the very end. Detective Marshall is tenacious and commendable as he plays with fire to find a serial killer that has a personal vendetta against him. If you’re a fan of suspense and mystery, this should be your next read.” Kristi Elizabeth, San Francisco Book Review

“A gripping psychological, edge-of-your-seat thriller that goes beyond murder and mayhem.” Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Police Procedurals

Product Details:
Paperback: 326 Pages
Publisher: Black Opal Books (October 6, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781644370131
ISBN-13: 978-1644370131
ASIN: 1644370131

Amazon Customer Reviews:


Amazon Print:


About The Author: Alan Brenham is the pen name of Alan Behr. He worked as a Texas law enforcement officer for over twenty years and as a criminal prosecutor and later criminal defense attorney for over twenty-five years. Today he lives in Texas with his wife, Lillian, where he’s working on his sixth novel.

His first crime novel, Price of Justice, won several awards including best in police/crime fiction. It also became a top 100 international bestseller.

A second novel, Cornered, was released by Black Opal Books on July 13, 2014.

Rampage, a sequel to Price of Justice, was released on July 4, 2015.

His fourth book, Game Piece, has just been released.

A fifth novel is near completion.

Amazon Author’s Page:https://www.amazon.com/Alan-Brenham/e/B009L91WXK

Professional Website:https://www.alanbrenham.com


A. E. Hanaway’s Books

“The Miracle of Green” tells a story of a woman trying to forget her past, by running from the dangers that haunt her dreams, and threatens the lives of her sons.

Mandy wakes every night screaming, with fear of the past. If it wasn’t for her sons, life would not be worth living. Her mother’s death, brings her sister home, but she keeps her distance from Mandy. Connie does not understand why she feels threatened by Mandy and her sons.

Her brother provides the protection that she needs to feel safe. As much as Mandy tries not to dwell on the memory that robs her of sleep and sanity, she is terrified of what will happen when they find her.

But danger seems to follow Mandy, and she has to be rescued again. This time by a stranger, a handsome, wide shouldered, deep blue-eyed hunk of a man. A man that seems to call to her cat, and she wants the man and what his hides inside. Could love blossom with this stranger, but how her sons would cope with this man, or is she fated to live her life alone.

There is adventure, love, mystery that throws her into turmoil. And what of all the secrets that she holds? Could Jason’s love be strong enough to save her from her dreams, and can he love her sons?

Customer Book Review: The Miracle of Green by A.E. Hanaway is a story about life, love, mystery, and escaping the past. It follows the journey of a young mother trying to protect herself and her sons from a secret that could destroy their lives. Through sleepless nights, nightmares, hardship, and bad luck, she is determined to find a safe place to raise her boys and start a new life.

Mandy Brown is a young widow and mother of two boys. A secret haunts Mandy and, despite the protection of her brother, Mandy feels that once the truth is known, she will lose her sons forever and she fears for her own safety. Making the decision to leave town following the death of her mother, Mandy heads off to her sister’s house with her boys but due to wrong turns and car trouble, she ends up in a small town…a town hiding its own secrets. There she meets a handsome and mysterious stranger, Jason Carmon. Unbeknownst to her, she will cross paths with Jason again and it will change her life forever.

But just as Mandy begins to feel somewhat comfortable in her new surroundings, her past catches up to her and her new family demonstrates just how much they care for her and her boys as they stand alongside Mandy’s brother to protect them.

There’s an unexpected twist to this story, and it’s this turn of events that brings the     mystery and intrigue into play and explains why Mandy is haunted by restless nights. And why the green eyes are a telltale sign of who Mandy and her boys really are and why they attract the attention of others.

Throughout the story, the author describes in great detail the characters and the raw emotions they feel. She paints a picture that is easily imagined, bringing life into the pages of the book. And she has you cheering for Mandy, her boys, and Jason, hoping they get the happy ending they deserve.

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction

Product Details:
Paperback: 316 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First Edition edition (October 13, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1539466760
ISBN-13: 978-1539466765
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.7 x 9 inches

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Diane Mae Robinson’s Books

Finally! An easy-to-understand English grammar book with fun grammar lessons for middle grades and up. An excellent education reference for classroom and home school grammar lessons.

The Dragon Grammar Book is the perfect grammar study guide to help readers learn the rules of grammar and improve language art skills with ease and enjoyment. From multi-award-winning children’s fantasy author, Diane Mae Robinson, The Dragon Grammar Book provides a fun and engaging approach to learning English grammar through easy-to-follow lessons, humorous example sentences, and chapter quizzes to conquer all those tricky grammar rules.

  • Easy-To-Understand Lessons organized to gradually build on the basic grammar rules toward an intermediate level.
  • Engaging Examples Sentences explain each grammar rule through a humorous and creative writing style.
  • An Expansive Resource of grammar terminology, confusing words, punctuation rules, types of sentences and proper structure, parts of speech, verb agreement, and more.
  • Quizzes with Answer Keys reinforce each lesson before proceeding to the next lesson.

Featuring the zany fantasy characters in the author’s international-award-winning The Pen Pieyu Adventures series, The Dragon Grammar Book is sure to be enjoyed by kids, teens, young adults, and the whole kingdom.

Oriented toward pragmatic, real-world usage,The Dragon Grammar Book is a great resource for kids, their teachers, and anyone else who’d like to know more about language and how to use it. Most highly recommended.–Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite.

Editorial Reviews:

Author Diane Mae Robinson has written an excellent book on grammar that children and adults will comprehend.–Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite.

I’ve rarely come across as well presented and entertaining an approach to what can be an intimidating subject. Robinson gets to the heart of the really puzzling aspects of grammar and offers them up in a format designed to make learning grammar more fun.–Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite.

Having a useful resource that engages students and includes a wide variety of grammar rules with short, fun examples is difficult to find. Robinson has produced a winner with this easy-to-navigate, all-inclusive, grammar guide for kids.–Literary Titan.

Thoroughly accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds, The Dragon Grammar Book is straightforward and user-friendly: an excellent tutorial or refresher for writers everywhere, and highly recommended especially for public and school library college collections, as well as personal reading lists.–Midwest Book Reviews.

This book is a great educational resource in any classroom, home school, or for parents helping their kids. A fun and easy way to learn the often difficult and, dare I say, tedious rules of English language.–Bonnie Dani, Adalinc.org.

With clear examples and fun activities, this book is a must-have for readers and aspiring writers.–Peter Takach, English Teacher and Grammarian.

As a home school mom, I love using this book to teach my kids because it is fun and engaging and helps them actually understand grammar.–Christine Suarez.

Do you think English grammar is fun? No? Join the club. It can be torture. However, there is a book called The Dragon Grammar Book by Diane Mae Robinson and it might just change your opinion about grammar books.–Kim Anisi for Readers Favorite.

In this enchanting book, Diane Mae Robinson has addressed the subject of grammar in a way that will help kids (and even adults) enjoy the topic. –Literary Classics International Book Awards.

From The Author:

  • Book Awards for The Dragon Grammar Book:
  • 2018 Book Excellence Awards, 1st Place Winner, Education & Academics.
  • 2018 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, Gold Winner, Children-Education.
  • 2018 Children’s Literary Classics International Book Awards, Gold Winner, Educational Books.
  • 2018 Lumen Award for Literary Excellence.

Product Details:
Print Length: 142 pages
Genre: Children’s Books and eBooks, Education, Reference, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Study Aids
Age: Middle Grades to Y.A. Language Arts

Amazon Customer Reviews:

Amazon Hardcover:

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About Diane Mae Robinson:

Diane Mae Robinson is a multi-award-winning children’s fantasy author and non-fiction author with fourteen international book awards and one provincial award for The Pen Pieyu Adventures series and, her latest release, The Dragon Grammar Book.

The author lives in central Alberta, Canada. She enjoys riding her horses, playing with her dogs, visual arts, visiting Maui often and, of course, writing. Diane is also an artist, art teacher, writing instructor, children’s book editor, and an international short story competition judge.

Want a free 55-page pdf Sir Princess Coloring Book and the short story The Forest Painter? Exclusive to the author’s VIP readers’ group. Copy and paste this address into your browser to join: https://dragonsbook.com/subscribe/

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Gigi SedlMayer’s Books

Talon, Come Fly With Me by Gigi SedlMayer

Book One In Series

TALON, COME FLY WITH ME is the first book of a series, for starting reading children, up to teens and young adults. Even parents can read it to younger children.

An inspirational, highly emotional and entertaining read for all ages

This book is a lovely adventure with an amazing heroine. Matica is a strong, brave girl, who battles with her handicap and how others view her. But this isn’t a story only about her gaining acceptance or over coming her challenges. Rather, it’s a tale packed full of exciting moments and tons of emotions. Matica comes across naturally as does the village and world around her. It’s beautifully set and an easy landscape to dive into.

The way the author revealed each situation is fun to read and it made one anxious to see what’s next. Acceptance was eloquently woven into the story without being blatant. And the other thing I learned was that when certain things happen, you don’t always know why and just maybe something goodwill come of it.

This book was FINALIST with “BOOK EXCELLENCE AWARD”, 2017

Also, FINALIST with “IAN-The Independent Authors Network-BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2017

Product Details:
Print Length: 238 Pages
Genre: Children’s, Action, Adventure, Survival Stories, YA, Teen, Family

Amazon Print, Kindle and Reviews Main Link:


Talon, On The Wing by Gigi Sedlmayer

Book Two In Series

What Matica has dreamed ever since she first befriended the condors is actually happening.

And now the adventures begin.

Finally accepting Matica into their community because of an incredible event, the people from the village love seeing her with Talon and demand she tell them about her adventures with the condors.

Matica is now happy to be small because she can do what she has always dreamed of – fly. She is accepted and loved, and because she is so small can have incredible adventures with her beloved Talon. In the meantime, her friendship with Amos continues to grow…

In this book, she has scores of adventures and near disasters with Talon.

Product Details
Print Length: 422 pages
Genre: Children’s, Action, Adventure, Survival Stories, YA, Teen, Family

Amazon Print, Kindle and Reviews Main Link


Talon, Flight For Life by Gigi Sedlmayer

Book Three In Series

Will they be safe as they travel?  What about the dangerous animals they could encounter? Will Matica see her condors on her trip?

It’s amazing how you are drawn into the beauty and dangers of the rain forest, as Matica and her father travel to the city and villages in Peru.

You may be awed by the enchanting plants and creature inhabitants, and fearfully apprehensive of the poisonous insects and treacherous things lurking in the forest and the waters!

The discovery of Matica’s special bond with her Condors puts them all in further jeopardy, along with her father being bit by a poisonous spider.

Journey with Matica in this third book in the TALON series. Be with her through adventures, laughter and tears.  Enjoy the feeling of friendship, love and camaraderie she enjoys with her condors, Talon, Tamo and Tima.

Not to spoil the nerve-gripping tale, I recommend reading the series from book one through five. An inspirational, highly emotional and entertaining read for all ages.

Product Details
Paperback: 438 Pages
Genre: Children’s, Action, Adventure, Survival Stories, YA, Teen, Family

Amazon Print, Kindle and Reviews Main Link


Talon, Connected by Gigi Sedlmayer

Book Four In Series

Matica meets with the village eldest and wisest man, Elcano, who tells her ‘we are all connected’ to each other, Matica’s family and the Condors’.

Elcano also shares with Matica that he predicts that the Condors will be protected by all because Matica, her family, the Indians and the Condors are all connected.

It’s a heart-warming and inspirational story, intended for readers of all ages.

And – Will the poachers kill Talon? Will the villagers catch the poachers? We’ll find the answers soon. Gigi has a 5th book coming out in the near future, TALON, ENCOUNTER.

Product Details
Print Length: 378 Pages
Genre: Children’s, Action, Adventure, Survival Stories, YA, Teen, Family

Amazon Print, Kindle and Reviews Main Link


Talon, Encounter by Gigi Sedlmayer

Book Five In Series

TALON, ENCOUNTER is the fifth book in the TALON series.

It’s for children of all ages, for teens, for young adults. Even parents, and they can read it to younger children.

It’s too aware, that when one has an affliction or is handicapped, that life is going on and can be wonderful, if they stick to something they love. In this series, Matica loves her condors and she is doing what she loves. So, can you, stick to it and do it with all your heart.

In this book, The poachers are back and want Talon. So, it is war.  Revenge is in the air.

The poachers are back – and they are looking for Talon! They are doing everything in their power to capture him, and if they can’t get him alive, will kill him. Determined to get him at all costs the poachers run up against the might and will of Tamo, Tima and Talon.

It is war. The poachers against the condors, Matica and the Indians – with the poachers even taking hostages to win the war.

With the help of Tamo and Tima, Talon and Matica do the impossible knowing they have to capture and stop the poachers or they will be back.

Between the poachers shooting at the condors, the crows playing their part, and Tamo being shot and injured, Matica goes above and beyond to help her beloved condors.

Action-packed from beginning to end, Talon Encounter will keep you on the edge of your seat.


SOLE MEDALIST WINNER with NEW APPLE BOOK AWARD for EXCELLENCE IN INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING in the Young Adult General Fiction category of our Annual book Award 2017

Product Details
Print Length: 382 Pages
Genre: Children’s, Action, Adventure, Survival Stories, YA, Teen, Family

Amazon Print, Kindle and Reviews Main Link


About The Author: Book Excellence Award Finalist 2017, Sole Award Medalist winner with ‘New Apple’ 2017, Nominee with Global Ebook Award 2017, silver book award with Readers’ Favorite

Gisela (Gigi) Sedlmayer was born on 19 May 1944 in Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin in Germany.

Her family escaped to the West just before the infamous wall went up. They moved around in Germany until finally settling in Munich where Gigi studied architectural drafting and met Albert in 1965, marrying in December 1967. She worked as a civil drafts person in various private consultancies in Munich.

May 1975, Gigi and her husband moved to New Zealand. Because of language challenges, she started a handicraft business. As a specialty, she made colorful parrots of which she sold thousands in a few years.

May 1989, they became adoptive parents of twin girls from Fiji.

September 1992, they moved to Australia.

November 1993 Gigi was diagnosed with cancer. By the grace of God, she survived and seeing her husband writing the story about the adoption, she started to write short stories for competition since her English became increasingly better.

She entered them in competitions and often got very good reports back, which gave her confidence to go on writing. One day the idea for the TALON series came to her and she spent the next several years bringing the story and the characters to life.

Currently working on the sixth book, TALON, WINDSONG and the seventh TALON, MYSTERY OF

Amazon Author’s Page:

Pauline Hayton’s Books

Naga Queen by Pauline Hayton

In late 1930s Britain, a young woman yearns for the exciting adventures that seem to be reserved exclusively for men. “Come visit me in India,” her friend Alexa writes, and Ursula Graham Bower does, unaware that Assam is where her dreams will come true.

Flouting convention, she goes to live in the jungle-clad hills with reformed headhunters, the Zemi Nagas, where she finds fulfillment and a sense of purpose by recording their culture and providing much needed medical care. Her attempts to reconcile the distrustful Zemi with the British authorities are unsuccessful, until the 1942 Japanese invasion of Burma becomes the catalyst to heal the breach.

The British Army recruits her into “V” Force as a guerilla. Leading a band of Naga scouts and a platoon of soldiers, she watches the border areas. The Japanese invade India and, with British lines twenty miles behind her, the danger increases. Fearing the authorities will make her leave if they contact her, and that the Nagas will fold if she goes, Ursula signals H.Q. “Going forward to find the enemy. Send more rifles.” The Nagas remain loyal in the most dangerous circumstances, even being prepared to die with her. They put their trust in Ursula and the authorities and the authorities trust them, and they do not fail each other. The Zemi suspicion of the British Government dissolves.

As the war moves into Burma, Ursula receives the Order of the British Empire Medal for her exploits. Lt. Colonel Betts, a “V” Force officer intrigued by the idea of a woman guerilla and seeking an unconventional wife, schemes to meet Ursula. She marries him, having found a man who loves her for living life on her own terms

Review: Ursula was an amazingly complex and interesting woman and author Pauline Hayton has definitely done Ursula’s story justice. “Naga Queen” is a completely riveting read. Hayton’s writing style is impeccable and, even though this is a fictional biography, the reader will be hard pressed to figure out what is truth and what is myth. Hayton has skillfully woven Ursula’s amazing life into a rich tapestry that was truly a pleasure to read. Reviewed by Charline Ratcliff for RebeccasReads

Amazon Print Purchase Link:


A Corporal’s War: The WWII Adventures Of A Royal Engineer by Pauline Hayton

It’s 1939. Norman, twenty years old, married, and father of a young child, struggles to make ends meet. To improve the family’s finances, he enlists in the army, figuring that when his six months’ National Service ends, he will be twenty-one and entitled to earn adult wages, a good plan until foiled by Britain’s declaration of war against Nazi Germany.

Norman’s world is turned upside down. His six months of army life stretches to seven years, where he forges friendships that sustain him throughout the war years. Norman and his comrades survive the dangers of the German war machine’s devastating defeat of the British army at Dunkirk. When his company is posted overseas for four years, the men overcome homesickness in the killing heat of India, a country Norman grows to love. They build airfields in Assam and battle monsoon mud and rain during mopping up operations against the Japanese in north Burma’s steamy jungles.

Finally, the atomic bomb brings the war in the Far East to an end, and Norman is able to return home. After a four-year absence, he worries: how much has the war changed him? Will his wife recognize him? Will she welcome him home with open arms?

Review by Alyce Wilson of Wild Violet Hot Heart: A Corporal’s War is a vivid recounting of World War II, told from the point-of-view of British Corporal Norman Wickman. Cover to cover, A Corporal’s War is a fascinating read for anyone who has wondered what a soldier’s experience is truly like in battle. Some of the stories are dramatic or tragic, while others recount mundane trials, such as dealing with a bedbug infestation, or suffering through the muddy monsoon season. Read this entertaining, well-written personal view of World War II.

Rambles review by Daniel Jolley: A Corporal’s War: World War II Adventures of a Royal Engineer is not only a deeply personal and wonderful account of one young British soldier’s wartime experience, it is also an illuminating look at an overlooked theater of the war (India/Burma). Definitely one of the best wartime accounts I’ve read in a long time. I was totally captivated by Norman’s story, and his homecoming, after four years of separation from his wife and little girl, left me with a lump in my throat and a renewed admiration for all brave unheralded young soldiers then and now.

2nd Draft review by T. Russell Wingate: Pauline Hayton has written an excellent book. It is realistic and just what the reader wants. A fine performance for a first book.

Rebecca’s Reads: A Corporal’s War is a riveting, personal and informative biography.

Amazon Print and Kindle Purchase Link:


Still Pedaling by Pauline Hayton

Precocious brat, poverty-stricken single parent, gave away child for adoption, gang rape survivor, world traveler, spiritual healer, probation officer, immigrant, massage therapist, cancer survivor, author, care giver to elderly parents, headstrong wife, educational sponsor for 100 Naga children—you name it, I’ve done it and I turned out OK. I’m still pedaling and you can too.

Review “Grit, gusto and spiritual grace animate a vibrant memoir. Still Pedaling’s effectiveness comes from the author’s brutal honesty about embarrassing episodes and ailments; her considerable skill in selection, organization and style; and her fully realized presence as a vivid, imperfect, unsinkable personality. Readers can put the variety of her experiences and the ways in which she created and maximized her opportunities in life to their own healing use.” – Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit.

Praise for Still Pedaling

Once again Pauline Hayton has penned an amazing tale. In fact, she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

In Still Pedaling, Hayton takes the reader on a journey which encompasses the entirety of her life. It is a brutally open and honest look at her – from childhood until the almost-present day. And having finished the book, I find myself wishing that I had lived near her because she is an amazing woman with an unbreakable spirit and a gargantuan-sized zest for life. I think the two of us would have been fast friends…

Yes, Still Pedaling is an autobiography – yet, it reads as easily as one’s favorite fictional novel.

To say that she’s a fighter who has overcome the odds and adversities of her life is an understatement. She is, without a doubt, a shining beacon of hope to all – whether they have struggled with the same, or similar, challenges she has faced or not. And somehow, through it all, Hayton always managed to take time to help others – to make a difference in their lives. I’m certain that those whose lives she’s affected would readily agree that she’s an amazing woman…

In summary, Still Pedaling is a five-star ‘must read’ book. A true ‘feel good’ reminder that life is what you make of it – no matter what your personal situation. By Charline Ratcliff, Author, The Curse of Nefertiti

Grit, gusto and spiritual grace animate a vibrant memoir

It’s not often that one encounters an autobiography written by a non-celebrity that has the likelihood of reaching a wide audience, but Pauline Hayton has written such a book, revealing a life lived with immense challenges, plenty of setbacks, risky decisions and an evolution of goals and values.

Still Pedaling is Pauline’s sixth book. Its effectiveness comes from the author’s brutal honesty about embarrassing episodes and ailments; her considerable skills in selection, organization and style; and her fully realized presence as a vivid, imperfect, unsinkable personality. Readers can put the variety of her experiences and the ways in which she created and maximized her opportunities in life to their own healing use. — Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit, including several studies of war literature and a creative writing text.

Genre: Teen, Young Adult, Biography, Memoirs

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More Books To Enjoy


Grandma Rambo by Pauline Hayton

Her sixtieth birthday, her self-centered husband, and the death of a friend have Brenda wondering what happened to her once adventurous spirit.

Determined to get it back, she hotfoots it to a remote village in India. Family members give chase to persuade her to come home and life becomes hectic. When Brenda’s ditzy granddaughters arrive in India, rebels promptly kidnap them. With the police no help and her dander up, Brenda turns into “Wonder Woman” on a mission, embarking on a hare-brained scheme to rescue “her girls.” Her showdown with the maniacal rebel leader has Brenda fearing for her life and the lives of her granddaughters. Calling him a moron doesn’t help. Against all odds, she outwits the rebels. Using implements hidden in her bra, Brenda escapes with the girls under cover of night.

Traipsing through jungle, dodging rebels and bullets, and fleeing angry bears—no problem for the wild child in Brenda that was there all along.

Genre: Humor, Satire, Action, Adventure

Amazon Print and Kindle Purchase Link:


The Unfriendly Bee by Pauline Hayton

Beryl, the unfriendly bee, chases other bees away from flowers that have the most pollen. She doesn’t care if she has no friends. She wants to win Queen Bee’s merit badge for collecting the most pollen for the hive. The other bees are annoyed and teach Beryl a lesson–that life is much better if you are a friendly bee.

Genre: Children Age Range: 5 – 8 years, Grade Level: 1 – 3

Amazon Print and Kindle Purchase Link:


Extreme Delight and Other Stories by Pauline Hayton

An eclectic collection of writings the author has produced over the years. Some stories tell of real events, others are pure fiction. The anthology includes stories from her worldwide travels, toastmaster speeches, magazine articles, and poems.

Genre: Humor, Satire

Amazon Print and Kindle Purchase Link:


If You Love Me, Kill Me by Pauline Hayton

When Pauline brings her eighty-three-year-old parents from England to America to care for them, she little realizes the hardships she endures will bring her to the brink of madness, murder and suicide.

Review:  Rating: 5 Stars – A Must Read.In “If You Love Me, Kill Me”, Hayton takes us on an eye-opening, unforgettable journey of life and aging.  It is a sincere and heartfelt book, a no holds barred read. Hayton has a serious message and she is not afraid to share it. Its blunt truths will doubtless shock you; causing you to question everything you thought you believed in. Use “If You Love Me, Kill Me” as a helpful reference or validation of what you are feeling due to being in a similar situation. Either way, it’s a must read. Reviewed by Author Charline Ratcliff for Rebecca’s Reads.

Genre: General Fiction, Family Life

Amazon Print and Kindle Purchase Link:


Myanmar: In my Father’s Footsteps (A Journey of Rebirth and Remembrance) by Pauline Hayton

Emotionally drained and physically depleted from aggressive cancer treatments, Pauline Hayton desires to once again feel really alive.

Her solution is an adventure in Myanmar, formally known as Burma. She takes along her husband Peter, and a film crew, students from Boston University, to capture her travels on film to help her grandchildren remember her should she develop further cancers and die, as expected, from the harsh radiation treatments.

She explores remote regions where tourists rarely go and travels the famous Ledo road, visiting the places where her father participated in The Burma Campaign, as a Royal Engineer in Britain’s Fourteenth Army. Hayton’s jaunt in Myanmar, in search of lightness and fun, turns into a journey of self-healing and of remembrance of Fourteenth Army soldiers who suffered tremendous hardship as they fought to retake Burma from the Japanese.

Review: “Myanmar: In My Father’s Footsteps” is a written accounting of Hayton’s experiences as she trekked through Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) attempting to make the same journey that her father made during his World War II tour of duty.Having become close to her father while writing about his WWII adventures in “A Corporal’s War” and having recently survived cancer, Hayton decided to visit the lands she had heard so much about. With her husband Peter, and a film crew to capture this trip on film, Hayton explored remote regions rarely seen by outsiders; traveled the famous Ledo Road and followed in her father’s footsteps as closely as the Burmese government would allow. Unfortunately, Hayton wasn’t allowed to completely follow her initial itinerary but she did see enough to gain a better perspective of her father’s World War II experiences and there were definitely some sad and somber moments. On the one hand it was wonderful to see, photograph, and travel on the still intact roads and bridges built during his time; on the other hand, it was sobering to travel to cities and monuments where thousands had laid down their lives for both sides.”Myanmar: In My Father’s Footsteps” is an interesting and well-written book. I also thought that the photographs Hayton included throughout the book were a nice touch. “Myanmar: In my Father’s Footsteps” is written as a personal journal. Knowing that Hayton brought a film crew with her on this trip, and knowing that she was trying to preserve her experiences so that her children and grandchildren would know her father better also seems to point to this conclusion.Reviewed by Charline Ratcliff for RebeccasReads.

Amazon Print and Kindle Purchase Link:


About Pauline Hayton: Pauline Hayton hails from the north east of England. She worked as a probation officer in her hometown of Middlesbrough before immigrating to the United States in 1991. She and her husband currently live in Naples, Florida with four abandoned cats who adopted them. She figures there must be a sign at the end of her drive that says two mugs live here.

She started writing in 1996, after listening to her father’s war stories and reading his wartime diaries. She found them so interesting, she felt compelled to write her first book “A Corporal’s War”.

Researching for this book, she discovered the true WWII story of a remarkable woman, Ursula Graham Bower and wrote “Naga Queen”. While researching “Naga Queen” she became friends with Ursula’s daughter through whom Hayton became involved in bettering the lives of the Naga tribes in northeast India. This also led to a new book, “Chasing Brenda”, (since renamed Grandma Rambo), a lighthearted adventure in Nagaland, written after the author visited Magulong village where she and her husband support a school, at a time there was rebel activity in the area.

“Myanmar: In my Father’s Footsteps. A Journey of Rebirth and Remembrance” is a travelogue of a trip taken in 2006. After surviving two battles with cancer, Hayton wanted to celebrate and decided to visit the places where her father fought the Japanese in Burma during WWII. It was a healing, life-changing journey for her.

Her book “If You Love Me, Kill Me”, a funny, sad and intense story, is based on the author’s painful, personal experiences while caring for her elderly parents.

The author published her memoir “Still Pedaling” in 2015, with the hope that anyone facing hardships and challenges can lessen their pain by recognizing how a greater power is on hand, bringing help and support.

In 2016, Hayton published “Extreme Delight” an anthology of short true and fictional stories and poems, as well as her first children’s book “The Unfriendly Bee.”

Amazon Author’s Page:


Stacy Allgeier’s Books

Wyatt’s Wind by Stacy Mckell Allgeier

Wyatt loves the wind, but today he is not happy.

His best friend Sam has moved away and the wind is being fierce and angry today.

The wind keeps tapping and blowing and trying to get Wyatt to play, but he is still not happy.

What will help Wyatt remember how much he loves the wind and play with it again?

Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars
Good idea for a book
Such a cute book. I loved the thought behind the book. Also like the local high school doing the illustrations. Looking forward to more books by this author.

Product Details
Paperback: 42 Pages
Publisher: Pen It! Publications, LLC; First edition (November 14, 2018)
Language: English
Genre: Children’s Books, Activities, Crafts, Games, Activity Books

Amazon Print


Bugs In The Yard by Stacey Allgeier

Bugs in the Yard by Stacy McKell Allgeier is a sweet and wonderful look at the world of fireflies through the eyes of children. As the children wait patiently for darkness and that first spec of light, they are so very excited. It’s such a shame when the night ends and they must go inside to bed.

Customer Review: Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

Bugs in the Yard is a children’s picture book written by Stacy Allgeier and illustrated by Savannah Horton. As the sun drops over the horizon, the children become excited, eager to see the wondrous sight that will greet them outside. As soon as darkness falls, the fireflies light up around them. The children reach up and gently try to touch each beautiful glowing firefly. Soon it is time for bed and the children are called indoors. They wish the fireflies a good night, before being fare welled in return by the fireflies, all of which are grateful for such a marvelous welcome.

Not only is this tale beautifully written, but the illustrations are a true stand-out, making the text so very clear about the excitement and happiness on the children’s faces. Stacy Allgeier’s well-penned story of nightly greetings and playtime between children and the fireflies nearby is heartwarming, bringing back so many memories of my own childhood back in Australia. No matter how dark it gets outside, the fireflies always bring the darkness to life, injecting much excitement and happiness into their surrounds. Parents and children alike were grateful for the incredible light displays back then – something that future generations can also look forward to thanks to Bugs in the Yard and its magical tale of nature’s sparklers. I loved reading Bugs in the Yard and wholeheartedly recommend it to be read to young children aged 3-7 years of age, so that they may also feel the excitement and the energy in the air when the sun goes down and the fireflies light up the sky.

Product Details:
Age Range: 5 – 6 Years
Paperback: 34 Pages
Genre: Children

Print Purchase Link On Pen It Website

Amazon Paperback

About The Author: Author Stacy Allgeier enjoys all aspects of reading with and writing for children. From the interactive story times with a group of preschool children to the close snuggles reading to her own children, she loves to help children make connections from their own world to the even bigger world around them. Stacy can still her mom and her grandmother’s voices as she reads the same stories to children and hopes to continue that feeling through her own work.

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Chris Craig’s Books

Jack McRose is great at being average.

Needing to ace his finals in order to graduate from the University of Illinois, he plans to bust loose from college and, well, live with his mom while working at his family’s business – a collection agency, managed by his father. His girlfriend is off to Africa for two years. His friends have moved away or are getting married (or both).

Jack’s plans are set, until he takes a road-trip to Colorado to attend the wedding of an old friend. There, he meets Hamish, a clever, charismatic, womanizing New Zealander. Through their friendship, Hamish introduces Jack to a different philosophy and a broader perspective. Hamish helps Jack realize that plans and expectations are great, as long as they’re your own.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Unlike some young men, Jack McRose has a plan for his life. With graduation from the University of Illinois in his sights, his family look forward to him coming home to work in the family business.

It is 1989, in all its glory. However, Jack’s lifelong friends are getting married and moving away. His girlfriend Kate joined the Peace Corps and has moved to Nairobi (capital city of Kenya) for her two-year commitment.

Jack decided to get out of his comfort zone and take a road trip from Chicago to Colorado to attend a friend’s wedding. While in Colorado, Jack meets a young man from New Zealand, who challenges neatly packaged view of reality, the world, and his expected place of duty within the family business.

In this well thought out story, the author, Chris Craig, nudges Jack and his readers to explore an alternative life direction. After all, nothing has been set in stone. His new friend Hamish, brings Jack from a ridged, narrow mindset, into broader perspective, that opens Jack’s mind to the possibilities in life.

I like stories like this, because it reminds the reader that the world is full of new experiences and an array of possibilities that can make the journey of life far more interesting than first imagined. If you like strong characters who are willing to break from the norm, you will enjoy this fast-paced, narrative where the taboos in life become the experimental ground. I purchased this book in Kindle and posted this review on October 29, 2018. I purchased this book from Amazon Print. The review posted on 11/08/2018.

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Paperback: 204 Pages
Genre: Literature, Fiction, Coming of Age

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Spotlight Interview With Chris Craig

Author Chris Craig lives in central Indiana with his family. Sculptor Boy is his first book.


What World Region are you in? I live in central Indiana, but my family moved frequently while I grew up. I was oftentimes a new kid in school in different areas of the U.S. Being exposed to different regions and people instilled a desire to travel. Different people like different styles of living, but I like staying mobile and being willing to follow opportunities. It is a lifestyle that I recommend to my daughters.

What inspired you to become a writer? Writing and reading are great ways to take my mind off work and responsibilities. Writing is an escape. It’s instant decompression.

Who inspired you to become a writer? I have an older brother that majored in English and was a great creative writer. I always wanted to be like him. When we were both in college, he sent me a funny poem he wrote about a trip we were about to take together over Christmas break. I received it just before finals week. I loved it, so I decided to write one back to him. I became consumed, writing a stupid poem when I should have been studying. It was the first time I’d written anything creatively. In Sculptor Boy, Jack and his older brother are adversaries. I’ve always admired my older brother. We’ve always been best friends.

When did you begin writing with the intention of becoming published? When I’ve written, it has been just for fun. When one of my daughters found out I’ve written some fiction, she asked to read some. I said okay, but that I’d need to clean something up, first. I decided to really try to impress her. That led to a makeover of Sculptor Boy. The “clean up” took 2-years!

What has been your most rewarding experience with your writing and publishing journey? I wrote the book 4-months ago and haven’t talked about it much. My brother and dad don’t even know about it. Nonetheless, a subtle compliment from someone that has read it is rewarding.

How many published books do you have? Sculptor Boy is the first.

Please introduce your genre and why you prefer to write in that genre? I enjoy literary fiction. I like the art of writing, and appreciate the work of authors like Donna Tartt. Her book The Goldfinch is a favorite. I like the classics. Reading Hemmingway, Steinbeck, and all the books that you had to read in school… I love those books.

Please list the title of your book you want featured and promoted? Sculptor Boy, The Journal of Jack McRose

What do you like to do when you are not writing? Spending time with my family, reading, and watching sports. I exercise quite a bit, not because I love it, but because I love the benefits. Oh yeah, I enjoy having a cocktail!

What one positive piece of advice would you give to other authors? I’m the person who should be receiving advice rather than giving it. My only advice is to be concise.

Who is your favorite author and why? Donna Tartt. She is a literary genius. Her words flow perfectly, and her characters are interesting and complex. I believe she’s written three books in thirty years. She must be meticulous, which serves her well with her writing.