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Writing your manuscript is a massive undertaking requiring passion, skill, and determination.  After successfully navigating such a challenge, no author desires to remain in obscurity. Your book needs to be read.

As a self-published author, our founder created a website to promote her own books in 2007. Discovering that other authors shared similar struggles with finding effective means of book promotion, our vision for a promotion service was born. In 2009, Books In Sync was launched as a first step in fulfilling our vision.  Cold Coffee Writer’s Magazine and the Cold Coffee Social Networking site was acquired 2011 with an agreement to maintain the magazine’s name. This provided new means to promote our authors but by the close of 2012 it became apparent that it was time to refresh our vision for Books In Sync, refine our business plan, and to improve our technical execution.

In 2013, we began plans to reorganize our flagship site under the name Cold Coffee Press. This new site was launched in April and our attention has turned towards reworking our magazine and increasing our channels of promotion thereby increasing value for our authors. Members of our community will be updated throughout the coming months as we develop new methods and redesign existing properties under the Cold Coffee brand.

Cold Coffee Press Authors are unique and so are their books.

To begin the process of quality affordable book promotion at Cold Coffee Press we ask you to please fill out our “Contact Us” form located in the top menu of Cold Coffee Press.

We will read your excerpt and immediately communicate with you through email.  We believe quality is better than quantity.

We have four promotional packages that will be discussed with you through an email from Cold Coffee Press. Your promotional package will vary depending on your special promotional and financial needs. We give you choices at Cold Coffee Press.

Please read what we offer below. You purchase only what you need and you can add more promotion at any time. We invoice through Pay Pal when you decide how much promotion you need.

  • One Author’s Page at Cold Coffee Press.
  • An individual page for each published book.
  • Automatic entry into any contests that we offer.
  • Increased exposure as a Cold Coffee Member.
  • One e-book listing and/or one print book listing on sites that we collaborate with (work done for you with the purchase of one promotional package from Cold Coffee Press).
  • A do-it-yourself page at Cold Coffee Social Network.
  • Promotion in our live Writer’s Magazine (contribute 24/7 365 days a year).
  • Author Spotlight Interview (completion of ASI form required). Publication of this interview on our many blog sites. Includes a digital copy in PDF format for your continued promotional activities. Please Note: Some interviews may be selected by our editors to be prominently featured on our homepage based on content and merit.
  • Creation of a Promotional Release. Includes publication of your release on our many blog sites and a digital copy in PDF format for your continued promotional activities.
  • Blog promotion on our eight blogs. Once the blog promotion is done, you receive a detailed report with the links by email.
  • Promotion on one and/or both of our Facebook pages.
  • Inclusion in new promotional features and channels launched throughout the year.
  • Personal conversation with founder by phone or Skype upon request.

We look forward to reading an excerpt soon and begin the conversation on how to best serve your individual promotional needs.

We value your time!

Put us to work for you today!

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