The Legend Of Pendyne: The King, The boy, The Horse, and The Legend by D. A. Karr

the-legend-of-pendyne-the-king-the-boy-the-horse-and-the-legend-by-d-a-karrIrish tradition clashes against British law in the 17th century as an Irish knight and his protégée, save a slave boy and the King’s battle horse from pirates.

Master Albert knows the horse must be returned at all costs, even if it means his own life.

They return home with Pendyne only to find that the home they return to is much different than the one they left. The answers lie in this riveting journey of a forgotten time in history.

“The Legend of Pendyne” is a wondrous story of one man’s last quest to prove that honor and loyalty are not mere words, but the deeds that bring out the best in all men.

“The Legend of Pendyne” is a haunting tale of change and choice.


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link-by-d-a-karrSpace Time, 2800, Earth

As the Earth shifts on its axis, mankind is caught in a war of survival and time. Imprisoned in this time war, Captain John Garrick and the N.S.T.E.A. Phoenix becomes a pawn between technology, humans, and what’s left of civilization.

However, no amount of careful planning can prepare the time jumpers for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. As the N.S.T.E.A seals a deal to deliver time technology to the notorious outlaw, Menser, Garrick plots to undermine the N.S.T.E.A. Technology becomes the enemy and time an illusion as Phoenix’s crew prepares for the inevitable – a fight to the finish.

The future can be uncertain, then again, it could be the time jumpers last. Garrick doesn’t live by its rules, and he knows one thing is for sure: kill or be killed. Tick, tick, tick…timeliners never die. They never leave.

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The Legend of Pendyne by D. A. Karr

the-legend-of-pendyne-by-d-a-karrMaster Albert had seen his share of war and destruction as one of the King’s knights.

Retired to drinking ale and caring for the Royal horses, everything changes one day. He discovers the King’s battle horse, Pendyne, has disappeared from the stable.

Haunted by his past and defending his beliefs in the old ways, Master Albert, along with his apprentice, the young Donegal, set out to find Pendyne at all costs even though Britain was just a stone’s throw away. The Legend of Pendyne is a haunting epic tale of change and choice.