The Art of Attraction: New Aspects Of The Law of Attraction by Else Byskov

Finally happiness is within your reach!

The law of attraction is the most powerful law of the universe and it is active in your life whether you know it or not. NOW may be the time to become familiar with this natural law, so that you can make it an ally in the shaping of your life and fate.

“The Art of Attraction” explains how the law works and it gives you the necessay tools to bring health, joy, fulfillment and happiness into your life. This book can truly change your life. It also reveals aspects of the law of attraction that very few people have ever heard of – not even those behind “The Secret”.


On Foot In Andalucía: 40 Hiking Excursions in Southern Spain (Granma with a Vengeance) (Volume 1) by Else Byskov

Just behing the Costa del Sol of Southern Spain there is more untouched nature than you have ever dreamt of. The mountains are wild and steep, so few people venture into them. This means that Andalucía is an eldorado for hikers. There are 24 natural parks with a completely pristine, wild and dramatic nature. This books takes the reader by the hand and leads the way onto Southern Spain´s cornucopia of untrodden paths. It doesn´t get any better or any more beautiful anywhere else in the world.


The Downfall of Marriage by Else Byskov

Do you have marital problems?
Do you find it difficult to live in harmony in marriage?
Have you never married?
Do you think there is something wrong with you for being single or divorced?
If your answer is yes, then this book is for you. It reveals the real reason for our relationship problems.
There is nothing wrong with you.
The reason is an organic / sexual / mental / emotional change that is happening to all human beings as we evolve. Today we are simply not as suitable for marriage as we were in the past.
It is time we realize that our sexual pole transformation is recreating us to becoming whole, independent and freedom seeking individuals with a corresponding lesser ability to live in relationships.
This book explains the reason for our degenerating ability to live in marriage. It is a helping hand to all those who are confused, insecure and depressed about why their marriages are not working. The book is based on Martinus´ clear, logical and intelligent analysis of the transformation of our sexual poles on our way to becoming real, all-loving human beings.
This book also reveals the real reason for the existence of homosexuality. The real reason for the growth of same-sex relationships has been a mystery until now. This book is a revelation for anyone who is struggling to understand why they are gay.
It is all explained logically in The Downfall of Marriage.
Learn why the present state of the world is a result of our unfinished state as emerging humans.
Get an intimate look at the bigger picture. It is both mind-blowing and positive.
With The Downfall of Marriage we are on the leading edge of thought. After reading this book, you will never look at relationships or sexuality in the same way again.


The Undiscovered Country: A Non-Religious Look At Life After Death by Else Byskov

This book presents the evidence for life after death in a straightforward and non-religious way.

It explains why there simply has to be a level of existence beyond the physical to where we go when we pass over.

Death is an illusion and this books tells you why.


The Beginning Is Near: New Perspectives On Life by Else Byskov

“The Beginning Is Near” invites the reader to view life from a new perspective where the present state of the world is seen as a preparation for better and more harmonious times to come. Based on the fascinating revelations of Martinus, the Danish 20th century visionary, the book exposes that we are on our way towards a peaceful and amiable coexistence where mutual respect, love and understanding will be predominant. The book argues that our development will inevitable take us to a world where there will be no more war, terrorism, social injustice or poverty. This change will come about as a result of our reaping of experience over many incarnations. As we live life after life our humanitarianism grows, and we will become better and better at expressing universal love, thus creating a beautiful place to live for all living beings. The book is full of optimism and reveals the logic of the present state of the world. In ten short chapters, it points towards a much brighter future, where a spiritual outlook on life and the idea of reincarnation will be central to our understanding of existence.


Death Is An Illusion: A Logical Explanation Based On Martinus’ Worldview by Else Byskov

“Else Byskov has performed a valuable service in introducing the Danish sage Martinus to the English-speaking world. She recounts the remarkable life of this enlightened being and gives an in-depth summary of his voluminous teaching. The chapters on The Principles of Reincarnation, The Law of Karma, and Death and the Afterlife are of exceptional interest. There is much here of hope and meaning for our own age and future generations.”